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I came to Real Estate when I was hired as an assistan/transaction coordinator to a top producing CENTURY 21 agent soon after the Internet bubble had burst and lay-offs where rampant. I remember walking into that busy office in awe of the speed in which things occurred. Dozens of agents packed the...
CENTURY 21 President/CEO Tom Kunz spoke today on CNBC regarding the uptick in sales that we have been experiencing over the last few months.You can see his video here: http://www.cnbc.com/id/15840232?video=1073863086&play=1I was thrilled to see our CEO sporting the Gold Jacket and positively des...
Approximately three weeks ago I posted a discussion on Zillow.com entitled "Let's All Rally" where I marked the stock market's 4 day streak of gains as a possible spring board towards recovery and how Real Estate professionals could use the positive news as way to prompt fence sitting buyers towa...
After a review of the company's production this week, Broker Tom Adams announced a 200% increase in sides (one half of a sale) closed over the same first quarter period last year. The numbers for the company's Monrovia office (for the same measured period )were 160%.The announcement came on the h...
Every week, our local board of REALTORS get together to caravan homes from 10 to 1 pm. Some have argued that broker caravans are no longer needed because of the information available on-line. I disagree because: 1) It gives the real estate community the opportunity to get know one another which i...
A few minutes ago I concluded a class on Social Networking and Blogging at our Glendora office in Southern California. I have discussed blogs to our agents before but up to now the message had not hit home. The difference in my approach (and the reason why it was so impactful) came when I mention...
The stock market had 4 days of gain over the last week and some are saying that this may be a water shed moment in turning the tide towards a recovery.Let's see what the next few days will bring but if we were to assume that this is the "bottom" we've been looking for, how can we (as an industry)...
I am very proud to have been the ambassador for our team at CENTURY 21 Adams & Barnes (www.c21ab.net) at CENTURY 21's International Convention in San Antonio, Texas. At General Session of the convention we were presented with the award.At that point I had the privilege to have an exchange on stag...
My relatively new Nikon D40 is an attention getter and I love that. For a long time, I researched SLRs because I knew that I wanted to snap photos that were more relevant to listings and better at portraits (I take most of the photos of our incomming REALTORS). I have worked with a point-and-shoo...

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