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If you read my Stress blog entry a few days ago, you know I ended on a happy note by going home. Now for the rest of the story. I had installed Windows 10 because for weeks (months?) I had received the message that I only had a limited number of days to install it for free. More messages interspe...
A visit to the Container Store might sound boring but for my daughter, the Pop! Star®, it was anything but. She loves to organize things so walking into the store was like entering Mecca. As we walked through parking lot, approaching the entrance, she said, “Mom, you cannot do your usual routine ...
If you're a REALTOR, you know stress. You are intimately involved with it. But what do you do when it grabs you in its talons and threatens to fly up, up, and away with you? The past few days have been stressful due to a few problematic transactions. What makes them stressful is things not being ...
It was her father or her grandfather that was named Sylvester. I can’t remember which, but when she told me of the love she had for him, it was almost tangible. It was also a love so great that she had determined, from the age at which girls start to plan such things, that if she had a son, she w...
At church this morning, I watched a little girl, no more than three years old, walking down the aisle. She held her mother's hand, or more accurately, her mother clutched hers, and the curly haired little angel twisted and turned and danced her way down the aisle. She pretended to tap the pews wi...
There are lots of different buyers in the world of real estate but the common thread is that everyone wants to be able to get a deal when they buy a house. When a new buyer client calls who wants to buy a house that needs work, that’s usually code for that exact desire. But what do you, the buyer...
I was raised in a home where volunteering was part of the thread of our lives. Whether it was the child whose bicycle broke down in front of our house and who was then invited to the porch for some koolaid icecubes on a hot summer day while my Dad fixed their bike, or riding along with Mom and Da...
As the Executor of her neighbor’s will and estate, my sister was researching details for the funeral. If you’ve never had to do so, you’d be amazed by all the decisions to be made along the way, even if there’s a will. Engrossed in her search, she wasn’t fully aware of the virtual fingerprints sh...


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