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We've all had them... the co-brokes that make you crazy. And maybe after my last blog post about the agent whose voice message made me upset, you'll think I'm just on a negative rant, but that's not the case. I do get credited for being patient and working hard for clients that others would give ...
Think... Before You Leave That Message While on duty this past weekend, I received a voice message from an agent. His call had come in while I was on another phone call so I retrieved his message and listened.   "This is John Doe with ABC Realty and I'm at your listing on Main Street and it has a...
Do You Have A Short Sale Expectation List? The deeper the industry gets into the Short Sale arena, the more I see a need for a concise Short Sale expectation list. Something that details the expectations and responsibilities of all involved with your particular transaction including the REALTORS ...
Are BPOs Legal in Your State?   Broker Price Opinions (BPOs). Many of us have done them. But a word to the wise... in some states, such as Delaware, they are illegal if the property is listed and/or if the property is under contract. And it doesn't matter if you call them a CMA either. If, as a R...

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