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All Maine real estate agents, brokers, REALTORS are the same right? No...each real estate agent, broker has different sets of skills unique to their market. In a small rural market like northern Maine where there are 11 people per square mile, the day to day routine is different than a broker in a city with wall to wall brokers and a myriad of transactions. In rural Maine, our prices are much lower, people don't lock doors, more smaller commission sales. Unspoiled scenery and what life's like in Aroostook County and its real estate market. Affordable property listings, no crime, no traffic, just wildlife, friendly people, fresh air, clean water. Ready to start the dream? Maine, the way life should be.



The buyer for property in Maine is not always looking for a home or house. Business properties in Maine for sale are very popular. Because often it is a case of "I love your state but what do I do for a job". How the other shoe drops. Many times, you want a good paying job, buy one. Be the boss, ...
To move or not and where is your home suppose to be anywhere? When you are not a gypsy, a fugitive, or hobo with the stick and bandanna of all you own in this World. Hopping slow moving freight train box cars. To points unknown. I have read six out of ten adults, 63% of us have moved to at least ...
The sticks and bricks, what it is like inside real estate is as important as where it is. Because even a cave man knows it is all about the three "L" stutter. Location 1-2-3 is everything. Because you the real estate buyer can yank out the harvest gold fixtures in the upstairs bath. Or peel up th...
How the property changes your life or enhances it, lake homes in Maine are prime examples. You seem more relaxed your friends say. Your mate and you don't drone out watching TV. Are active, out in the pair of kayaks. Going for walks during sunrise. Enjoying refreshments during the end of the day ...
You the seller of a property listing are toying with who to eenie meenie miney moe for selection in a real estate agent or broker. What half dozen things should be on the list of considerations to expect to consider in your pick? The sale of properties is not a small matter for the listing owners...
You are thinking of buying or already own a wooded piece of Maine land. And are considering for the lower property tax deduction to have a licensed forester do a management plan to come up with a plan. To save money when the property tax bills come around in your mailbox to pay. To study the heal...
Since you were a little kid, what makes things go has been a fascination so running a Maine car and truck repair shop might be right up your alley. Taking things apart, repairing and replacing the worn out or broken in cars and trucks. Is that you?  If you do this for fun. Have a skill then consi...
Peddle to the metal and in some kind of a hurry in all those left handed high speed turns. Get in, get out of the pits is a lot like show me the house right now. And in series, one after another. Hurry it up will you please. Because a major clock, time is money is ticking in NASCAR racing just li...
The home tour for a house on 11 Franklin Avenue Houlton Maine, we shoot property video. So whenever the window of opportunity hits a buyer locally, far away out of state or the country, the video open house can happen. The front, side, rear doors always open. No need to wait until setting up a sh...
We live in an age of full property listing disclosure, but where the cone of silence gets lowered. For the Mum's the word, loose lips sink ships. Here is the legal definition of cone of silence. Sharing information on a property listing for sale that you have sold three or more times. It can help...

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