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The message was ominous, Immediate Attention Required! Approaching Storage Quota Limit! said my e-mail service. At first I thought it was a Spam attack. I've been hit before as hundreds of messages streamed into my In Box and were then filtered to my Spam Folder. When this happens, I find it fun ...
With two plucky and lovely kids rotating wildly around us, I sat down and spoke with a Spanish speaking couple who had lost their home to the foreclosure process. Feeling comfortable they asked me whether (in my opinion) it was possible to keep their home since they could manage to make their sch...
I commend bloggers. I believe that on-line journals are a powerful new tool (in any industry) that helps us teach, commiserate, laugh and debate. So, when I enter a blogging environment and I look for commentary that can help me gain insight on a topic, I hope that the posting will be on point. L...
44 offers over the course of four days. That's a new record for me and I am still a little shocked by it but its a sign of the times where homes are flying of the shelves if they are priced and marketed correctly. Many years ago when I entered the industry working with multiple-offers and/or mult...
We put the property on the market at 12:35 pm. We  have had 36 phone calls in the last two hours and the first offer just came in. On Monday, the clients rushed to the home in the late afternoon because we "knew" it was going to go fast. We wrote the offer on the hood of the car with the light fa...
Our front desk admin popped into my office announcing that my 4:00 p.m. agent interview had arrived. She had a Cheshire cat grin on her face and I knew that I was going to meet someone interesting. When I turned the corner onto our front desk lobby I was greeted by a "well-proportioned" woman who...
Well I've been fishing and researching around the internet for a few weeks looking for some inspiration. You see, my site www.hugotorres.com has been in desperate need of revamping. So I began the process by looking outside of the real estate world to see how other industries showcase their wares...
I am a shutter-bug! I have openly talked about it in previous tech posts. My admiration for still photos began many years ago when old covers of National Geographic, Time and Rolling Stone passed me by. Then as my real estate career developed, I learned that homes are visual treats that when phot...
If you were to ask me..."what is the current state of the market?" I have an elevator speech for that. Or "when do you think we'll see the bottom?" I definitely have a 60 second answer for that. But every now and then, someone asks me a question that requires poignancy and brevety on my part and ...
The first Real Estate website I worked on was for a team of 5 REALTORS in Cerritos, California who felt that the internet was a good place to advertise. It was early 2003 when it was not uncommon to start 5 deals and take 5 listings during one week and the pretense of another unexplored project m...

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