romanceroomcom: Great LAST MINUTE Valentine's Day Gift Ideas ... plus a GREAT ONE! - 02/10/13 12:40 AM
The countdown is on ........... only days to go until Valentine's Day and you STILL aren't sure what to do for your wife or husband?  What to do?  YIKES!
There is always the traditional standby items like chocolate or wine - you can even buy chocolate wine now, haha.  A woman typically LOVES that beautiful bouquet of roses.  Buying for a guy is more difficult, but find something he already likes and you are ahead of the game (start with sports or food).  Many men and women both enjoy reading, so maybe get that book they have been wanting or recently … (3 comments)

romanceroomcom: Most Romantic Bed and Breakfast Inns - recommended by - 02/09/13 11:54 PM

Everybody seems to have grown into their adulthood either wanting to constantly visit or to own a Bed and Breakfast Inn.  So, why are they special?  They represent an escape to peace, quiet, and generally, a romantic setting that a couple can enjoy away from the crazy pace of life.  (Those with younger children especially appreciate this break, haha). 
A new site recommending the most romantic bed and breakfast inns is Romance Room.  It reviews the inns, providing a video tour, along with providing innkeeper interviews of the history of their resort and romantic stories too.  Recent reviews include a Laguna Beach … (0 comments)

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