marketing: How to Break Through Your Writer’s Block - 03/14/18 03:32 PM
Creating a blog with regularly posted content is a struggle that anyone doing virtual marketing faces day after day. Blogs give you a great opportunity to share content, demonstrate expertise, market your services, and draw people to your website. However, we all hit those roadblocks occasionally when coming up with that next piece of quality content seems like an impossible task. Below are 6 helpful ideas to get your blog back up and running!
1. List the Most Helpful Apps or Websites for People Looking to Buy or Sell Their HomeA nice way to get the ball rolling on new and relevant … (3 comments)

marketing: 3 Clever Ways to Boost Your Mortgage Marketing - 03/27/13 08:50 AM

In today’s digital world of mortgage marketing, Loan Officers are constantly bombarded with terms like social media, SEO, email campaigns, PPC, etc… These are all important parts of an excellent mortgage marketing strategy, but many Loan Officers don’t have the time or the technical know-how in order to effectively incorporate them.
Oftentimes, many Loan Officers overlook a few simple (yet clever!) things they can add to their marketing arsenal that don’t require additional technical know-how.
1) Brag about your success TO your clients!
No, we aren’t advocating arrogance. Instead we mean that if you worked hard to accomplish something, tell your client about … (0 comments)

marketing: 6 Ways to Appear Social Media-Savvy in Mortgage Marketing - 11/19/12 04:16 AM
Chances are you have heard about all the benefits of using social media in your mortgage marketing strategy. However, chances are you also simply don’t have time to devote to managing the countless social media platforms available for businesses today.
The good news is that it’s a lot easier than you think!
Here are 6 simple ways you can appear to be social media-savvy in your mortgage marketing:
1) Post at least twice a week. There is a fine line in social media between posting too often and not posting often enough. Posting at least twice a week (preferably spread out … (0 comments)

marketing: 3 Ways Images Boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Mortgage Marketing - 05/09/12 02:41 AM
When most mortgage marketing professionals think of SEO, they think of some magical code that can only be cracked by paying someone large amounts of money for help.
We’ve got good news for you – this is simply not true!
A highly effective (and free) way to boost the search engine rankings for your mortgage website is to optimize (or SEO) your images. There are 3 easy ways to do this:
1) The often-overlooked ALT tags and Title text. ALT tags and Title text are HTML tags that are associated with an individual image. Now don’t let the “HTML” wording intimidate … (4 comments)

marketing: Perceptions of what Loan Officers actually do? - 04/02/12 04:57 AM
If you haven’t seen the latest trend in Internet “memes” (typically a picture or image that humorously represents everyday situations), they consist of how people view your occupation versus how you view your occupation. At MoreLoans4U we wanted to contribute to the fun with our depiction of how people view Loan Officers versus how Loan Officers view themselves.
Do you ever feel like this?


marketing: New Feature: Improve Your Mortgage Marketing SEO - 01/18/12 09:34 AM
In a recent post on our Mortgage Marketing blog, we discussed how you can easily integrate Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns into your mortgage marketing strategy.
If you are new to the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the article will provide you with an excellent foundation for a great way to drive traffic to your website.
One of the newest features in our MoreLoans4U Mortgage Marketing system is our enhanced SEO features. You now have the ability to customize the main Meta Title and Meta Description tags for each of your sites.
This allows you to set … (0 comments)

marketing: 5 Ways to use LinkedIn in your Mortgage Marketing Strategy - 01/07/12 07:43 AM
For Loan Officers, Lenders, and other mortgage marketing professionals, LinkedIn has become a great place to showcase your talents and expertise. LinkedIn profiles are more professional than Facebook profiles, and allow you to include much more in-depth information than a Twitter page.
Whether you are looking to network with fellow mortgage professionals or are looking for new customers, follow these 5 simple steps to make your LinkedIn profile more marketable and help you to grow your business.
1) Determine your business goals.This is the very first thing you should do before you fill out your LinkedIn profile. Are you a … (0 comments)

marketing: Mortgage Marketing Directly to Buyers Through Website Banner Ads - 01/05/12 08:59 AM
While all mortgage marketing professionals realize the major importance of building quality relationships with Realtors, many don't make much effort to market themselves directly to the buyer's market.
Our new and improved banner ad campaigns make it easy for Loan Officers to reach buyers with their mortgage marketing efforts, while still building relationships with Realtors at the same time!
Our single property sites allow Loan Officers and Lenders to choose from our library of banner ad images and/or upload their own custom images.
Click here for more information on how our mortgage marketing banner ads will get YOUR message directly in … (2 comments)

marketing: Would you Rather Build Relationships With Realtors, or Market Directly to Home Buyers? - 12/20/11 07:41 AM
We would love your feedback!
Are you more interested in building quality relationships and connections with Realtors, or do you find it more important to market directly to the purchase market of potential home buyers?
Try putting yourself in the following situation:
You only have a small marketing budget (true eh!) and you only have two choices for marketing - which do you choose?
Please click here to provide us with your feedback. All responses are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

marketing: Join our Discussion Group for Mortgage Marketing and Real Estate Professionals. - 12/16/11 05:55 AM
We've created a Facebook group to facilitate discussion among Real Estate and Mortgage professionals around the country. This is a private group (members must be approved to join), and will be a great way for you to connect with other people in the Mortgage world who aren't current MoreLoans4U customers.Join the discussion at
It's a great place to learn mortgage marketing best practices and to stay ahead of all the latest industry news and information. Feel free to join and introduce yourself, and tell us a little bit more about what you do! We look forward to your input!

marketing: Using QR Codes to Market Property Listings and Capture Leads - 12/06/11 05:29 AM
Many Real Estate professionals have already been utilizing QR codes in their property marketing strategies for awhile, and have seen some great results. QR Codes are essentially funny looking barcodes that can be scanned using a free downloadable application on your smartphone. Upon scanning the QR code, the user is taken to a variety of destinations.
For Real Estate professionals, it is a good idea to post QR codes on all of your offline marketing material including flyers, sign riders, etc. When someone scans your QR code they will then be taken to the mobile version of your listings … (3 comments)

marketing: 6 Simple Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips for Real Estate Marketing - 12/06/11 04:40 AM
When you became a real estate professional you instantly entered an industry filled with high competition. How do you make sure the right people are finding your website instead of your competitors? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a huge determining factor.
The following are 3 simple tips to help you optimize your website and increase the effectiveness of your real estate marketing strategy.
1) Content is King Having keyword-rich, unique content on your site is one of the most important things you can do to increase your search rankings. Google has a free tool to help you figure out the keywords … (2 comments)

marketing: 4 Tips to Leveraging Video in Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy - 12/05/11 05:24 AM
It is widely known in other industries that video is one of the fastest growing mediums from which people receive their information online. However, for some reason it is highly underutilized in real estate marketing strategies.
Considering the fact that the Real Estate industry is so competitive, it is more important than ever to utilize the latest technologies to market yourself.
In order to help you get a leg up on your competition we have compiled the following list of 4 simple ways you can utilize video in your real estate marketing strategy:
1) Potential buyers love visual aids.
- Property … (3 comments)

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