communication: Stop, no Go! - 06/09/19 08:01 AM
Is every state in the US undergoing as much continual road work as we see in Delaware? It makes for some challenging and frustrating moments. One section yesterday just left me scratching my head. The road narrowed from two lanes to one, so you have to take turns and follow the directions of the people with the signs. Waiting my turn and paying attention to the "STOP" turned in my direction, I realized that I was frustrating the man holding the sign who began to frantically wave at me to drive forward. So I let off the brake and slowly started. … (3 comments)

communication: There's a Bathroom on the Right - 06/05/19 10:03 AM
How I wish companies would encourage their employees to learn how to speak clearly on the phone.
A very usual part of the day in the life of a Realtor, I've been trying to hunt down some information, specifically about a bank-owned property. Not being able to locate a direct phone number, I called a local bank number to begin my quest. The phone rings and I'm connected with a "banker."
A muffled voice mentions something about the bank name and her name, neither of which I was able to catch.
"Can you repeat that, please?" I inquired.
Thinking that would have yielded a slower … (3 comments)

communication: Red Light, Stop. Green Light, Go! - 11/26/18 02:12 PM
Some students were asked how they respond to the lights in a traffic signal. Simple question, right?
A red light means you stop. A green light means you go.
But what does a yellow light mean?
The responses were split.
“It means you slow down,” replied some.
“It means you go faster to get through the intersection,” replied others.
“Since yellow means caution, it means you check to see if it’s safe to go through,” responded a few others.
All seemingly obvious answers but they point towards something: different people have different responses. Who’s to say who’s right and who’s wrong?
More important than whose answer is deemed … (3 comments)

communication: Not Much Sticks When My C-Drive is Full - 07/10/18 10:28 PM
There’s a Realtor® in my neck of the woods who never fails to make me smile when I talk with him. He wanted information on one of my listings to see if it was a fit for one of his buyers, so we covered that information up front in case one of us got a phone call of greater importance. With no such call breaking into the conversation, we were graced with a few minutes to catch up. I complimented him on his ability to always make me laugh and on his intelligence, and he responded in surprise at the compliment, … (1 comments)

communication: Hey, Hey, Wait a Minute Mr. Postman! - 11/02/16 02:15 PM
Tonight I tried to purchase Christmas stamps online and couldn’t log in.
I tried using my normal username. I tried it with a space. I tried it with my middle initial. I even tried it with my Confirmation name. Nope. No access.
I tried all my normal password combinations. No way, Jose.
It kept telling me there was already an account using my email address and that I’d have to use the correct password.
I finally succumbed to pressing the “I forgot my password” button but… nothing. Zip. Zilch.
What I really needed was a button to press that said, “Send me an email and tell … (4 comments)

communication: Bear With Me Just a Moment - 10/17/16 11:43 AM
I have just spent the past few hours online and on the phone figuring out and completing cell phone plans and upgrades for my family. Someone pass me a martini, please.
I’ve wanted to upgrade our phones for a while. I’ve done my research. I know the models I want. I thought I was prepared to just go online and click a few buttons and place an order. Boy, was I wrong.
One of the things that amazes me about communication companies is their inability to clearly communicate on their own website and many times, on the phone. Every time I get on … (20 comments)

communication: Change is Good, Right? Right? - 08/14/16 12:14 AM
Change is Good, Right?  
Uggg... SURE it is.
Yesterday I attended a Girl Scout meeting for Service Units in our Council. The annual gathering gives us a chance to connect, to review the state of the Council, girl membership numbers, and assess goals for our Service Units. We also learn strategies for success.
Working within a volunteer organization teaches you a lot about how to motivate people, which is useful information for every area of our lives. In particular, we talked about tackling change.
Does the mere mention of the word, “change” make you cringe? It might be based on your age level or … (6 comments)

communication: From the Mouths of Babes - 08/12/16 10:24 AM
When I arrived at my client’s house, the children were out with grandma, allowing us time to take care of paperwork. We were almost finished when the smiling faces of their two young daughters appeared at the front door. Scampering in, they sat right down beside me at the table.
“They were so excited when we pulled up and they saw your car,” said Grandma.
“Miss Monica is here!”
They handed me drawings they’d made in the car and said I could keep them.
I asked them to tell me about their artwork.
“A robot crab,” said Aurora. 
“A ball,” said Mia.

As we … (3 comments)

communication: Riddle Me This - 08/11/16 06:11 AM
A man jumps from an 8 story building. It's a long way to the ground, but when he lands, he's unhurt. He lands on solid ground with no parachute, no bungee cord. How is this possible?
When I was younger, I remember enjoying riddles like this. Maybe you did, too.
Remember this one?
When he walked into the room, John found Mary dead on the floor in a pool of water. An empty glass lay shattered beside her. What happened?
Lately, between reports in the media and posts on facebook and other social media sites, I think we’ve lost out ability to stop and critically … (2 comments)

communication: It's a 2-Story - 03/26/16 01:53 PM
Early on in my career, I had a selling partner who mentored me. I had asked him to assist me with a listing appointment, so I previewed the property for our strategy and pricing session. Excited about the house, I returned to the office.
“What kind of house is it?” he asked.
“Well, the entrance is at the front but it feels like a side door because you walk in and are immediately faced with a closet. Then you turn right and enter a large living room with a fireplace. From there, you turn left. On one side, there’s a hallway to the … (3 comments)

communication: Does it Really Matter? - 02/16/14 01:27 AM
It’s really hard not to talk about the weather these days, though it’s becoming a bit tiring to open up Facebook and see it overtaken by so many weather posts. The battle rages on about the reason for all of the oddities we’re seeing. It’s global warming. There’s no such thing as global warming. We need to be careful about what we’re doing to the atmosphere. No, it’s not the atmosphere, it’s a matter of being conscious of what we do to the environment. No, we need....  No, it’s.... 

We all need to take care of the corner of … (0 comments)

communication: Six More Weeks of Winter - 02/07/14 02:28 AM
In case you didn't hear, Phil saw his shadow this week signaling six more weeks of winter. People are dismayed, at least where I live, because we’ve grown tired of hearing the warnings for wintery mixes, mass accumulations, freezing temperatures, icy conditions. How grand it would have been to have heard instead that he did NOT see his shadow, that we’d turned the corner toward spring, and that we had a mere... Wait... Six weeks till Spring! Whoa. Either way you look at it, the answer is the same. Six more weeks.

You really have to love marketing and the … (5 comments)

communication: A Case of Assumption - 01/29/14 12:33 PM
I’m as guilty of it as the next person. I get in habits when it comes to certain things and I assume most people would approach something the same way I do. Then I’m surprised when they don’t. Wow. Why is that?
Pssst. Monica. It’s called “human nature.” We’re all entitled to our own unique approach to life. Part of being successful in whatever venture you attempt is remembering this.
I’ll give you an example. I represented a Buyer in a recent purchase. As with all my sales, when we went under contract, I prepared an information sheet for the transaction … (2 comments)

communication: Carnac, The Magnificent - 01/17/14 12:20 PM
Carnac, the Magnificent,
The Mystic From the East
If you ever watched Johnny Carson, then you remember Carnac, the Magnificent. Portraying this mystic from the east, dressed in a turban and seated at his desk, Carson would hold a sealed envelope to his forehead and divine the answer to the question sealed within. For one, he held the envelope to his head, concentrated and then said, “UCLA.” Opening the envelope, he read, “What happens when there isn’t any smog?”
Carnac was a comedy bit, but don’t we all try to do that at times? We are presented with a situation … (5 comments)

communication: Words Matter - 02/18/13 09:37 PM
Words matter.
I belong to a yahoo group called freecycle. Great group to join if you like to re-purpose things. You post things you have to give away, people respond (politely, you hope), and you arrange details of how someone gets the item. So I posted an item today and one of the myriad responses was this: 
Do u still hv pls
Really?  You can't even write the question using complete words, let alone signing it with your name? If I want someone to give my response a leg up over the competition, I think I'd write a … (0 comments)

communication: Think Before You Speak - 08/30/12 11:24 PM
Think Before You Speak
I just read a post by The Christensen Team about so-called professionals using profanity
and was reminded of a situation.

Years back, a boss of mine walked into work one day and, tapping a brochure in his palm, stated proudly, "Monica, I found the perfect seminar for you. It teaches women how to curse in business."
I was dumbfounded.
"And why would I need that?" I responded.
"Because I've never heard you f#@*% curse once and it makes you look stronger in business," he proudly replied.
Pausing for a moment … (8 comments)

communication: Watch Those Phone Calls - 10/14/11 06:08 AM
You hear a lot of talk about REALTORS who would never think of being a dual agent because it has so much potential for problems, yet I hear those same agents making one of the biggest mistakes they could ever make. A mistake that could cost them far more than Dual Agency ever would. 
The mistake? The phone call that they don't keep private.
So many brokerages are set up with bull pens or offices where doors are left open that it becomes very easy to make a phone call and disclose information to the other Realtors in your office that … (1 comments)

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