mooers realty: Land In Maine For Hunting Fishing Camping - 08/05/23 06:17 AM
Land in Maine for hunting fishing camping.Here's a neat 20 acres of mixed woods parked smack dab on the recreation trails! Your ITS for snowmobiles and ATV four wheeler trail access is delivered right to your doorstep.
This blog post about land in Maine, the low cost high value for fun kind in Aroostook County.Maine is called Vacationland for a reason. Less people, more wildlife, no traffic, no crime. This land in Maine property listing is loaded with high quality mixed woods to selectively cut for profit.
Watch the video for 20 acres of ideal land in Maine for hunting fishing camping.Each acre … (6 comments)

mooers realty: Give Home Buyers Video Open House On Demand Virtual Tours - 05/20/23 07:43 AM
Give home buyers video open house on demand virtual tours.Are you using real estate video to make it easy for customers and clients? Videos mean no delay, no scheduling conflicts. Real estate videos get home buyers into property listings instantly. Right now. Ready Freddy.
Real estate videos fit into the over booked, busy lives of home buyers with little time but major pressure to find a place.More houses, way more homes get toured and considered when real estate videos are available. Tap tap, sit back and watch, listen, take the tour. Rewind, re-tour and learn more about what's for sale on … (5 comments)

mooers realty: Off Grid Land In Maine, Need A Piece Of ME? - 04/20/23 03:06 PM
Off grid land in Maine, need a getaway four season recreational spot up in Vacationland?How about Maine land, 13.8 acres all surveyed with corner lot long road frontage? The woodlot is infested with wildlife.
You get four season rec trail access to explore on your snowmobile and four wheel ATV riding. $18,500 is what it says on the property price tag hanging off this Maine real estate listing.
And what are the property taxes? Sitting down? Only $22.61 a year.Moose, deer, black bear and game birds for neighbors. On the edge of the "Great North Woods". That private enough for you and just … (5 comments)

mooers realty: Lots Of Land In Maine | 47 Acres For Sale - 04/12/23 05:46 AM
Lots of land in Maine, 47 acres for sale.Looking for a homestead, planning to raise some food on your own land in Maine? Or maybe just after a low cost vacation location in Maine and thinking about Maine land?
With 47 acres, a two bedroom mobile home with well, septic, power, this Maine property listing might be a good fit. Handy to East Grand Lake, other waterfront playgrounds too.
Watch Video for Land In Maine, 47 Acres!
Learn more about this 461 Nine RD Orient ME property listing.Big, cheap, private! Tote road up into interior, rear sections where your mixed woods … (6 comments)

mooers realty: Cross Pollinating Your Videos And Real Estate Blogs. - 01/06/23 12:07 PM
Cross pollinating your videos and your real estate blog posts.When you receive market message signals and promote anything online, use more than one medium.
The real estate agent, broker, REALTOR of today is lucky to have so many methods to reach out and make an impression.
Phone, email, snail mail, texting show some of the communication options on a personal level.
Advertising is all about impressions.How many dollars or time spent to create how many thousand impressions. It's not the more the better and quality impressions help save on the ROI.
Your user experience in property marketing, your videos and real estate blog posts should … (6 comments)

mooers realty: Log Lake Home On Large Maine Lake | Video 803 Chadwick Point - 06/04/22 10:47 AM
Log lake home on large Maine lake!How long have you dreamed of owning and enjoying a place up in Maine on the waterfront? Like the look of cedar log, need three bedrooms, something with no repairs? Slow down, cool off, head to Maine for vacation home fun.
This Maine lake log waterfront property listing comes mostly furnished.
The bought new pontoon boat with 40 horsepower Mercury four stroke outboard motor stays in the property transfer!
The canoe, duck boat, docks, wharf too all stay in this Maine waterfront real estate property sale.
Watch  803 Chadwick Point Weston ME On East Grand Lake real estate … (4 comments)

mooers realty: Real Estate Home Video | 75 School ST Houlton ME - 04/13/22 04:48 AM
Real estate home video, 75 School ST Houlton ME new property listing.Check out, take the instant tour of 75 School ST Houlton ME, a Greek Revival Colonial new home listing.
If you need space inside and all around you, this could be your next Maine home listing address.The one you put on the upper left hand corner of next year's Christmas cards could be "75 School ST Houlton ME 04730".
What's so special about this particular new Maine home listing?Plenty. Take the 400' of frontage on the Park & School Streets corner lot. Nearly .9 acre lot is huge and so are the … (6 comments)

mooers realty: Real Estate Videos | New Listings For Sale In Maine. - 10/14/18 08:07 AM
Real estate videos show and tell best.
Buyers looking for new listings for sale in Maine are very busy and don't have time to fool around. Anyone that has moused, tap tapped, swiped and maneuvered around a mega website like Amazon knows you can easily filter out the color, size, price. Then quickly scan what you came into the cyber big box store to hit and run track down. To toss with a simple series of clicks to land it into the shopping cart. Then beeline to the check out to cash up and head back to the long list of … (9 comments)

mooers realty: The Power Of "ART", Active Rain And Trulia Real Estate Tour Together. - 04/08/14 08:31 PM
In real estate marketing it is all about greater exposure, extended reach. All delivered with a frequency that saturates but does not annoy the buyer. Done the most efficiently with the agent, broker's use of time and money. Real estate is a business first, last. The principles of ROI apply in this passionate sport, some say jealous addiction of list, market, sell (repeat).
Active Rain is the foremost heavy hitter real estate blog platform in the land bar none. The giant brings it's library of 3 million blog posts wealth of information into a very important marriage. The one to Trulia … (36 comments)

mooers realty: Your Blogging Work, Posts On Other Platforms Than Active Rain. - 01/22/14 09:22 AM
Your blogging work, what you post on other online platforms than Active Rain, it would nice to see the approach taken. The topics chosen. What you cover, post. To put your GPS coordinates on the planet on the map. To promote your real estate property listings, area community local events.
Today on our Me In Maine blog, drilled water the topic.
The hunt and peck featured a local Maine well driller. 
One of the original four Maine well drillers that helped set up state standards for water quality, private water supplies.
On our Own Maine Real Estate Blog, 5 Mistakes Home … (25 comments)

mooers realty: Your Video Channel For Real Estate | High Views Or Not So Much? - 12/16/13 11:25 PM
You are a real estate professional, set up your You Tube marketing channel and then what happened? Like a garden, weeding, feeding, watering has to happen consistently. And a plan for the marketing just like any blog, website, social media platform. To promote the local area. The property listings in it any agent, broker, REALTOR needs to sell.
So why is the channel on You Tube not getting attention from travelers out on the high speed information highway? To get people to put on their blinkers, slow down. Stop in, revisit and subscribe to your real estate video channel?
For starters, … (14 comments)

mooers realty: Uploading Real Estate Property Videos, Or Still Use A Bow And Arrow? - 07/13/13 01:15 AM

Hunting for buyers of real estate and not one at a time like loading a bow and arrow to single shot but with Gatling gun efficient show and tell video. Are you using real estate video for your property listings? Do you deliver the local area community flavor, the spark of events by loading them one by one in your video playlist channel ?
When an agent, broker, REALTOR wanders in to a new listing, how to slice and dice and represent the property is always the (fingers weaved together, pushed out with a safe crackers snap) challenge.
Like a … (3 comments)

mooers realty: You're The Little Guy, Uncle Sam Threatens Eminent Domain Yank, Great. - 02/19/13 11:11 PM

Situations in Maine real estate happen and the term for the greater good, the benefit of many is batted around. Or dum de dum dum... the big gun eminent domain Gatling gets brought out into daylight. For a little shock and awe Sabre rattling.
Does the Maine property owner, the land that is under everything have to be a party, be involved?
That  Maine land you own that Uncle Sam needs can get bought outright for just compensation consideration.
Maybe with a partial release of the existing real estate mortgage holder who is not going to just roll over … (0 comments)

mooers realty: Spread Out, Enjoy 76 Acres Of Maine Land With Farm Home, View, Big Barn Too. - 03/28/12 08:49 PM
Life on the Maine farm can not be beat. Outdoors, healthy and giving you a feeling of real lasting peace. Go organic, raise, grow food on this Linneus Maine farmstead.
Watch the video for Maine farm listing.
More details on this 76 acres of Maine land, home, barn in Linneus ME.
Linneus Maine is southwest of of Houlton Maine, the county seat for Aroostook County. Small, friendly, crime free.
This Maine farm with plenty of field, woods to enjoy is priced at $169,900.
Lower priced properties in Maine are easy to warm up to right?
No mortgage can happen if you … (4 comments)

mooers realty: Maine, Isn't It Time? - 03/21/12 08:20 PM
Confusion from living a fast unhealthy pace takes it tolls on marriages, raising families, quality of life. Maine offers a simpler approach.
Study some simple Maine images.
Watch our community videos for Maine.
Then consider how much more for how much less money you can enjoy picking, considering Maine.
Slow down and live the good life in Maine.The state protected, insulated up here in the right hand corner of the country.
Maine, the way life should be.
I'm Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

mooers realty: There's A Real Live Person Not Robot Wearing That REALTOR Blue And Gold "R" Right? - 03/12/12 08:39 PM
Transparency helps if there is something real, honest, genuine behind the Maine real estate agent, broker that a property buyer, seller can relate with.
Connection, engagement with other people, to begin a relationship.
Like starting a conversation and learning who the cat on the other end is and what you have in common.
Our MeInMaine blog post on open house porches this morning.
Surface relationships are not nearly as helpful as deeper, richer from the heart communication with the Maine real estate buyer, seller too. It's not the sticks and bricks alone in our job as a Maine real estate … (7 comments)

mooers realty: Property Tube Videos | Mooers Realty, Maine Real Estate Brokerage Firm Uses Platform - 03/02/12 09:51 PM
The days of just one flavor of anything are long gone and real estate video marketing using Property Tube offers one more platform option.
Segments of the audience, niche genres need reaching as efficiently, frequently and broadly as possible in any kind of marketing. Real estate or otherwise.
Property Tube is one more on the many video platforms to populate with your property listing videos. Also local community videos need producing and uploading to the same Property Tube real estate video platform. Unlike some video platforms that run the gamut on programing, Property Tube is exclusively real estate property listings, … (12 comments)

mooers realty: Arms Crossed, Stern Face Like You Lost You Best Friend, In A T Shirt, Yeah That Profile Picture Ooozes Professional, Warm, Friendly. - 02/21/12 03:53 AM
The image you put out on your blogging, media stream transmitter that you want to be remembered by needs careful thought. Like the Face Book images of "you you you" that are "mirror mirror on the wall" vanity dripping, the profile images you put on your blog posts, social media platforms and websites is just as critical.
If you have an arms crossed image, it can mean watch out, tough cookie ahead. One that is not approachable or that you are bothering if you call, email, stop in to shoot the breeze about real estate sales or listings. The kind where … (7 comments)

mooers realty: (Radio Static, Mic Keyed Sound) "Roger Active Rain Tower, Rising To 900,000 Blogging Points & Climbing". - 02/16/12 01:52 AM
As the real estate blogging air thins and altitude increases dangerously close to the 900,000 Active Rain post point level, I settle in for the in flight informational movie.
With a crystal clear plastic tumbler filled with ice and ginger ale, the lights dim and the seats get reclined the complete half an inch travel back in coach class.
"Why Should I Hire You As My Real Estate Agent" splashed on the drop down screen as I plugged in my headset, adjusted the volume.
The opening scene in a Maine farm house kitchen. After the real estate agent in a … (8 comments)

mooers realty: Telling Your Real Estate Buyer And Seller What They Don't Want To Hear, But Need To Know. - 02/12/12 09:02 AM
Maybe the real estate buyer and seller have been talking to all the wrong people. Maybe they just have some ideas that don't work in today's market. Or maybe never did. Like pricing a property listing when you sit down at the kitchen table with the property seller. Or real estate buyers who have watched way way too many Sunday morning, how to buy a home, no steal a house informationals too need to know what's what. Thinking, expectations for a home beyond what they can afford. Buying it with just the loose change they find in the couch. Coupled with … (2 comments)

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