short sale maryland: Chase Short sale Process and Timeline 2013 - 03/25/13 07:53 AM
Chase short sale process and timeline  
  In an attempt to help more consumers who are facing foreclosure Chase has streamlined their short sale process to expedite the short sale process. We will cover the basics on the process and timeline in this article. Chase will let you start the short sale process prior to having an offer on your property but in order to start the process you have to show a legitimate financial hardship, meaning something has happened since you have taken out the loan that has changed your financial picture. Here are examples of what most … (2 comments)

short sale maryland: Acceptable Types of Hardship in the eyes of a bank when it comes to a short sale: - 03/05/12 09:43 AM
Acceptable Types of Hardship in the eyes of a bank when it comes to a short sale: Seeing as one of biggest determining factors when applying for a short sale is a viable hardship, I have taken the time to go over what is commonly accepted by every bank when it comes to hardship. Regardless of hardship remember whatever your hardship is, you have to be able to prove it to the bank.
  There is  plenty of misconception it seems when it comes to someone understanding what a bank qualifies as an acceptable hardship for a short sale. Although there … (1 comments)

short sale maryland: Four Qualifications for a short sale - 03/05/12 09:35 AM
See below here are the basic qualifications for a short sale, I hear the question all the time " how exactly do I qualify for a short sale" Although there are a few exceptions this covers the broad base of what all the banks agree on. There are some "grey" areas but this is a basic over view.1. Need to sell : Meaning that this not just a want to sell, because of certain circumstances the homeowner needs to sell(usually caused by some type of financial hardship)In this situation no other work out options will alleviate the hardship, causing the homeowner to have to … (0 comments)

short sale maryland: New short sale programs offer up to $30,000 in Relocation Money!!! - 09/27/11 08:46 AM
No, that is not a typo! Banks are now, more than ever offering more incentive for homeowners to participate in a Short Sale. Recently, I have seen Seller’s get up to $30,000 in relocation incentives to participate in a short sale. With all the issues with Robo-signing and the economy still not in a state of full recovery, most national lenders have now decided that maybe short sale is the best option for a homeowner who is in danger of going to foreclosure. With the possibility of almost 12 million people with a probability of going to foreclosure, major servicers are … (4 comments)

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