washington: Waterfront Homes For Sale in Washington, NC - 07/22/13 05:25 AM
Search through our daily updated list of waterfront homes for sale in Washington, NC here. A Little About Washington's History and the Pamlico River Washington, NC is the county seat of Beaufort County in eastern North Carolina.  Beaufort County was settled by colonists from Virginia in the 1690s on the north shore of the Pamlico River.  The Pamlico River, which originates in Washington, was formed by the joining of the Tar River and Tranters Creek just west of town.
The town of Bath was the first choice of settlers in the area, which led to Bath becoming the first incorporated town … (2 comments)

washington: The Washington Yacht and Country Club in Washington, NC - 07/19/13 07:24 AM
Search here for Waterfront Homes near the Washington Yacht and Country Club in Washington, NC. What a Treasure in Eastern North Carolina! When I first moved to the Washington area in the mid-70s, one of the first people I met was Aubrey Moore (no relation).  At the time, I was in the boatyard business and Aubrey was the dockmaster at the Washington Yacht and Country Club in Washington NC.  I quickly realized just how affable and accommodating a person he was. These traits have not changed over the past 30-35 years and he still holds the same position. But, let me tell … (1 comments)

washington: Historic Homes For Sale in Washington, NC - 07/19/13 05:55 AM
Search here for Historic Homes For Sale in Washington, NC
A Little History About Washington The present day Beaufort County in eastern North Carolina was explored by the english in the late 1500s, but it was about a hundred years later before it was settled.  Colonists from Virginia expanded into what is now eastern NC but chose to establish Bath as their first settlement in about 1690.  It was 15 years later before the town of Bath was incorporated, making it the first town in "Caroline."  
About 65 years later, a farmer named James Bonner started a town on his … (1 comments)

washington: Bill's Hot Dog Stand in Washington, NC - 07/12/13 12:34 AM
Bill's Hot Dog Stand in Washington, NC When you think of historic landmarks, what is the first thing that comes to mind? I know....a hot dog stand, right?  No?  Not where you are?  Well, in Washington it is!
A Little Bill's Hot Dog History Bill's Hot Dog Stand in Washington, NC was opened in 1928. The original stand's present location is at 109 Gladden Street in Washington, NC.  A second location has been opened in the past few years at the Washington Square Mall.  A few "Bill's Connoisseurs" claim the original location's dogs to be better than the new stand (sort of a … (0 comments)

washington: Haven’s Gardens Park in Washington NC - 03/07/12 07:25 AM
Haven’s Gardens Park in Washington NC Here is a daily updated, complete list of waterfront homes listed for sale near Haven’s Gardens Park in Washington NC .
Let Me Tell You A Little About Havens Gardens Park Haven’s Gardens is a park on the east side of Washington, NC that is located on the Pamlico River adjacent to Runyan Creek.  It is located on 3rd Street just before the bridge crosses over to Washington Park.  There is something going on here on all but the bitterest of winter days and, when the weather is suitable for boating,…….it is absolutely hopping!! 
First, the … (1 comments)

washington: MARKET TRENDS: There’s got to be some good housing news here……somewhere! - 03/06/12 09:13 AM
The past few years have conditioned me to avoid seeing the good news even in seemingly great news.  There seems to be a naysayer around every corner, not many of whom make their livings from real estate commissions.  Having said all of this, let’s consider the following.
National Economic Outlook and Housings Contribution: According to Fannie Mae’s Economic & Strategic Research Group, economic growth is expected to increase modestly compared to 2011.  Consumer spending is up slightly and manufacturing and services expanded significantly.  It was pointed out that the year-end growth rate was a by-product of a growth of business inventory, … (0 comments)

washington: Washington...on the Pamlico - 06/04/08 10:17 AM
     Arguably, the single greatest attraction to the Washington area is the Pamlico River.  The Pamlico River originates in Washington and runs nearly west to east into the Pamlico Sound.  Years ago, Washington was a port city and offered transportation for all types of commodities.  Now, the attraction of the river is largely recreational.
    Washington's most important attribute is the beautiful Pamlico River and its miles and miles of shoreline.  Many rivers offer a place to tie your boat but offer an area that's just not "user friendly."  Some areas do not offer protected water so that "your knuckles stay … (0 comments)

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