realtor advice: "Warning - The object in the mirror may be closer than it appears". - 04/17/08 06:37 AM
Hello fellow Real Estate Professionals and Consumers:
I found the E-newsletter article forwarded by NAR on Tuesday to confirm what I have been saying to my Clients -- home sale prices may not get lower than right now, in fact, they may begin to swing upward again without a formal announcement, and sooner than late 2009 as originally expected.
The time to buy is now, instead of waiting for deeper discounts that may never be realized.  There are two factors at risk by waiting:  1) Home selling prices could begin to swing upwards, and the home that a Consumer could have gotten for $400K might then be asking $450K; and 2) mortgage interest rates are … (2 comments)

realtor advice: Not Just Business As Usual - 02/06/08 01:31 PM
In voting in the New York primary yesterday, I was keenly aware that I need to look at my candidate selection in a new way -- who will actively and appropriately address the current mortgage/real estate issues which are a primary contributor to the sad and continually worsening economic State of the Union.  And, it needs to be real effort, not just political rhetoric thrown about to get voters on the hook.
This is one of the most exciting elections in history.  At the same time, there is even more need to vote our individual consciences and circumstances.   My business is real estate, and my heart is … (1 comments)

realtor advice: Know What Gets Me About Real Estate Listings? - 02/04/08 09:15 AM
It really gripes me, and my clients too, when listing agents do not include pictures with their seller's listings.  I can't understand why this is done.  With the affordability of digital cameras, why are listing agents unable to take at least initial pictures until more professional shots can be obtained?  Many of my clients refuse to even consider looking at listings that don't include pictures, or if they only include a single picture of the outside of a property.  They feel that "people who have nothing to hide, hide nothing", and if there are no pictures included with the listing, there must … (6 comments)


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