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Trying to stay in tune with things that impact the community and in turn, our business, can be overwhelming. Just keeping up with all the aspects of transactions and clients, while taking care of our own personal lives makes for a full day. When you add in keeping track of what is happening in th...
We hold a monthly luncheon at our office to encourage gratitude. The office has a small present for anyone with a birthday that month, plus we have a potluck with those attending bringing something to go with the theme. Today's was a Ghoulish Lunch, due to it being Friday the 13th.Due to several ...
Heck, while you’re at it, don’t throw your Styrofoam or hazardous chemicals or fluorescent bulbs or oil or electronics in there, either! Why? Because you can recycle all of that. Wait one minute! I know. You can’t put any of that in with your curbside recycling here in Delaware, or at least not w...
There’s a Realtor® in my neck of the woods who never fails to make me smile when I talk with him. He wanted information on one of my listings to see if it was a fit for one of his buyers, so we covered that information up front in case one of us got a phone call of greater importance. With no suc...
A few weeks ago, I was Shipwrecked along with about 100 kids. Yes, I was at Vacation Bible School for the 16th year leading the children with songs, underscoring the Bible lessons, and marvelling at all of their excitement. While each of them touch my heart with their open joy and love, there are...
Welcome to 2802 Mill Creek Road!Located in the picturesque Brandywine Valley area known as Mill Creek Hundred, this home is part of the Red Clay Creek School District. If you’re looking for a home in Delaware, this school district continues to have a strong appeal. Add to it the fact that this pr...

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