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Creating a blog with regularly posted content is a struggle that anyone doing virtual marketing faces day after day. Blogs give you a great opportunity to share content, demonstrate expertise, market your services, and draw people to your website. However, we all hit those roadblocks occasionally...
As I write this post, Redfin is entering the mortgage-banking business.  Their goal is to completely digitize the home buying process by offering an end-to-end service that starts with searching for homes and ends with lending.  So what does this mean, if anything, for your business and the indus...
The granddaddy of disrupters, Zillow, has just made another big announcement. And, while it may cause some Realtors® and Brokers trouble, it offers you (the Loan Officer) an opportunity to be a value-added resource for them.On May 1st Zillow will no longer allow Agents to post listing manually to...
We have always believed that marketing tools that are crafted specifically for Loan Officers give you the ability to get in front of more customers and close more business. A recent blog on technology in Real Estate got us thinking. Why don’t more Loan Officers use these tools to grow their busin...
Sure, there are certainly many people who have a tough time being successful in the mortgage industry, and many Loan Officers have received a bad rap in recent years, but for the most part that doesn't seem to matter...According to a recent study by, Loan Officers have one of the ...
Mortgage rates are expected to climb, and more homebuyers are aware of this impending increase and are acting quickly. An article written states that open house visitors has dramatically increased last year. In Indianapolis alone,  a real estate agent was dumbfounded when he had over 45 people co...
 I. Open House Registration Forms Potential buyers can now register for an open house by putting in their information on an online sign-up sheet from Single Property Sites. Their information is then relayed to Loan Officers, and their agents for the listing. This then gives Loan Officers an oppo...
It’s week two of the government shutdown with many employees furloughed and trying to make ends meet while they wait for Congress to sort out the shutdown. Real estate agents are also being affected by the government shutdown. How are real estate agents affected by government shutdown?Many of the...
As a lender or loan officer, you are constantly battling to win the heart of a realtor. Your job as a loan officer or lender is to help win more listings, market those listings and get them sold; essentially you are the middle man in between the borrower and the lending institution. How can you d...
If you want your online mortgage marketing strategy to work, you’ve got to make sure your online presence is being seen by potential clients and customers. One of the best ways to do this, is to make sure your website is ranking higher in search engine results than your competitors. This is calle...

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