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Driving into a small shopping center today, a couple was walking towards my car from the right. Where they were isn’t a place with a stop sign and most pedestrians let the cars go first. I didn’t realize till I got to that exact spot that the man didn’t intend to stop, though he still wasn’t in t...
You might say… but you’re a female. It’s true, though. It was an inclusion when I moved into this world. Mom and Dad both donated a defective X chromosome and voila! I’m red-green color blind. I learned today that my type has a more specific name than that. I could have been born a Protan, or eve...
Working late into the evening last night, as I’ve frequently been doing, I had left my client’s house and was headed back down the interstate. In the darkness, I saw a shadow. You know how you can see the fuzzy image of your eyelashes or your hair… not when you’re looking in the mirror, but right...
A most wonderful and funny thing happened this past week: A bear wandered into Delaware. If you’re from a large state, and heck, since almost every state is markedly larger than dear little Delaware, the sighting of one lone bear (maybe two, the reports have left some of us wondering) wouldn’t ev...
Several themes wove themselves through the $tand By Me presentation by Delaware State Housing Authority at this week’s event. Messages of hope and empowerment and quality of life being restored were presented to attendees in a format that echoed StoryCorps, an NPR feature. In StoryCorps, and at t...
On the outskirts of the small town of Smyrna, Delaware, sits the neighborhood of Woodland Manor. If you're in the area this coming Sunday, be sure to stop by and say hello! The Open House at 505 Sequoia Drive takes place from 1-3pm. See you on Sunday at Sequoia!
... use some common sense.When showings are confirmed on your listings, I'm sure you have some language that you commonly use. Phrases like, "lock all doors, close all windows, turn off any lights that you turn on" are to be expected. Extra instructions for alarm codes are important. How to find ...
I attended an event last night that started with a social time and ended in a seated presentation. By the time I walked into the area where the seating was, all of the aisle seats were taken. Since getting to a seat would have meant sort of climbing over people, I opted to stay in the back. I cou...
Yesterday was a whirlwind day in DC. More than 8,500 REALTORS and guests gathered there for the 2016 REALTORS® Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo. Our group traveled to DC for the day from Delaware, so we had to compress our activities into a short span of time.  A brief run through the Trade Expo...
We were blessed to have Dr. Gil Leidig, noted cardiologist, with us tonight at St. Mary Magdalen Church for "An Evening With the Angels." My sister and I have organized three of these events now called, “StMM Ladies’ Night” which feature a guest speaker. In addition to the program, our evenings p...


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