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All Maine real estate agents, brokers, REALTORS are the same right? No...each real estate agent, broker has different sets of skills unique to their market. In a small rural market like northern Maine where there are 11 people per square mile, the day to day routine is different than a broker in a city with wall to wall brokers and a myriad of transactions. In rural Maine, our prices are much lower, people don't lock doors, more smaller commission sales. Unspoiled scenery and what life's like in Aroostook County and its real estate market. Affordable property listings, no crime, no traffic, just wildlife, friendly people, fresh air, clean water. Ready to start the dream? Maine, the way life should be.



How does having a Maine lake, property with a log home grab you... and oh, hidden, surrounded with 160 acres of land wrapped around the house? The Maine land is level to rolling and manicured fields that offer plenty of fertile soil to grow your own food. And to put produce, veggies, fruit on ot...
Nothing compares to waterfront property in Maine. Oh sure it is neat to own a chunk of Maine land and be within a rock's throw of several clean, unspoiled and under utilized lakes, rivers, ponds or ocean front. But on the waterfront in Maine, front row seat, everything in your lap. Pretty specia...
What you want to do with the farm in Maine spread of land, acreage depends on you. Are you thinking of the joy to rise and shine. Get up and at 'em with a walk to the chicken coop. A cluck cluck sound, stir as you collect fresh, double yolk eggs from your hens. And getting the spring work the la...
If you live on a fraction of an acre of land or have never owner property at all, then Maine property with 60 acres could seem like a kingdom, owning a country. Your own land in Maine, 60 acre listing, property bordering the Porter Settlement Road, Houlton Maine. Build your home in Maine on land...
You live in an urban area and with all the crazy stuff too many people in a small area have happen, a Maine home relocation move is looking better and better. Bail out, head to small town rural America. To a new property listing, a Houlton Maine home on 545 Porter Settlement Road. One owner, bet...
Vacations in Vacationland, everyone wants one but costs for a struggling family starting out mean consider buying a piece of small Maine land. All you need is a low cost property and it does not need to be a hundred acres of Maine land either. Just a spot. Because tons of lakes, thousands of mil...
The look of log, a Maine home on over 9 acre of land with one jaw dropping setting, view. Got a minute? Take the open house tour that is so so easy with the show and tell video option. Easy to sneak a peek. No breaking and entering and come on back to Maine, this property any time, as often as y...
The Houlton Maine home is located two blocks from everything important, hospital, down town shopping, parks and recreation facilities. The house in Aroostook County in one family for over 64 years. Has the fireplace, natural woodwork trim, doors, floors. Chance for in home / business professiona...
Maine lakefront homes are extra special because you don't just use them summers, when it's 90+ degrees hot. The four season run of being on the Maine waterfront means collecting lots of never fade memories around the lake. Grand is the third largest in Maine. When you own a Maine lake home that ...
When winter turns to spring, a real estate broker in Maine is anxious to collect images, shoot a video of the property listing without partial snow banks and brown grass in the production. Last year spring suddenly sprung and no mud season, no drawn out lingering winter before everything popped....

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