rural living: A Case For Living In Rural Maine If You Are Considering Relocation! - 03/12/08 03:40 AM
  Fewer people, less problems, more elbow room. Simpler lifestyle in Maine. With population centers you could have more options available for local shopping, dining out, entertainment. But all those extra people have cars. Use horns, get frustrated wasting time stalled in the move it along folks. Traffic, delays, tolls. Time sands bleeding out, sifting away in the breeze. The time going from A to B. 
In small town rural Maine, it's quick, easy, nimble.
Heck you can do it on foot, bike.
Crime is low. Maine gets a ribbon for 4th lowest in the country in that crime department.

rural living: The Day I Became A Maine Franchise Baseball Team Owner....Remember It Well! - 02/06/08 05:29 AM
Okay, before you think of major league franchise owner, let's set the record straight from up here in Maine.  We're talking little league franchise owner!  Back in 1980, there were 12 little league teams with sponsors in Houlton Maine.  I always thought it would be neat to sponsor one but the slots were full.  So I asked to be on a waiting list.  Well low and behold, one local team, Shop N Save decided that the little leaguers should earn the money for their uniforms and entry team fee. 
I think many of these little guys are do well to just locate … (12 comments)

rural living: (Looking At Calendar) So...It's Been About A Month Since Your New Year's Resolutions..How Ya Doing? - 01/29/08 02:27 AM
     Planning to eat tofu on diet, unsalted crackers this Super Bowl Weekend at your house during the big football game? How's the list you made about a month ago going that is magnetted to the refrigerator? Bike lock on the fridge working well for you? Or have you used the gym membership much one of the elves gave you? Or are you making head way quitting smoking? Is your "Do More Of This - Do Less Of This" list holding up? Are you making life changes and self improvement for you and your family's quality of life? With over 68447 … (2 comments)

rural living: Reality Blogging...Activerain's Realty Bloggers Up Close And Personal Insights... - 01/06/08 03:12 AM
     Struck me this morning that there are alot of personal sharing blog entries being pecked out during this sesson of "group activerain".  Maybe its the new year and resolutions along with reflections that the holidays can make us do.  For some, maybe its the pending Visa, Discovery and Mastercard bills from an overspent christmas heading to our mailboxes. Or possibly its the deluge of reality television shows crazing the nation during the current writers strike. Popular because viewers can relate, connect and see similarities along parallel lines in their own life paths as the camera rolls and captures ordinary people … (0 comments)

rural living: Taser..Do You Really Need One Where You Live? Not Much Use For One In Maine! - 11/09/07 01:37 PM
     Saw an ad in Forbes magazine for Taser. The tag line is "Protect Life" and the caption says "There when I can't be..."  It shows a business person staring out the window of some far away airport, killing time until his flight arrives.  The ad makes a case about protection.  That protection is more than personal..the copy is a duty to care for the ones we love.  But it goes on to point out that you can not always be there.  In an imperfect world it lectures you need to protect yourself and our families regardless of our personal … (18 comments)

rural living: Not Stuck In An Office, Pinned To The Wall By A Desk...Free To Roam! - 04/07/07 01:46 AM
Realtors are lucky they are not chained to a desk, and something new happens everyday to make it new, interesting and exciting.  In rural Maine, Joe Broker can head to the woods to look over land with snowshoes...on a clear sunny winter day with clean air, blue skies and beautiful scenery.  We are so lucky to live in four season beauty...the setting is paradise! 

Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers-Maine Blog On Learning About The People, The Place. … (19 comments)

rural living: Meet The Neighbors...The Four Legged Kind. - 04/02/07 09:46 AM

      Low populations  in  parts of the country like Northern Maine have plenty of wildlife! The deer are everywhere!  They do not make attack deer...but at night care in driving is a good idea as one of these or even worse a moose is not a good hood ornament and can be fatal...especially during rutting season when things get a little crazy!

rural living: Peddling Rural Maine Property...... - 01/17/07 10:45 AM
When you live in a little rural Mayberry type town, that is what you are selling...small town values.  Friendly people and a community that cares.   Trusting, no locked doors, willing to help.  Northern Maine prices are so much lower than the rest of the world as the jobs are rewarding but giant pay to sport a couple Hummers in the yard is not the reason to move here. 
 You won't make as much money...but you won't need to. 
 Homes for $39,900...what's the catch? 
Ahhh..let's get out the map (unfolding sound of paper map).  You are here (pointing) and way … (3 comments)

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