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INNOVATIVE & RISK TAKINGThe augmentation of technology into the yard sign has arrived. While others have chosen to innovate by going vertical, Compass has gone round. Of all the signs on this list, this is the only one truly willing to risk change on a large scale -- and it works. This round aest...
When my Grandfather started making signs in the late 1940's, he figured that he would make them as good as he could because he couldn't stand the thought of someone complaining about the quality.   Fast-forward to the 21st Century where digital printing is all the rage.  Great for indoors and onl...
Old Profile Contents About me:   Jack Monte Pratt, a Seabee during World War II, returned to Oklahoma City after the war. Initially, Jack would hand paint signs for the local Piggly Wiggly.  Soon he built a relationship with a local advertising firm, and would fulfill orders for Oilfield Well and...
If you are looking to unite with the industry's most esteemed leaders and collaborate with the nations best vendors to help build your business, come by Jack Pratt Signs at booth 329.   We are bringing our Live Design Team to bring to life your custom branding and sign design.  Watch as our Illus...
For more information, visit or call directly at 800-299-5551.
Hello Live Design!  Are you tired of the timely sketch process for your custom signs and logo design?  How many times has your project been tabled because of a failure of communication? Live Design now enables you to watch your design project while our designer is creating it.  No awkward “which...
Get registered today to get a wealth of knowledge to kick start your 2012 year!  Not to mention that my company, Jack Pratt Signs will be giving away a $700 value to a lucky winner for a company makeover featuring a custom logo development, and any three (3) identity solutions designed and custom...
This is our Keller Williams Realty Featured Sign Design of the Week.  For more information, visit or call directly at 800-299-5551.
Gabrielle gets it!  So do our clients & biggest fans!  You are building your business - generating leads for your listings - becoming more memorable in your community.  Do you see a common thread here?  It's about you!  Does your brokerage pigeon hole or restrain you from marketing and branding t...
Since we started doing QR Codes on yard signs over a year ago, we've received a lot of feedback.  I remember talking with Ben Kinney at RainCamp Prescott and mentioning QR Codes on yard signs.  You could of heard a pin drop - except for the two ladies in the front row who I thought were going to ...

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