signs: Stop, no Go! - 06/09/19 08:01 AM
Is every state in the US undergoing as much continual road work as we see in Delaware? It makes for some challenging and frustrating moments. One section yesterday just left me scratching my head. The road narrowed from two lanes to one, so you have to take turns and follow the directions of the people with the signs. Waiting my turn and paying attention to the "STOP" turned in my direction, I realized that I was frustrating the man holding the sign who began to frantically wave at me to drive forward. So I let off the brake and slowly started. … (3 comments)

signs: I Heard She Was Messy, But... - 06/02/12 12:14 AM
I Heard She Was Messy, But...

We've all seen the signs in front yards while a contractor is providing a service... AAA Roofing... Electric Fence Company... Painting By the Pros... contractors who advertise that they're in your house providing a service in hopes that someone else who sees their signs will call and utilize their services, too. So seeing another sign didn't surprise me but... it was the tag line that did. I'll change the name to protect the (innocent?) so let's just say the company name was ABC Contracting but the tag line really did read "Disaster Kleenup." Momentarily … (6 comments)