fssr real estate market: (Camera Pulls Back From Tight Shot On Game Show REALTOR) "I'll Take What Is FSSR ? For $400 Wink." - 05/04/11 12:58 AM
FSSR ... No, it is not a crack in the earth or an inclusion in a precious gem but a real estate market term. FSSR is a condition, stands for "foreclosure, short sale, repossession" related, affected, tainted real estate sales. From outer space a new comer in a silver saucer hovering over earth, looking in could easily get the wrong impression about FSSR.
From monitoring media reports, real estate agent and broker blog posts claiming FSSR is everywhere. Blanketing the nation from coast to coast, stem to stern.
Like an epidemic when reality shows four states are the heavy weights for … (3 comments)

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