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I have a BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL. Today I found out that I cannot use a business blog to talk about a particular topic...even indirectly. I don't know why. I don't care. Each bit of adversity thrown at me only creates the opportunity for me to have an equivalent or greater benefit. BRING IT ON! Here's what you need to know: 1. I'm on a quest. 2. I will share my journey. 3. I will share my difficulties. 4. I will share how my difficulties yielded an equivalent or greater benefit. I know that one day this will be followed by many. I hope you get to watch me reach that level.



There are good short sales and bad.  One question taxpayers and investors with either WL Ross & Co., LLC or Wells Fargo should be asking is: How can you turn down a short sale on February 12, 2009 by asking for a net amount of $104,000 and then set the credit bid for the trustee's sale at $78,750...
Short sales...need I say more? Trista at EMC Mortgage?  I almost dropped the phone today when I heard her response to my gingerly asked question.   Some background details: I get a call from a client two weeks before trustee's sale date.  "If you can sell it and help us avoid foreclosure, have at...

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