logo development: Goodbye timely sketch process... - 01/15/12 01:50 PM

Hello Live Design!  … (3 comments)

logo development: QR Code Signs - Re-Defined - 08/29/11 08:15 AM
Since we started doing QR Codes on yard signs over a year ago, we've received a lot of feedback.  I remember talking with Ben Kinney at RainCamp Prescott and mentioning QR Codes on yard signs.  You could of heard a pin drop - except for the two ladies in the front row who I thought were going to jump out of their skin.
Now, nearly a year later, QR Codes have swept through the Real Estate Community!  But what is the best way to actually use one on your Yard Sign?
As far as I'm concerned, there's a right way, a wrong … (54 comments)

logo development: Do your yard signs need a makeover? - 05/09/11 07:40 PM

Do your yard signs need a makeover?  Not a complete overhaul, just a good once over... emphasize your brand, your logo, make your company name stand out more.
That's exactly what we were called to do for Allison James Estates & Homes - to maintain the integrity of their brand and logo and put the spit shine on it, so to speak.
Their existing yard sign designs consisted of a black and white design and a green and white design.  In order to not confuse prospects, we kept their existing color schemes. Jim Crumbaugh was open to our suggestions … (10 comments)

logo development: ActiveRain Decals and Bumper Stickers - 01/20/11 04:17 AM

Proud to be with the largest Real Estate Social Network?  Show your pride with ActiveRain decals and bumper stickers!
Stick 'em anywhere you want; laptop computer, luggage, windows, bumpers, notebooks... just about anywhere imaginable!!

logo development: ActiveRain Profile Riders by Jack Pratt Signs - 11/05/10 09:35 AM

I am very excited to announce the latest, and perhaps greatest thing since the "For Sale" sign.
ActiveRain Profile Riders
When Facebook® implemented shorter URL’s for business and personal profile pages, I immediately called Ben Kinney, and together we developed Facebook® and Twitter® Rider Signs.  The use of these rider signs augment your “For Sale” sign and will drive more traffic to those social networks.  
But what about your ActiveRain profile?  Anna “Banana” posted a blog titled “ActiveRain Profiles - Is Your Profile a Missed Branding Opportunity?”  There’s one line her her blog that … (50 comments)

logo development: Could QR Code Riders replace the brochure box? - 09/02/10 08:37 AM

QR Codes isn't something new.

However, QR Code Riders are.
When the brochure box came out, my Dad was skeptical.  "Why would you want to put all that information out there when you really want the prospect to call?"  He was also skeptical of the fax machine, internet and e-mail, but he came around to those technological advances pretty quick.
In the real estate industry, you have to be on the cutting edge of technology.  Do they even print the MLS Book anymore or is it all on-line?  Hmmm, not sure - you guys can answer … (18 comments)

logo development: Keller Williams Realty Sign Design of the Week - Jack Pratt Signs - 08/17/10 05:58 AM

This is our Keller Williams Realty Featured Sign Design of the Week.  For more information, visit www.jackpratt.com or call directly at 800-299-5551.

logo development: Jack Pratt Signs adds another RAVING FAN! - 07/19/10 06:09 AM
Jack Pratt Signs adds another RAVING FAN!
I want to share with everyone on ActiveRain what a great experience I had working with these guys. No, I'm not getting paid to write this, however, I did get a discount because I'm an ActiveRain member! How awesome is that!?
I'm sure many of you have seen some of the posts on ActiveRain by Monte Pratt of Jack Pratt signs. I got the opportunity to hear Monte Pratt speak at Rain Camp in Dallas, TX. Since Jack Pratt Signs helps support this incredible community, Active Rain; I felt like I should give … (1 comments)

logo development: Good Artists Copy - Great Artists Steal... - 07/16/10 08:30 AM
..then there are those who simply butcher up the hard work put into a new product and pawn it off as their own.  They are neither good nor great.  Pablo Picasso was the one who coined the infamous phrase "Good Artists copy - Great Artists steal".  Though there are a number of interpretations of what he meant, I'll attempt to give my own thoughts and perspective.  I believe that a great Artist is not to be confused with that of a "thief".  Instead, they take existing elements in the world to cultivate them with their own interpretation, in order to create … (7 comments)

logo development: Sign Design of the Week - Jack Pratt signs - 06/28/10 04:37 AM

This is our Featured Sign Design of the Week.  For more information, visit www.jackpratt.com or call directly at 800-299-5551.

logo development: The Jerry Maguire Approach... - 06/25/10 05:01 AM

I know it's been a long time since this movie has come out, but I felt like it's time to sit down and write how I've found inspiration in Tom Cruise's character Jerry Maguire.  Remember the Mission Statement that got him canned from his firm?  Remember the last sentence that summed it all up?
"Fewer Clients - More Personal Attention"
Unfortunately, that Mission Statement was overshadowed by the infamous "show me the money" scene. I believe that this film, when cultivated into a business model can produce much success.  So, let's recap...
Jerry eats bad pizza, gets stomach ache … (61 comments)

logo development: Do you like apples? - 05/12/10 05:51 AM
Well, we've got a Gold Medal winner on www.LogoTournament.com as our Chief Graphic Designer at Jack Pratt Signs.  We don't charge thousands of dollars for logos either.  We charge a one time, flat rate of $200 for custom logos with your order of yard signs.  How do you like them apples?  

How can we do it?  Simply because we are a sign company first.  We make money making signs, as opposed to design firms who get you on the preverbal hourly treadmill that you can't hardly get off of, because you've got too much money invested with them … (9 comments)

logo development: Consistency in Marketing and Branding - 03/02/10 04:41 AM
In an environment of ever increasing changes in communication and its form of delivery, design is fundamentally vital.  Design is the core of marketing, as marketing is the core of communication to your clients and prospects.  Without design, we are messages without form or flare, words with no color or significance.  Design is essential!
Innovation is about creative breakthroughs and insights being put into action, becoming realities more than theories and making a real difference peoples lives.  Our goal is to bring you solutions to make your business a success.
As your partner in success, I'd like to introduce to you … (32 comments)

logo development: A sign guy's perspective on real estate agent branding - 02/10/10 03:16 PM
Now, I know most people are saying to themselves "What can a guy that makes signs know about real estate?"  Okay, you got me... not much.  I am a simple creature that loves graphic design that strives to keep a sign shop from running me.  Furthermore, I pledge to each and everyone of you not to be an expert in your industry.  However, there is something going on in the real estate industry that is notable and worthy of sharing.
The philosophy of marketing and branding according to Keller Williams Realty.
Stefan Swanepoel's report on "The Most Recognizable Brands for 2009" showed Keller Williams Realty … (107 comments)

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