franklin tn information: Lighting of the Franklin Theater Marquee - 01/28/11 08:46 AM
Franklin is all abuzz with the new marquee for the Franklin Theater.  Tomorrow is the lighting of the marquee.  It is Neon lights and as much like the old one as they could get.  They interviewed long time residents and hunted down some photos to make it as much like the original as possible. 
So the party is on in Downtown Franklin TN tomorrow, Saturday, January 29th to light the Marquee.  There will be stores with Champagne, "Cigarette Girls" handing out goodies.  My daughter will be one of them.  It is very fun to see the next generation get involved in fun events with … (1 comments)

franklin tn information: A Snowy Night in Franklin TN - 01/21/11 07:40 AM
We have had our second big snow last night.  One thing we like to do when it snows is go downtown Franklin.  Usually the restaurants are open and we like to go to McCreary's Irish Pub.  They had music there last night, and it wasn't crowded.  The snow and downtown and the few people has kind of a magical feel. 
To further add to the magical feel, I get out of the car in front of the Toy Store.  We have a fabulous toy store in Franklin, with wooden trains and cool puzzles, etc.  In the front window of the store … (1 comments)

franklin tn information: You Never Know Who or What you will See in Franklin TN - 12/02/10 01:15 AM
When I leave my house, I often see things happening around town that I didn't expect and that bless my day.  One of the first times I thought this, I was driving downtown Franklin and saw a man riding a unicycle, and that led to several interesting people and cars that turned out to be the leftover of the homecoming parade!  Another day a friend and I were eating lunch at the Mellow Mushroom on the square and here comes the Easter Bunny walking down the street.  It was so funny! 
So this week I had two fun sightings.  Taking my daughter … (1 comments)

franklin tn information: Happy Tales, Harleys and Hank Williams III - 09/14/10 04:53 AM
Do you ride a motorcycle?  Do you like Hank Williams III and some rock-country music?  Better yet, do you love animals?  The Happy Tales Humane Shelter in Franklin TN is having a Motorcycle event with a concert by Hank Williams III at the Loveless Cafe!  Saturday, September 18th is the day!  Happy Tales is a no-kill animal shelter that has been serving the animals and people of Franklin for many years.
From the Happy Tales Website:
Riders will register at Harley Davidson Cool Springs in Franklin from noon to 2:00 PM on the day of the ride. Destination is the one … (0 comments)

franklin tn information: Farmer's Market in Franklin, TN - 07/26/10 10:33 AM
We had the pleasure of going to the Farmer's Market at the Factory on Saturday. The crowd was great!  I was glad to see so many people out supporting the local produce, meat and flower sellers.  I did see quite a bit of produce still available for 10 am.  I am sure they would love to have even bigger crowds.  The most popular booth was selling flowers.  On lady said she waited for nearly an hour for these amazingly beautiful flower bouquets.  I am including some photos of the beautiful flowers below. 
Our corn on the cob did leave a bit … (4 comments)

franklin tn information: New Elementary School on Clovercroft Reveals Infrastructure Isssues in Franklin - 07/26/10 10:00 AM
The good news is that people are still moving to Williamson County and our housing market is healthy.  Still down a bit, but desirable.  With the people coming here, and with our terrific school systems, we have many children in the school system and that number continues to grow. 
There are two new schools in Spring Hill opening this year, Allendale Elementary and Spring Station Middle School.  Next year there will be a new High School there too - Summit High School. 
The issue at hand though revolves around the overcrowding at Trinity Elementary School on Hwy 96 East.  The School … (3 comments)

franklin tn information: Williamson County Fair 2010 - 07/19/10 09:28 AM
Have you been to the Williamson County Fair?  It is always a good time.  Williamson County has a terrific - AIRCONDITIONED - Agricultural Expo Center.  They have all the traditional Fair things - food, animals, beauty pagents, singers, fair rides.  They are even going to have fainting goats this year.  I highly recommend coming to the Fair. 
What are your favorite things at the Fair?  Cotton Candy, Funnell Cakes.  I loved riding the Ferris Wheel last year - or was it the year before?  Of course, we have lots of great musicians!  And Quilts! 
For more information, you can read this article … (1 comments)

franklin tn information: Floods in Franklin, TN - 05/24/10 12:56 PM
On May 1 and 2, Nashville and Middle TN had some of the worst flooding on record.  The waters came over the 100 year flood plain to flood houses that never expected or probably even thought this would or could happen to them.  Volunteers got busy cleaning out houses and toting away the trash.  The problems are huge. 
There are news articles and videos available all over Facebook and Youtube.  The people have been helpful and come together in amazing ways.  There is still so much loss and trouble though for those whose houses flooded. 
In Franklin, the Harpeth River rose and … (1 comments)

franklin tn information: Franklin TN Main Street Festival - 04/21/10 05:04 AM
Do you like walking around in old towns that have been renovated?  Do you like looking at and/or collecting artisan crafts?  Live Music?  Greasy food???  All of this is fun to be had at the Main Street Festival in downtown Franklin this coming weekend.  There will be a good number of local artisans, as well as some who travel to festivals from other areas with their beautiful wares. 
More than 200 Booths with arts and crafts.  Live entertainment from 4 stages. Three international festival Food Courts.  And a Carnival too!!  (Don't tell my daughter about the carnival or she will be … (1 comments)

franklin tn information: Curbside Recycling in Franklin, TN - 04/21/10 03:39 AM
The city  has been hard at work trying to find a recycling solution for the residents of Franklin.  They introduced the new program for curbside recycling in Franklin today at the "State of the City" address at the Factory in Franklin. 
Starting on July 12th, residents will have the option of having their recyclables collected curbside.  Residents will fill Blue Bags that they buy at local retailers and put them at the curb on pickup day.  The recycleables can be mixed in the bags.  I don't know the cost of the bags yet.  I do know they are large bags and … (0 comments)

franklin tn information: Franklin, TN - One of America's Top 10 Neighborhoods! - 03/12/10 08:10 AM
Did you know that Downtown Franklin was named one of the Top 10 Neighborhoods in the Country by the American Planning Association?  Kudos to the visionaries. I think it is well deserved!  I often drive around this town thinking how lucky I am to live here!

franklin tn information: Favorite Vendors in Franklin, TN - 03/12/10 07:03 AM
Check out the most current list of Favorites from food, restaurants, personal care and businesses in Franklin, TN for 2009!
This is reposted from
Below is a list of WINNERS that you, the people, chose in the Fourth Annual Sizzle Awards, presented by Southern Exposure Magazine and The online readers' poll was held from January 15-February 15, 2010, and allowed the public to vote on its favorites in a number of different lifestyle, business and professional categoriesCUISINE


franklin tn information: Nashville's Best Restaurants according to Nashville Lifestyle Magazine - 04/17/09 06:44 AM
Via Larry Brewer Nashville real estate (Keller Williams - Franklin tn): Nashville's best restaurants according to Nashville Lifestyle magazine are as follows. Boxwood Bistro - 230 Franklin Rd, Franklin TN J. Alexanders - 2609 West End and in Cool Springs Germantown Cafe - 1200 Fifth Ave. N Calypso Cafe - 2424 Elliston Place Baja Burrito - 722 Thompsons Lane Rotiers - 2413 Elliston Place Nashville's Best Deli
Noshville - 1918 Broadway and in Cool Springs Jason Deli - 2028 West End Ave Mitchell's Deli - 1402 McGavock Pike Best Business Lunch
The Palm - 140 Fifth Ave. S. J. Alexanders … (1 comments)

franklin tn information: Come Visit the Henpeck Market - 03/30/09 09:56 AM
HENPECK MARKET and THE LOFT at the Henpeck Market I love Don and Jackie Gregory, the owners of the Henpeck Market on the corner of Henpeck Lane and Lewisburg Pike in Franklin.   This is a fabulous country market that is great for the neighborhood, but not really in the country.  They transformed this place about 6 years (?) ago and it has continued to grow into something more and more interesting. But wait, I am getting ahead of myself.  The Henpeck Market is lots of things.  It is a small grocery store that has a gas station attatched to it.  I … (4 comments)

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