franklin tn real estate: Main Street Festival in Franklin TN - 04/21/11 08:10 AM
Come one, come all to the Main Street Festival in Downtown Franklin on April 30th and May 1! 
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franklin tn real estate: Sales Numbers for Williamson County TN for February and March 2011 - 04/08/11 04:34 AM
This Spring, and by Spring, I mean, from January 1, 2011, or even from December 27, 2011, has felt very active in the real estate market in Williamson County TN, Franklin TN, Brentwood TN and Spring Hill TN being the largest towns here.  Showings have been up, contracts are being written.  The Fall felt slow, though it was in line with recent years numbers.  The Spring felt busy. 
What do the numbers really say?  Well, February turned out to be almost exactly the same as it has been for the last 4 years.  March has seen some increase though and the … (0 comments)

franklin tn real estate: 2010 Census shows huge growth in Franklin since 2000 - 03/21/11 05:35 AM
The title of this blog, 2010 Census shows huge growth in Franklin since 2010, reminds me of some of the articles I read about social issues where the research shows what everyone already knew.  If you don't live in Franklin, you might not know this, but to those of us who have lived here these past 10 years, the only news here are the numbers.  We have watched Franklin grow and grow, in many exciting ways, like the interesting people, new home styles, and great shopping, and in painful ways, like roads, and school rezonings.  There have been many growing pains. 

franklin tn real estate: You Never Know Who or What you will See in Franklin TN - 12/02/10 01:15 AM
When I leave my house, I often see things happening around town that I didn't expect and that bless my day.  One of the first times I thought this, I was driving downtown Franklin and saw a man riding a unicycle, and that led to several interesting people and cars that turned out to be the leftover of the homecoming parade!  Another day a friend and I were eating lunch at the Mellow Mushroom on the square and here comes the Easter Bunny walking down the street.  It was so funny! 
So this week I had two fun sightings.  Taking my daughter … (1 comments)

franklin tn real estate: Nashville Ranks 4th in Cultural Vitality - 11/29/10 08:26 AM
Nashville has certainly evolved in many interesting ways over the years.  It has been such a privilege to live here and watch the changes.  I can't believe it has only been since the early 1980's that the Second Avenue/Broadway area has been so popular. 
Recently the Metro Arts Commission completed a study showing Nashville to be the 4th Highest City in Cultural Vitality.  They looked at the number of artists in all area, music, design, fine art and the number of businesses and venues related to the arts, and these influences put Nashville 4th behind New York, LA, and Washington DC.  … (1 comments)

franklin tn real estate: Greater Nashville Area Expected to see Housing Appreciation - 10/13/10 07:43 AM
The following article is from Realtor Magazine, reprinted from Forbes, Inc.  Look who is #4!!!  We are!  The Nashville, Franklin, Murfreesboro Area!  And we are still having new businesses move into our area.  
The article is actually discussing the best markets for real estate investing.  Even better!  Good places to invest would be those where you might expect to get a return!  
Here is the Forbes Article. 
Daily Real Estate News  |  September 14, 2010  |  
Forbes magazine turned to real estate research firm Local Market Monitor to figure out which markets have the greatest likelihood of price appreciation because they offer a mix of … (1 comments)

franklin tn real estate: August and September Housing Sales Figures 2010 for Williamson County - 10/08/10 09:30 AM
The numbers are looking up!  And up is a good place.  There are still buyers and sellers making deals and moving into their next home. 
For August in Williamson County, you can click on this link for the full picture.  The number of closings was up 11%, Median and Average sale prices are both up and the days on market is a tad longer, but not by much.  Could it be possible that we have hit the bottom and are moving up? 
Let's look at the September numbers. They are up about 5% from 2009.  The Median price is the same … (0 comments)

franklin tn real estate: The Treasure that is the Factory at Franklin, TN - 09/04/10 02:22 PM
I was recently at 2 events at the Factory at Franklin in one day.  But there was so much more going on there that day than just the 2 events I was attending!  I went to the Factory to attend the Franklin Green Expo.  Local businesses are showing their benefits to help Franklin folks save money, and live with better air, or water, or food, etc.  It was an excellent exhibit.  Lots of great folks there, including the ecology club from Centennial High School who are learning about getting out and communicating with the public.  There were water purifiers, solar panels, … (1 comments)

franklin tn real estate: Domestic Violence Shelter has Fundraiser - 08/27/10 03:54 AM
I have plans this week to attend the Jokers and Jackpots Gala for the Bridges Domestic Violence Shelter in Franklin.  This organization helps people who are victims of domestic violence or abuse.  They provide shelter, if necessary, court advocacy, support groups and counseling.  I am so grateful to have an organization with such committed people helping those with this need in Williamson County. 
And they sponsor a great party for their fundraiser!  This year's Gala will be Saturday the 28th of August at the Factory.  If you are reading this in time, go to to get more information and to … (0 comments)

franklin tn real estate: Where you shop supports the community you shop in. - 08/10/10 03:10 AM
Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting a former mayor of Franklin, Tom Miller.  We chatted a bit.  We were at a retail establishment in Cool Springs, which is partially in the city of Franklin and partially in the city of Brentwood.  I think that when we shop in Cool Springs, we don't think very much about the town that receives the benefit of our sales tax dollars. 
Tom commented that when he was Mayor, he was very conciencous to shop in Franklin whenever possible.  He was literally putting money into the city's budget when he did that.  He still thinks … (4 comments)

franklin tn real estate: Farmer's Market in Franklin, TN - 07/26/10 10:33 AM
We had the pleasure of going to the Farmer's Market at the Factory on Saturday. The crowd was great!  I was glad to see so many people out supporting the local produce, meat and flower sellers.  I did see quite a bit of produce still available for 10 am.  I am sure they would love to have even bigger crowds.  The most popular booth was selling flowers.  On lady said she waited for nearly an hour for these amazingly beautiful flower bouquets.  I am including some photos of the beautiful flowers below. 
Our corn on the cob did leave a bit … (4 comments)

franklin tn real estate: New Elementary School on Clovercroft Reveals Infrastructure Isssues in Franklin - 07/26/10 10:00 AM
The good news is that people are still moving to Williamson County and our housing market is healthy.  Still down a bit, but desirable.  With the people coming here, and with our terrific school systems, we have many children in the school system and that number continues to grow. 
There are two new schools in Spring Hill opening this year, Allendale Elementary and Spring Station Middle School.  Next year there will be a new High School there too - Summit High School. 
The issue at hand though revolves around the overcrowding at Trinity Elementary School on Hwy 96 East.  The School … (3 comments)

franklin tn real estate: Williamson County Fair 2010 - 07/19/10 09:28 AM
Have you been to the Williamson County Fair?  It is always a good time.  Williamson County has a terrific - AIRCONDITIONED - Agricultural Expo Center.  They have all the traditional Fair things - food, animals, beauty pagents, singers, fair rides.  They are even going to have fainting goats this year.  I highly recommend coming to the Fair. 
What are your favorite things at the Fair?  Cotton Candy, Funnell Cakes.  I loved riding the Ferris Wheel last year - or was it the year before?  Of course, we have lots of great musicians!  And Quilts! 
For more information, you can read this article … (1 comments)

franklin tn real estate: Williamson County and Greater Nashville Housing Statistics - 07/19/10 09:10 AM
The local news for the Nashville area is REALLY GOOD!!  I have been seeing numbers (volume of sales) improve, probably due in part to the first time homebuyer's credit, and have been interested to see if they stay solid through June and into July.  I have been looking over all the numbers this morning and am very encouraged.  The links are below.  The summary is that we are seeing volume increases of over 20% in the numbers of houses selling!  The Williamson County numbers reflect that and so do the Greater Nashville numbers.  July is looking like the increase may not … (0 comments)

franklin tn real estate: April 2010 Williamson County Housing Statistics - 06/02/10 09:36 AM
Here are the Williamson County Statistics.  The volume of sales in Williamson County for April were the best for April since 2007.  The Median price of houses is still down though.  It is good though.  We have to have volume sales before the prices can go up.  And many people have been taking advantage of the First time Homebuyer's Tax Credit, which usually is in a bit lower price range.  I expect May and June numbers to be good as well as the Tax Credit buyers close on their deals.  I would say that the Tax Credit has helped pump up … (1 comments)

franklin tn real estate: Easy House sprucing up in Franklin, TN or Anywhere! - 06/02/10 09:19 AM
June is here!  Summer is here!  I am so happy about this!  I love Summer.  My kids are out of school and want to go everywhere.  That can present an occasional conflict.  Most friends live fairly close though.  Did I say that I love the location of my house, close to downtown Franklin, TN?  Well, I do.  Convenience has become a huge factor for us.  My husband, Mark, would really like to have a house with a couple of acres and a woodworking shop, but even for him, location has been key.  What are you loving about your house?  Location, floor … (0 comments)

franklin tn real estate: Floods in Franklin, TN - 05/24/10 12:56 PM
On May 1 and 2, Nashville and Middle TN had some of the worst flooding on record.  The waters came over the 100 year flood plain to flood houses that never expected or probably even thought this would or could happen to them.  Volunteers got busy cleaning out houses and toting away the trash.  The problems are huge. 
There are news articles and videos available all over Facebook and Youtube.  The people have been helpful and come together in amazing ways.  There is still so much loss and trouble though for those whose houses flooded. 
In Franklin, the Harpeth River rose and … (1 comments)

franklin tn real estate: Franklin TN Main Street Festival - 04/21/10 05:04 AM
Do you like walking around in old towns that have been renovated?  Do you like looking at and/or collecting artisan crafts?  Live Music?  Greasy food???  All of this is fun to be had at the Main Street Festival in downtown Franklin this coming weekend.  There will be a good number of local artisans, as well as some who travel to festivals from other areas with their beautiful wares. 
More than 200 Booths with arts and crafts.  Live entertainment from 4 stages. Three international festival Food Courts.  And a Carnival too!!  (Don't tell my daughter about the carnival or she will be … (1 comments)

franklin tn real estate: Curbside Recycling in Franklin, TN - 04/21/10 03:39 AM
The city  has been hard at work trying to find a recycling solution for the residents of Franklin.  They introduced the new program for curbside recycling in Franklin today at the "State of the City" address at the Factory in Franklin. 
Starting on July 12th, residents will have the option of having their recyclables collected curbside.  Residents will fill Blue Bags that they buy at local retailers and put them at the curb on pickup day.  The recycleables can be mixed in the bags.  I don't know the cost of the bags yet.  I do know they are large bags and … (0 comments)

franklin tn real estate: Williamson County TN Real Estate Statistics and News - 04/07/10 03:19 AM

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