foreclosure help: Commonly Asked Foreclosure Questions Part 1: - 03/05/12 10:07 AM
Since I get so many inquiries from consumers asking generally the same questions as it relates to foreclosures and short sales I have decided to do a blog series where I will post two questions every few days. See below the first two questions to start the series:Commonly asked Foreclosure QuestionsWhat takes place if I miss my mortgage payments or I am behind on my mortgage payments?Foreclosure can occur, but it does not have to and can certainly be avoided. You can take action to stop foreclosure, even if foreclosure has been filled against you. You now have more options than ever to prevent … (4 comments)

foreclosure help: Salisbury Tops Maryland's Foreclosure list. - 10/21/11 02:38 AM

foreclosures continue to plague the real estate market nationwide, Salisbury was recently mentioned as one of the top areas in Maryland with loans in default. Recent numbers show that over 9% of mortgages in the city of Salisbury are at least 90 days delinquent. In a normal market the average is 1-3% of mortgages in default. Salisbury was the top municipality per capita with loans in default, while Prince George’s county was the top county in Maryland with over 15% of all loans at least 90days behind. Prince George’s county actually landed on the top ten lists for … (0 comments)

foreclosure help: Free Foreclosure Prevention Seminar Next Week! - 06/08/11 10:42 AM

Event Details:Free Public Seminar for Homeowners Facing ForeclosureHosted by Long and Foster Real EstateThursday, June 16th, at 5:30pmLong and Foster Office1315 Mt. Hermon Rd.Salisbury, MD 21804Registration Phone Number: 410-546-3211Over 11 million people nationwide are currently facing foreclosure. Millions of families have lost their homes in the last several years and over 70% of them did not know they had options to avoid foreclosure. Here, in Salisbury, we're experiencing foreclosures at a rate higher than the national average. Now more than ever in the history of our nation there are options for homeowners to avoid foreclosure.Wicomico County has been hit with … (0 comments)

foreclosure help: Updated Maryland Foreclosure Timeline - 05/17/11 06:52 AM
Updated Maryland Foreclosure Timeline
Tuesday, May 17, 2011
Just for everyone's reference here is the updated Maryland foreclosure timeline breakdown straight from the state.A. The process leading up to foreclosure begins when you receive a "Notice of Intent to Foreclose" in the mail. You are not yet in foreclosure at this point but you should act immediately! Complete the packet you receive in the mail and return it in the envelope that was included.45 days after you get the Notice of Intent to Foreclose in the mail, a foreclosure may be filed in Court. When a foreclosure is filed against … (0 comments)

foreclosure help: 10 Myths About Short Sales - 12/30/10 01:46 AM

Over the past couple of months through presenting at agents and consumer seminars I have been consistanly asked some of the same questions as they pertain to short sales. Most of therse are "myths" or misconceptions. For the greater good, I have put together the ten most I have been asked about in the last couple of months, through emails and at seminars. Most information is questions asked by consumers, but is great information for agents as well.Some of this information has changed as a result of the changing landscape of the distressed market. As always if you … (2 comments)

foreclosure help: Interviewed for a second time on TV 47 about Short Sales!! - 12/23/10 02:53 AM

foreclosure help: Short Sale Seminar featured on WMDT Channel 47 - 12/22/10 03:31 AM

foreclosure help: Just featured on Talk Radio 1320 AM with Bill Reddish on Short sales, Loan modifications, and foreclosures!! - 12/03/10 04:52 AM
Last week, I  was interviewed by Bill Reddish, on-air host morning host for Salisbury's biggest talk radio station, WICO 1320 AM. The interview focused on the foreclosure crisis hitting the Eastern Shore, and ways that homeowners can avoid it. Brandon explains the short sale process, loan modifications, and other ways to save the borrower's credit from a foreclosure. Click on the link to here the interview.\
Check out my website at and my blog at Reddish.mp3

foreclosure help: Short sale Forum/Class was picked up by local media!!! - 10/19/10 03:36 AM
Our short sale seminar and foreclosure prevention had a great turnout! Was picked up by the local newspaper who did an article about it, as well as the local TV station. Article below from the Dailey Times, will post the TV clips later. Just goes to show you how much people really don't know about short sales!SALISBURY -- With the number of housing foreclosures still climbing and home sales slow, now is the time for homeowners in mortgage trouble and their lenders to turn to short sales and a relatively new financial tool that could ease their dilemma.Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives, … (0 comments)

foreclosure help: Short Sale and Bankrupcty - 10/13/10 09:18 AM
As a lot of you may know as agents, short sales can have a lot of red flags or road blocks. With my experience in short sales and through my teaching and training I try to alleviate agents from my experiences to not have to hit these road blocks. Recently I have been getting a lot of phone calls and emails about bankruptcy and how it relates to short sales. Now I am not a financial advisor or attorney, I don't play one on TV, and I didn't stay at a holiday inn express last night! I work with a team … (0 comments)

foreclosure help: Changes in Short sales Consumers and Agents may not be Aware of. - 09/01/10 03:29 AM
I have recently run into several sellers recently all over the eastern shore of Maryland, Delaware and Virginia that have told me they didn't know that a short sale was an option for them. They thought they wouldn't qualify, or they would be denied for whatever reason. I found this to be quite astounding as now lenders are sending "short sale" letters out, and short sales are in  media tv, newspaper etc.. I was starting to think that the short sale was becoming a house hold name for the consumer. The reality is that it really isn't. Most sellers if they … (0 comments)

foreclosure help: Tax Consequences of Selling Real Estate in a Short Sale - 07/10/10 06:02 AM
At my seminars in through emails, and daily conversations, I am being frequently asked on how taxes relate to short sales. Seeing as I am not a tax accountant, I don't give tax advice; I always send my potential short sale canidates to a versed short sale accountant, as you should also. To help every one out there I had my accountant just right a very breif explantion of how taxes relate to short sales. Granted it goes deeper than this, this is just the basics, as we will go into more complex situations in the next artilce post.
Tax Consequences … (0 comments)

foreclosure help: What do I do if I’m facing foreclosure? - 03/03/10 08:44 AM
What do I do if I'm facing foreclosure?
In today's current real estate market, it's an unfortunate reality that many sellers are at risk of facing a potential foreclosure. The good news is there are several options available to help avoid the pain and hassle of a foreclosure.A foreclosure does not benefit the consumer or bank, and should be avoided at all costs. Please keep in mind that if your property does go into foreclosure you are liable for the difference of what is owed on the property versus what is sells for. (For example if you owe $200,000 on the … (0 comments)

There has been a lot of controversy recently (and even a CNN news story) about sellers not being fully released when they sell their property through short sale. I think, for the most part, a majority of the information that I have read has been accurate, but there is a major glaring issue that no article or blog has touched on. As agents we can get our sellers released from deficiencies!   This is all part of the negotiation, and I think there is a huge lack of education when it comes to this subject.
First off, in some states (depending on … (1 comments)

foreclosure help: GET BANK LISTINGS AND GET PAID TO DO CMA'S!!!! - 01/23/10 06:54 AM
In today's real estate market foreclosures are a huge part of our market. This is an area of real estate as an agent that can be very hard to get into. Agents who do foreclosures very rarely reveal how to get into getting listings from banks. Well I'm here to tell you that you can start making extra income today, and start on the path to get banks listings!
To get national banks listings you first have to do BPO's(broker price opinions) which is very similar to a CMA. You get paid anywhere from $50-200 per BPO, and the more BPO's … (3 comments)

foreclosure help: Owner's Title Insurance a Necessity in today's market. - 12/22/09 10:28 AM
Owner's Title Insurance a Necessity

If you're not telling your clients to get owner's title insurance on purchases-especially foreclosures-you're not doing your job.
In today's market, foreclosures are very prominent-and they come with a lot of potential issues. Owner's title insurance is a onetime expense that can cover any title issue that may arise for the lifetime of the property. Just one title lien/cloud or issue can be a five to six figure headache! If you think about it that way, you're getting a great return on your money.
We all know lenders are covered in … (2 comments)

foreclosure help: What is a short sale/consumer general short sale information. - 12/08/09 12:47 PM
What is a short sale?
It's likely you've heard the term "short sale" thrown around quite a bit. But what, exactly, is a short sale?
With having completed over 200 successful short sales, let me give you so good general information.
A short sale is when a bank agrees to accept less than the total amount owed on a mortgage to avoid having to foreclose on the property. This is not a new practice; banks have been doing short sales for years. Only recently, due to the current state of the housing market, has this process become a part of the … (0 comments)

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