listing selling real estate: Hear Time Passing Listing Property, Selling Real Estate? - 11/17/17 07:03 AM
Frozen, stuck, not moving. Time is money and people needing to buy or sell real estate watch the clock constantly.
Because everything is on hold in their life. Until the property gets listed on the market to start the trip to a sit down pass the paper closing. To make a move. Everything in the buyer and seller's life is at a stand still until the current personal real estate puzzle is solved.
It is our job as the real estate professional to lay out the steps. When to pounce, how to avoid loss of valuable time and end up empty … (16 comments)

listing selling real estate: Like The Fellow Says "In Real Estate, In Fighting Crime, Nip It, Nip It In The Bud". - 06/15/11 02:56 AM
The time to find out everything about the highway to the real estate closing is up front at the closing and to nip those problems, issues, roadblocks in the bud. The time to find out about right of ways across the real estate you listed months ago to sell is not just before the closing.
If you get in the habit of throwing together real estate istings, leaving blanks all over the mls insertion like a sea of ten foot pole marks, you end up wasting time in the long run. Not looking professional and just causing confusion, drama, heightened emotions … (4 comments)

listing selling real estate: The Herd Of Real Estate Brokers, Agents, REALTORS Moved Slowly, Inching Ahead Shoulder To Shoulder. - 04/23/10 12:01 AM
The "herd" of real estate brokers, agents, REALTORS...which one are you and are you so jammed in tightly you feel smothered, listless, light headed? Is your daily routine creativity, uniqueness, passion and spontaneity missing? You so tightly entrenched in the old way of marketing property listings but looking around figure you are about in the middle of the pack, so safe and comfortable? Ho hum. And did I just hear someone utter a "moo" in the back of the line? What's that smell? Where are you in the wall to wall sea of real estate professionals "practicing" listing, marketing, selling property … (10 comments)

listing selling real estate: The Meds You're On But Not Taking And Do You Find This Video Funny? - 02/23/10 07:09 AM
     The last Maine real estate state convention in Rockland ME at the Samoset, I remember talk about changes. Changes to the disclosure forms, updates on the listing paper work, mls changes that were needed. After a long day in continuing credit sessions on some lively topics, some not so make you jump up and down meetings, folks got a little silly. One broker wondered if having it disclosed right up front if the real estate buyer or seller were on medication and which ones. He was not trying to be mean spirited or cute. But when a stranger wanders thru … (1 comments)

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