brokers: You Know When You Were A Kid, And The Brat Next Door Bit You Because He Wanted The Red? - 10/03/10 03:21 AM
Coloring with water paints, everything friendly, life is good as Maine kid with a hot bowl of tomato soup and home made bread grilled cheese in your belly. After sampling a handful of home made cookies only your mom could shake, make, bake. The painting with neighbor kids in on a rainy day was free, easy, creative. Until Jimmy the whiner has a melt down. Agitation building, causing the nuclear air raid sirens to go off at your family kitchen table.
You look at Jimmy, like the others under 44 inches tall around that table and think, he's kidding right?
Goofing off, trying … (10 comments)

brokers: Real Estate Brokers....Who Needs Reality TV...We Go In And Out Of Homes Like The Shows! - 04/09/08 09:26 AM
      Showing this morning of an older lady's home. As you walk thru the tour, you point out the high points but also see the life of the owner flash before your eyes. There is the picture of their marriage 70 years ago, and her husband is no longer with her.  There is the artwork of kids on the refrigerator of the great grandchildren who were here last Thanksgiving from out of town for the holiday. There is the old harvest gold appliances that dates them.  Hand knit blanket being created from stratch and seedlings for flowers and vegetables on the front … (3 comments)

brokers: GRI, GAA, CRE, CRS, CRB, CRE, E-PRO, SRES, SIOR, RAA, RCE, & One More Real Estate Designation..TSTH. - 02/03/08 10:25 AM
You see brokers, appraisers and other professionals with trails of initials, designations streaming from their names, their websites, their advertising.   Your reaction may be like the public's when they see the blur of letters.
Start to play word Jumble in their head.
To figure out what the letters might stand for.  Are some of the public impressed, or in awe or do the letters go right over their head?
In the military, rank is everything. In education, on a resume, a well stocked credentials cupboard can either impress the fellow or lady on the other side of the desk. 

brokers: Almost Canadian...Only Miss It By A Mile And A Half...Okay To Join Group? - 09/26/07 02:12 PM
     My grandmother was 100 %   Canadian, and with all the trips with two boys who played 98% of their hockey games over the last thirteen years in Canada, and being less than two miles from the border, is it okay to be part of the group? Heck I even drink Labatt's Blue (or is it Bleu?) and Molson Golden.  Ski at Crabbe Mountiain in Upper Haynesville, New Brunswick and saw the movie Titanic in Fredericton when it came out.  Toured Dalhousie in Halifax with one son who almost went there.  Hope I don't get booted.  Used to buy Clearly Canadian … (5 comments)

brokers: Maine Association Of Realtors Meeting In Bar Harbor Concludes Today! - 09/13/07 04:04 AM
Maine has 4918 Realtors and a good parcel of them grouped together to learn, hob nob and network in Bar Harbor Maine September 11 thru the 13th.  Topics affecting shoreland zoning, new laws, radon exposure, advertising guidelines and court rulings were a small part of ground coverage.  Continuing credits for educational license requirements were available as well as GRI continuing programs for that designation as well.  Motivational speakers, staying safe in your practice and how to deliver exceptional customer service all explored and discussed.  How to reach the international market also batted around as an emerging group for Maine Realtors to  … (2 comments)

brokers: Feeding Your Blog...What Do You Have People Will Take The Time To Read? - 07/22/07 02:19 AM
Years ago, if the president talked, it was reported.  If Charles Lindberg made history, it was reported.  But until reality television, and blogs, the average guy listened, and read, but did not contribute to the information flow.  One of the only options to "speak" and be heard was to excercise his right to vote for someone that spoke with the ideas and values similiar to the guy pulling the ballot lever.  Now that anyone on the planet can blog, what do you have worthwhile to take others time to read?  Everyday, something new from within to mine, to craft, to share.  … (0 comments)

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