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  Art Auction, Jan 25th, Brandywine Fire Hall This Saturday, Jan 25th, at 7pm is the annual Art Auction to benefit the Mt Pleasant High School After Prom. The Art Auction promises to be great fun with some amazing prizes to win! In addition to a great array of art work, we’ll have sports and musi...
With snow forecast for Delaware today, I woke with plans to get things done via car ahead of the newest vortex. What was supposed to be a few quick stops ended with a longer-than-planned visit with a friend. It had been challenging enough to get to her house, fishtailing my way over the hilly roa...
Many of us are guilty of it at some point... Saying something that later we wish we hadn’t said. You can almost physically see the word or words as they escape your mouth and you are powerless to reel them back in. Those misspoken words can have some awful consequences. All I had to do today was ...
Sellers: Don’t Shoot Yourselves in the Foot Much as we know that Buyers don’t always know what they’re looking for, Sellers don’t always know what they’re asking for either. You meet with the Sellers, prepare them for the path toward selling their house, but I wonder sometimes if they’re listenin...
I’m Not Going to Die on This Mountain I was at a marching band event... Okay, it was a football game, but to me those have become marching band events... And I was discussing a situation with the band director. It was a policy at the school that didn’t sit well with either of us, I think, but his...
Carnac, the Magnificent, The Mystic From the East   If you ever watched Johnny Carson, then you remember Carnac, the Magnificent. Portraying this mystic from the east, dressed in a turban and seated at his desk, Carson would hold a sealed envelope to his forehead and divine the answer to the ques...
The process of selling your home can be like navigating a hazardous landscape. There are pitfalls of overpricing, overpowering smells both good (plug-ins) and bad (pets, last night’s dinner, spices whose oils have become embedded in the walls, cigarettes, mold and mildew, refrigerators that have ...
What Inspired You Today? That question greeted me in a writing journal. Designed to encourage me to continue to put pen to paper, each day has a question or a fill-in-the-blank statement. Inspired? Today I feel a bit... challenged. In the midst of a few short sales that are defying logic, stuck i...
Nine Volts of Danger A client of mine who works for a fire company posted a video on facebook about a house fire. I thought the culprit of the fire was going to be the thing I caution clients about all the time... The dryer vent. After all, dryer vents are one of the top sources of fires in the h...
Be Bold, Get Cold! It’s that time of year again to put on your swim suit and take a plunge in the ocean. Join thousands of other polar bears, errr... make that brave souls... as they take a dive on February 2nd for Special Olympics! Last year’s event featured snow on the sand so be prepared for a...

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