houlton maine: Besides Real Estate Listings, Property Buyers Need More Information! - 02/09/19 07:34 AM
The slice and dice A-Z on property listings, real estate buyers need  way more than room count and their sizes.
The features and condition of what is for sale is critical and must be delivered quick and easy. It better be complete and more than what other portals provide. But besides the details on the sticks and bricks, what else is just as important? If water is connected, the whole nine yards about a big crystal clean Maine lake could be the first order of business when promoting property. The lifestyle of fishing, being out on the water in a boat propeled … (12 comments)

houlton maine: In Small Rural Real Estate Markets, Online Local Information Scarce. - 11/28/16 04:18 AM
Google a city for things to do, where to shop or find a place to eat or stay for the night and page after page spills out in your lap.
The online search for highly populated areas means lots of information to wade through and decipher. In a small rural real estate market location, online local information is not so plentiful.
So if you are looking for information on Houlton Maine, you've come to the right place.
Only a handful of zip codes needed to handle the population's mail. For the entire state of Maine one area code works just … (15 comments)

houlton maine: How Is Real Estate Effected As A Border Town In Maine? - 01/27/16 10:30 PM
Houlton Maine is parked smack dab on the US - Canadian International boundary border.
We have a big new shiny border crossing and Canada has the same just a little up the pike from Uncle Sam's port of entry.
When the loonie, toonie is hurting for buying horsepower, Americans flock to Canada to shop.
When the American dollar is weak in the knees, the Canadians do the same in this direction.
So how does the value of Maine real estate react to the rise and fall of the currency exchange rate?
Depends on the business sector you are in but general the entire areas senses … (12 comments)

houlton maine: VIDEO | Maine Business Listing For Sale, Can You Turn Wrenches? - 07/24/14 10:43 PM
Making a living in a small friend Maine town, turning wrenches for profit in a business that keeps cars on the road. Inspected, working properly and sensitive for the budget the vehicle owner has to work with to keep them coming back. For more repairs, car inspections, service work like oil changes, tire rotations.
Making a living, what you are worth in small town Maine. Sometimes you buy a job, to become the boss.
If you have work ethic, are good with people.
And sincerely want to help, provide a service. For a fair price.
Think we need to talk more?

houlton maine: Land In Maine, Walk To Town Of Houlton Easy Peasy. - 10/17/13 11:10 PM
The land in Houlton Maine for sale is about as close to town center as you can get. All free of debris, no houses, buildings, strutures. Mowed, surveyed, pinned.
Ready to roll if you need a business shop, a combination commerical/house home base.
Sometimes building what you need is the best route, option in the real estate dog and pony. Because it's expensive to wait, try to find something that is not the way you would have built it.
And the undo, redo, make do costly process gets underway, snowballs.
More information on 13 Leonard Street Houlton Maine property land listing.

houlton maine: Why Make A Kid Wait Until He, She Is Sixteen To Slide Behind The Wheel, To Drive A Car? - 12/11/11 04:10 AM
Looking for a local sponsorship that involves, kids, racing, the "thrill of the hill"? Soap box derby racing has been around since 1934 with the big World Series of downhill side by side car competition in Akron Ohio.
The Houlton Maine race, the nation's largest local soap box derby in the country for five straight years.
On top of Derby Hill, an engineered, built from scratch it's noisy. With tons of local labor, boat loads of free donations of materials and services, there is now hammering going on.
The new launch/storage of derby hill racing materials garage is under construction.
Now … (2 comments)

houlton maine: Houlton Maine Rotary Club Proceeds To Help Fund New Soap Box Derby Storage, Launch Center. - 09/26/10 11:44 PM
The Houlton Maine Rotary Club has always been a civic service club that made the quality of life in the Southern Aroostook County so much brighter.
Usually the long list of financial contributions have been to youth oriented causes.
From new lighting, sound equipment at local school systems, to building a Houlton Maine outdoor musical amphitheatre, the new local little league base ball field complex.
Past year donations to Houlton Maine Regional Hospital's blood gas analyzers, mammography units and capital improvement campaigns have benefited all in Northern Maine.
This year's Rotary Radio, TV, Cable Auction has part of the fund … (0 comments)

houlton maine: Maine Potato Growing Is A Big Part Of Life In Aroostook County, Spud Feast Celebration. - 08/23/10 03:41 AM
When raising Maine potatoes is a big part of the local culture of an area like Aroostook County ME, a celebration to embrace the old days of raising them is a yearly event.
 In Houlton Maine, Potato Feasts Days are such an event.
In Fort Fairfield, Maine Potato Feast is another such celebration.
Local merchants build sales around the Maine event.
Civic, church and other groups get behind events to build family fun events offered to local and out of state travelers in the area to enjoy them.
Crafts fairs, parades, and in Houlton Maine an All Cylinder Motorsports … (6 comments)

houlton maine: The Chamber Brothers Had A Song, A Long One, "Time Has Come Today". - 06/05/10 11:52 PM
When I worked at a small Houlton Maine radio station in high school the studios were across the US Rt 1 from York's Dairy Bar. A place where fried clam dinners, onion rings made with pancake batter called your name like sirens.
So when I would place a food order and being all alone at the station on a weekend or evening shift, I was well aware of time ticking by. The place had car hop, lights on for service. But I was a few more than 30 feet from the front of the take out summer ice cream and fried food factory. … (13 comments)

houlton maine: The Wrappered SUV Labeled "Rosa For Maine" Rolls In To Houlton Maine, Aroostook County. - 05/30/10 10:30 AM

Active Rain exposure caused a Rosa For Maine series of vehicles to roll in to Houlton Maine on a Memorial Day Sunday campaign swing thru Aroostook County. Rosa Scarcelli, a democratic candiate for Maine governor wanted to see as many folks in Northern Maine, Aroostook County on her tour thru the northern most of the sixteen counties.

My son Alex said there is someone here to see you and I thought  real estate customer? Nope maybe the next Governor of Maine.
At local Houlton Maine Rotary club meetings I had heard from Republican gubernatorial hopefuls Peter Mills and Les Otten.
This … (6 comments)

houlton maine: The Thrill Of The Hill...Imagine You Are 8, 9 Years Old, Looking Down The Barrel Of A 950' Long Houlton Maine Soap Box Derby Race Track..(Gulp). - 04/20/10 02:09 AM
     The derby car, the kid race up to speeds of 30 miles per hour with just the Maine wind, the occassional squirrel crossing the Derby Hill soap box derby lanes in Houlton ME. Can you picture yourself that kid and slightly terrified on the top of the hill but jumping up and down and ready to swap wheels, lanes and race again in your soap box derby heat? It's a kick for the kid, a hoot for the volunteers, 60 plus of them working the Northern Maine soap box derby race, the nation's LARGEST 5 years in a row.

houlton maine: Nation, Stephen Colbert Spotlights Houlton Maine In A Tongue In Cheek Humorous Way. - 04/08/10 08:23 AM
     When you live in a small Northern Maine town called Houlton, in Aroostook County, it is neat to be noticed by the nation. Broadcast into homes coast to coast. Thanks to a clip on a show like the Stephen Colbert Report. Watch the video clip from the Comedy Channel network and see a glimpse of the area I serve which is parked on the Canadian border of New Brunswick.
    Half of my relatives are from Canada so when the media sharpens an axe between nations, this disclaimer that Canadians and Mainers in our area do get along well. Border … (3 comments)

houlton maine: Houlton Maine Girl Scout Cookie Sales Are Up...Way Way Up Since My Neighbor Moved In. - 03/06/10 04:51 AM
    My real estate office is 32 feet from my house on 69 North Street in Houlton Maine.
And my neighbor Kim who moved here with her husband who is a US Border Patrol agent was a girl scout as a kid.
     So from since we sold the family the home next door five years ago, the size of the local girl scout program increased five times!
     Today a big truck arrives with pallets of girl scout cookies. Lots of them. The next door neighbor's garage was chalk full of boxes, more boxes of girl scout cookies.
     And as the neighbor … (6 comments)

houlton maine: Sometimes The Flowers Of The Season Need To Be Shown, Enjoyed. - 08/17/09 09:47 AM
Outside your real estate operation, do you have flowers or is everything paved, brick, institutionized office look? Maine flowers are short lived but new ones come in before, after each season if you stagger it right. Here is a peek our my front door in Houlton Maine. I am lucky to live half the year 32 feet from work..and to zip to a lake home the other half nine miles away. Here's are today's actors.



houlton maine: Real Estate Brokers...They Talk Shop 24/7 Right And Are Pretty Limited Conversationalists Right? - 06/24/09 05:08 AM
     Actual real estate brokers are pretty well versed on lots of topics. There is the usual legal, financing, marketing, copy writing skills we pick up on. We get pretty good at handling folks that are on a happiness scale...well they are not on that happiness scale. We wade right into situations with real estate buyers and sellers in a divorce, that have recently lost a loved one. We try to deal with folks in a forced sale, that lost their job, that have juvenile delinquent kids with emotional problems that do damage with power tools to take out their frustrations or … (4 comments)

houlton maine: If You're Not Happy, Don't Think Things Are Going To Change For The Better, Sell That Home And Move. - 06/12/09 11:34 PM
     You grew up or have spent most of your life in a small town with little or no crime, one stop light holding back little traffic near the Walmart or hospital. And then like a blink of your eye, more activity and someone turned up the volume on crime, traffic, heavy duty restrictive zoning and that knock at your door is the lawn police. You should have mowed last evening because now you have your second warning about the length of your grass. The neighbors have measured and you the hick that hangs your clothes out, leaves your garage door … (2 comments)

houlton maine: Where's Your Canoe Or Kayak - Paddling A Maine River Or Stream In Spring! - 03/31/09 10:10 PM
     After a Maine winter, part of the renewal process of spring is planning to be in your local canoe race. Some trips down the local waterway are done by black belt kayakers pushing to beat their time of last season. Others a leisurely drift following the current with boatful of family glad to celebrate the annual tradition. In Houlton Maine, the Meduxnekeag River Canoe Race was started by Ricker College, taken over and guided for many years by the Houlton Rotary Club and in more recent years, the tradition kept alive by Peter Blood and Clint Cushman, two local high … (0 comments)

houlton maine: Ever Dream Of Owning A Down Town Brick Building Of Your Own? Do That In Maine! - 03/25/09 04:43 AM
Rock solid, high exposure corner lot comes with this Victorian brick landmark building. Fine intricate trim, original woodwork, three stories on the corner of Court Street / Market Square in Houlton Maine. Watch the video, ask questions, come to tour the facility. Retails tenants on ground floor all in place with low turnover. Two second floor apartments and expand into the third floor.
Tap 207.532.6573
Log On www.mooersrealty.com
Learn about Maine People,Places,Property.
Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers -Houlton Maine Area Real Estate Broker

houlton maine: Real Estate Office Design And Location - Like Yours Or What Would You Change? - 03/21/09 12:18 AM
     I commute 32 feet to work.  Where is your real estate office? In your car? Way in the back on the second floor and easy or hard to find? Initially we were a Strout Realty agent and located the office on our family farm. It worked out great because so much of what we do is list and sell Maine farms and land. It makes you creditable to sell that type of real estate if you own and have the same type of real estate your self that the buyer is after. Houlton Maine has a rural nature like much … (5 comments)

houlton maine: Victory Gardens Were Big In World War Two And Garden Seed Orders Up 50% This Year! - 03/16/09 02:18 AM
     If you work at a seed company, business is brisk and extra help is being hired to staff the orders. No matter what happens in the economy, someone is given an opportunity to excel in the old fashioned American, free enterprise way. If you have a garden, you know the enjoyment from starting the pepper and tomato plants early on your window ledge or sun porch.  If you have not gotten on your knees to feel the satisfaction of planning, planting, weeding and eventually harvest of your own home grown treasure, read on for the A-Z on raising your own … (7 comments)

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