new years resolutions: Wite Out The Year, Same New Year's REALTOR Resolution's List Happens. - 12/28/13 10:14 PM
Hold it, before you change the 2013, over the 2012 with the magic of wite out to 2014 preparing for the new year, think about your resolutions list. Why the problem, struggle, such an ordeal to get items off that wish list for good? To shorten the collection, everything under control to come out on top?
Let's talk about habits in real estate, in life. Had a psychiatrist from Argentina who was from Atlanta Georgia in the office a couple months back. He had married a native of that South American country, a doctor too. A near, dear friend of mine has … (16 comments)

new years resolutions: New Year Resolutions...Why Aren't We Doing The Things We Always List? - 12/31/09 11:51 PM
    Year after year as New Year's hits, a pencil and paper mental list gets formulated.Especially designed for a new and improved you.
     But the items on the list seem to appear again and again with a few new comers drifting in and out depending on the year. So if the resolution is made, what keeps you from the follow up.
     The number one resolution is usually spending more time with family this coming year 2010. And a close second is being more physically fit.
     Or to streamline your life to be happier, healthier or something bottom line … (5 comments)

new years resolutions: (Looking At Calendar) So...It's Been About A Month Since Your New Year's Resolutions..How Ya Doing? - 01/29/08 02:27 AM
     Planning to eat tofu on diet, unsalted crackers this Super Bowl Weekend at your house during the big football game? How's the list you made about a month ago going that is magnetted to the refrigerator? Bike lock on the fridge working well for you? Or have you used the gym membership much one of the elves gave you? Or are you making head way quitting smoking? Is your "Do More Of This - Do Less Of This" list holding up? Are you making life changes and self improvement for you and your family's quality of life? With over 68447 … (2 comments)

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