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Two students at a Scottish university recently visited an art exhibit. While there, they placed a pineapple that they had bought in a nearby market, on a vacant stand at the exhibit, just to see what would happen. They returned later in the day, only to discover that someone had placed a glass ca...
Searching the database for properties for a client, I came across this note in the Agent Remarks section of a listing: “Civic association dues are voluntary.”  Without tone of voice, I'm left to furnish it myself when I read comments like that. My assumption might be wrong but I took it to mean… ...
And make it a hard one!            We were riding the bus, my sister and I, en route to a tour of a shrine in Emmitsburg, MD, last week when she told the saga of the squirrel. It seems there was a slight drainage problem in her bathroom and what appeared to be an unsightly hair clog turned out to...

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