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All Maine real estate agents, brokers, REALTORS are the same right? No...each real estate agent, broker has different sets of skills unique to their market. In a small rural market like northern Maine where there are 11 people per square mile, the day to day routine is different than a broker in a city with wall to wall brokers and a myriad of transactions. In rural Maine, our prices are much lower, people don't lock doors, more smaller commission sales. Unspoiled scenery and what life's like in Aroostook County and its real estate market. Affordable property listings, no crime, no traffic, just wildlife, friendly people, fresh air, clean water. Ready to start the dream? Maine, the way life should be.



Real time..what is happening in small communities like Houlton Maine in Southern Aroostook County. The 54th Rotary Auction in Houlton Maine has over $52,000 worth of item to bid on over a three night period. The auctioneering starts at 6pm and winds down at 10:30pm each night. Here is the run dow...
Nearly 3 Maine acres, 3 baths, 3 car garage. The New Limerick home is ideal for a relocating border patrol, customs, immigration Maine home buyer or for retirement plans. The living area is wide open, cathedral ceilinged. There are sky lights, paved parking lots, extra storage shed in the rear. N...
     Kids, bedtime stories, rocking them to sleep. Nothing like that situation and sometimes the kids are not your own. And you are the only one handy to reach out, fill the need. This soldier does that. Take a look.      He is a Chief Master Sergeant in the USAF.  As high as you can go in enlist...
     Fatal was a movie that made you squirm in the theatre seat. I don't even own a family pet rabbit but the idea of Buggs simmering on a cook stove got my attention. Like a full throttle chain saw in your kitchen's deafening roar and blue oily 2 cycle smoke stinking your eyes, h...
Think about it. You just had a huge dinner, with loved ones surrounding the table and the talk of buying a piece of real estate comes up. Relocation to a friendlier, safe place. Lower cost real estate. Or maybe buying other Maine real estate, something on a lake or maybe something with lots of la...
     Read a ActiveRain blog indicating winter real estate is slower, blah blah blah. I don't think real estate markets stop during any season anywhere in the country. And like the water hose kink, when the flow is obstructed a little seasonally, the pressure builds up so the real estate conveyor ...
Maine..your heart is already here. It's been here. When you are stuck in traffic, dealing with wall to wall people in the population centers, something has to be out there to recharged, regroup and make it all worthwhile. Maine..this 67 acres of ME land with hidden cape second home is what you ne...
     You answer a Maine real estate buyer call. The lights dim as energy is transfered over the phone line.And one by one, in rapid fire succession, questions are posed, disected, answered with many more, a steady stream coming bang bang bang right after it in marathon fashion. Some easy but many...
     A downstate Maine real estate broker shared this with me.      "A friend of mine told me a story about how when he was a kid he was in the hospital and near dying.  His Italian/African grandmother came to the hospital and told a family member to go buy her a large onion and a new pair of whi...
     Maine housewives...around the 10 - 2 time slot listening to Bangor Maine Radio...liked to tune in to Z-62. Tim Comer was the crooner that had the following of this audience segment. I was Z-62 radio news director and did weekend music shifts after college.      The radio jacket Tim wore was ...

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