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As Realtors, we deal with people in transition. It's good to remember that transitions, though good, can still be bittersweet at times.  Tonight as I flipped on my bedroom light, my gaze was immediately drawn to the bed and the items sitting on top that weren’t there when I left this morning. Two...
Reminders for Delawareans (thank you, DAR, for keeping us informed!)SENIOR PROPERTY TAX CREDIT:Delaware House Bill 99 signed on July 17, 2017 - Beginning January 1, 2018, only those individuals who have established legal residence in Delaware for 10 consecutive years are eligible for the Senior P...
Investors -How do you keep your tenants in the loop about what they need to do to maintain your property while they live there? Do you have a standard checklist? Send out reminders about maintenance at certain times of the year? Brought on by a "close to home" incident of inadequate heat in a col...
We're coming out of the deep freeze here in Delaware and my local feeds on social media are awash with notices about frozen pipes. My neighbor and friend, Michael, posted something helpful. In case you are facing anything similar in your area, and since winter is far from over, I thought I'd shar...
When you point out the flaws of someone else, be careful. In pointing that finger at someone else, many times there are three fingers pointing right back at yourself. A great reminder that sometimes, what we find wrong or irritating in someone else is the same thing that we, ourselves, need to im...

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