maine: Maine Total Solar Eclipse, Houlton ME - 01/15/24 02:59 PM
Maine total solar eclipse, Houlton ME.The last total solar Maine eclipse passed over Bangor Maine in 1963.
The planetary cosmic event creating a 50 mile wide swath of darkness as the Moon blocks the intense daylight from the Moon before splashing over planet Earth.
The Maine total solar eclipse is April 8th, 2024 at 3:32PM where I live in Aroostook County.
The best place to experience the darkness, the changes in the Moon, drop in temperature around you and even wildlife going dead silent is my hometown of  Houlton Maine.Maine is the last of thirteen states for the total eclipse to cross on … (15 comments)

maine: Log Cabin 10 Acres Of Land On Maine Lake - 12/30/23 03:12 AM
Log cabin, 10 acres of land on a Maine lake.There is something extra special about waterfront properties in Maine. Especially if the structure is a log cabin and because it's a place on the water. But even more important than that, you get 10 acres of surveyed Maine land protecting your privacy. 
Watch real estate video for 60 Lower Lake RD Hot Brook Lake Danforth Maine. What is life like "uptah camp in Maine"?Having a place on the water up in Maine, a log cabin vacation retreat, maybe more. How would being in the Maine woods, parked on the shores of a big … (15 comments)

maine: Hiking, Climbing Mt Katahdin | Baxter State Park - 01/02/23 01:56 PM
Hiking, climbing Mt Katahdin, Baxter State Park.When you live in a state as drop dead gorgeous and unspoiled as Maine, you just don't park it on the couch. Off the device, planning your next trip to hike and climb Mt Katahdin, Baster State Park in the great state of Maine.
It's more than the exercise, major views and all the wildlife when you visit Baxter State Park.Maine's highest mountain Mt Katahdin steals the show and is hard to miss.
The dream of Maine Governor Percival Baxter who bought with his own money the original 6000 acres that included Mt Katahdin.Baxter was governor of … (10 comments)

maine: One Silver Screen Won't Work, Real Estate Blogs Need Channel Variety. - 01/03/16 08:03 PM
The audience for anything you serve up, like the movie theater silver screen, choices are critical.
Blog post readers want selection and more than chocolate and vanilla only. Active Rain blog posts number close to 3800 but other channels with topics that really help local information surfers are critical.
Could you put them all in one spot? I think it is like a radio station that's slogan is trying to be everyone's place on the dial to settle in.
You can not.
Try playing a Barry Manilow, then spin some NIN or Merle Haggard or Canned Heat or Patsy Cline and a little Daf Punk.
You don't … (16 comments)

maine: Elvis Has Stardust All Over Him While Gyrating, Crooning, Smiling Shyly, Politely. - 10/24/10 04:49 AM
Ever noticed how some real estate agents, brokers, REALTORS grab the camera with both hands, filling the screen with their glamor pose, clenched lock jaw smiling face? Elvis sang about the "aggravation", lamented that he needed a little less conversation, a lot more action. Less real estate agent, broker, REALTOR and more property details, local community information is what property listing buyers, sellers want to see.
And the style you write with, way you shoot helpful images, edit those uploaded videos should stand on their own. Without the face filling the monitor, laptop, newspapers, blog sites, billboards. Keeping, preventing the property … (0 comments)

maine: In Maine, You Won't Have A Life Coach, Psychic, Any Form Of Groupies To Guide You, Advise You. - 09/11/10 02:29 AM
Have you ever collected Maine, Vermont, any maple sap in the early spring from trees and gone thru the evaporation process...boiling down to make the amber golden elixir syrup, a forty to one conversion process?
You get back to the basic, wholesome tasty root of it all.
Living in Maine is like that for a myriad of reasons. We keep it simple. The way life should be.
Decide what we need and then glance at the list of wants.
Most of that list comprised of items, things others feel we should have. Can not live without.
The wish list. Deciding if any … (2 comments)

maine: Labor Day Weekend Trips To Colleges, Universities Underway..Be Careful On The Roads. - 09/03/10 02:40 AM
Have you taken kids back to college, universities already or is that the plan for the long Labor Day weekend? Outside Des Moines Iowa today and ready to take the last leg in a jeep trip with youngest son Elliot to Greeley Colorado tonight to pick up last year's supplies left at a friend from his hockey team.
This year he'll have a jeep to hit the snow slopes Colorado is famous for.
Fed the outside MeInMaine blog about the event this morning on the lap top.
Will shift to a droid along the way as we take turns driving cross … (7 comments)

maine: You Ever Know Someone For Years But Suddenly Learn New Things Over Hearing Their Comments, Conversations? Active Rain Real Estate Comments Can Work That Way. - 05/29/10 02:23 AM
Active Rain real estate bloggers post tons of information on property complete with images, concise copy, video links and embeds but how well do you know the guy or gal aiming that electron gun, stream hose nozzle being broadcast on line from state's you've never been and towns you've never heard of? Or it's like living with someone for years and then you learn something you did not know. Or that surprises you sometimes picked up, eaves dropping as they talk, share with someone else right? For example on a personal level, you are at a Memorial Day cook out, munching … (8 comments)

maine: You Are Seeing The Term "Time Suck" More And More In Blog Copy, Cartoons, Real Estate Social Media Conversations. - 05/11/10 01:22 AM
Not missing a step, making those steps count and be win win situations with your real estate time management means no slack, no "time suck" factors, variables. Efficient work days, every real estate broker, agent, REALTOR that wears the "R", the hardest working letter in the alphabet has that crank me up, time to make the donuts feeling once the alarm buzzes. Or the cat indicates it's time for a can opener sound with you at the controls. "Time suck". It's an awful expression but gets your attention a heck of a lot more than "time wasting", or "poor use of … (7 comments)

maine: If Single Women Real Estate Buyers Are 20% Of The Home Market, Watch Your Lingo, Slang, Communications. - 04/04/10 11:57 PM
     The National Association Of REALTORS, NAR reports 20 percent of this country's home buyers are single women, up 14 percent since 1995. So if you run a real estate office with a sign over the door along the same theme you see over Hard Rock Cafe's you stumble in to with the kids on vacations "Love All Serve All", maybe some tinkering is needed. Everything is not so lovey dovey. One size advertising does not fit all. Vanilla / chocolate are not the only flavors to serve up today.
Don't chose your real estate advertising words or conversation expressions well … (9 comments)

maine: It's 6:35, 50% Of The Family Is Sawing Logs, Getting Beauty Sleep In Los Angeles, CA. - 03/14/10 03:07 AM
     Vacations...ready for one on the west coast and leaving on a cruise today out of Los Angeles CA. My son's Apple lap top computer is a little different platform than my Gateway to hunt and peck on. But know I have a few hours to kill before the two boys rise and shine at an LA hotel while we wait for the ship to dock, discharge lask week's cruisers. Have finished a good book by David Baldacci called First Family on the way out.  And figure surfing new Active Rain posts from this side of the country before being … (6 comments)

maine: "I Get By With A Little Help From My Active Rain Friends..." (Sang Fairly Off Key) - 02/06/09 02:34 AM
     Some folks have a lawyer or accountant on retainer...that they can call or email today for advice on something they are considering doing. They need a resource quickly for guidance or assurance they are on the right track. In ActiveRain, there are a slew of resources or "go to's" with 133,478 other associates. I am a peddler of property. Maine property. Not just homes, but land, farms, waterfront, business listings. So over the years, connections formed on ActiveRain come about slowly by reading others blogs on pertinent subjects of real estate. When you go to a REALTOR convention on the state or … (4 comments)

maine: When You Play Cards, You Can Win Games Without Face Cards If You Have Enough Of Them! - 06/13/08 10:49 PM
Promotion of the
area you live in.  It starts with the
thoughts and perceptions in your head.
Do you figure you
lack some man made
attraction like Disney
Land or a major league
baseball or other franchise team, etc
and that you have nothing to toot
your horn about? 
Sometimes what you don't
have is what you promote.
  This is the way it is
in Northern Maine...what we don't
have..tons of people and traffic.
 No pollution.
The folks that live here are
friendly, we don't lock doors,
we don't have crime. 
What we do have is unspoiled
4 season beauty..crystal
clean … (1 comments)

maine: Real Estate Brokers Like Matchmakers....(Drawing Bow...Letting Arrow Fly...BOING!) - 06/06/08 12:44 AM
     Pucker up. Instead of thinking of real estate brokers as salesman...think of them as locators, matchmakers.  Good ones sit down first, listen to the buyer's / seller's hopes and dreams regarding real estate. And then factor in the unique individual factors in each party's life...i.e. pressure to sell before tax liens mature, need to find and move in quickly before school/job starts, inability to climb stairs to second floor bath, etc.   So like Eharmony's Dr Warren, thru a series of questions, the professional broker gets into the shoes of the client. Then goes forth to "locate" or find a "match" … (0 comments)

maine: Homes Under $40,000? That You Would Live In? Maine Has Them! Great Area Too! - 05/05/08 08:43 AM
(inching into drive in speaker range) "Yes..I'd like something under $40,000 and livable please. Country would be nice but let me have the full meal me some homes under $40,000 that I have read about being common in Maine. Yes...Maine..the way life should be. That's the state." (static)  Here are a few gems to consider in that price range...we can tell you about more at  Type in and give us your "order" and we'll match you up with some gem properties in Aroostook County. Phone ahead for even better service.  VOICE 207.532.6573 Check out these gems as just a … (0 comments)

maine: Maine...The Way Life Should Be. View The Video. See The Beauty. - 04/14/08 02:11 PM
     Maine is a large state and carefully tucked away and protected up in the right hand upper corner of the country. Nestled against Canada and offering rock bound Maine coastal life, rugged western mountains and rolling fertile fields and woodlands in the north.  Maine is the 4th lowest crime state, featuring unspoiled 4 season beauty. Called "Vacationland" for a reason.  Come visit and stay a life time. This is a Maine Tourism Assocation video thats images say far more than words can. … (7 comments)

maine: Mt Chase, Maine....Near Shin Pond, Baxter Park, Mt Katahdin. Home & 63 Acres! MOOERS #7569 - 02/29/08 04:42 AM
     This is where you would go if you were a Maine white tailed deer, or moose or wild bird. Surveyed! Built From Scratch! Full Cellar! Cathedral Living Room! Open Living Concept! Bedroom Down, Bedroom Up! Deck! Maine Mixed Woods For Sale With Vacation Place! Full Time, Part Time, Fun Time! Drilled Well! Full Septic! $109,900! Mt Chase And Patten Maine The Headquarters For Wildlife, Hunting, Fishing, Scenery & Unspoiled Living With Fewer, Friendlier People!  (From here have fun canoing the Allagash Wilderness Waterway, hiking the Appalachian Trail, snow-sledding ITS trails...) #7569 $109,900! Let's Talk! VOICE 207.532.6573 Visit … (0 comments)

maine: Old Home, No Heat, No House Cleaner, No Sound Of Laughter...Neglected, Abandoned. - 02/17/08 09:35 AM
    As a real estate broker tours an old home, the silence is replaced with audio increasing of families laughing, lawn mowers going and ice tea or lemonade afterwards on the open porch that may be gone now.  Life happens, sifts like hour glass sand.  As real estate brokers, we are on the front line of what happens to property when the owners die, when estates need settling, when divorce hits, when fire happens, when alcohol takes away the ability to keep mortgage payments current.  We see the pathos and reality of live and its our job to make the most … (4 comments)

maine: Maine License Plates Shout It Out "Vacationland"! 500,000 Dollar Tourism Website Injection! - 02/14/08 01:02 AM
    In a time when state, federal, and local governments are on weight watcher budget review, looking for slack to reduce spending, Maine's Tourism Office has turned up the heat on its website. .  The decision to inject a half million dollars to beef up the site design, functionality and maintenance to keep it lightning fast and user friendly. In fact Maine's Tourism Office budget is up a million dollars from last year's 7.5 million dollar level. Where did the money come from? In part, Maine's office that coordinates beating the drum for what a neat place "Vacationland" is for … (7 comments)

maine: Can't Sleep Some Night/ Pull Out Your Shoreland Zoning And Local Comprehensive Plan! - 02/11/08 12:54 PM
    The comprehensive plan for a town or city really shows you the direction and vision the earlier planners had.  Serving on your planning and zoning boards are brokers, bankers and attorneys to help plan for growth, to avoid spot zoning.  Sometimes you may not be the most popular person during some heated public hearings but it is your duty.  You make a living need to do your civic duty.  The local planning regulations can be tedious and dry reading in places which will cure insomnia.  But you need to have a working knowledge of how town government is set … (0 comments)

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