first time investor: How to Buy a Manhattan New York Condo as First time Investor - 09/24/11 02:55 AM
Learn How to Buy a Manhattan New York Condo as first time investor. We are Manhattan Condo Specialists, we help finding suitable condos for first time investors, first time home buyers, parent buying for children and foreigner buying in Manhattan New York.
Buying a Manhattan New York Condo as first time investor you should have a clear goal of what you plan to achieve in this investment. Is this a 5 year Real Estate plan or 10 year Real Estate plan? Why do you feel is the time to invest? Are you going to have a tenant in place the entire duration or … (5 comments)

first time investor: WALKING AWAY FROM $152,000.00!! - 12/17/08 02:56 AM
Walking away from $152,000.00!!
When a buyer signs the sales contract in New York City they also make a deposit of 10% on the agreed upon sales price.  Essentially this is their earnest money deposit.  Considering that the average sales price is over a million dollars in New York City, this deposit can become a small fortune. 
Some unfortunate new construction buyers have been forced to walk away from their contracts because at the time of contract signing they put down their 10% deposit and qualified for a specific loan program.  While they were under contract and the building was going … (41 comments)

first time investor: New York City First time home buyer and Investor MUST READ! The Financial Report of the Building pt. 3 of 5! - 12/11/08 01:37 AM
Whether you are a first time buyer or a seasoned investor buying a New York City Condo, Co-Op, Condop, or Townhouse it is important to understand the full financial picture of the building. When you are buying an apartment, besides buying the single apartment unit in the multi-dwelling complex you are also buying into a building. Having a financially sound building can help avoid any future unexpected costs.  A number of common questions usually asked by prospective buyers are does this building have any upcoming assessment, what is the underlying mortgage, if … (5 comments)

first time investor: New York City First time home buyer and Investor MUST READ! Know Your Buying Power pt. 2 of 5 - 11/26/08 12:14 PM
The best thing for a buyer in today's market is understand your buying power. Knowing your buying power means more than just having an idea as to what you qualify for and what your monthly payments are going to be. 
We always ask during our initial consultation appointment with new buyers what amount of down payment they have.  Down payment is so important because it will determine what type of product, condominium or co-op, which is suitable for you.  Aside from the amount of the down payment, it is also important to know where … (2 comments)

first time investor: New York City First time home buyer and Investor MUST READ! - 11/21/08 12:42 PM
This is Part 1 in a 5 part series focusing on what a first time buyer or investor should know before they purchase an apartment in New York City and the most common mistakes to avoid.
We will cover- Know What You Are Buying, Know Your Buying Power, Financial Report of the Building, Who is Managing the Building, Buying with your Head and your Heart, and more!
Understanding the Products: (Co-Ops, Condos, Condops, Townhouse)
Buying an apartment in New York City will be an exciting and also daunting experience.  Because New York City offers a unique buying experience with many of … (13 comments)

first time investor: The Me Too Clause - 11/20/08 12:41 AM
For the last 5 years buying a new development condominium in New York City was a sure fire way of seeing a great return on your initial investment.  If you bought in at the early stages of the initial offering, you waited and as the building went up, so did the prices of the available units.  So by the time you actually closed on your apartment your exact same unit would probably sell for 10-20% than what you bought it for.  This was one of the big reasons why there are so many new development condominiums in Manhattan. 
Now that the … (6 comments)

first time investor: First Time Homebuyer Seminars - 11/02/08 12:44 PM
Anybody done a first time buyer or investor seminars?  I am putting together my first seminar and naturally want it to be as successful as possible.  What type of venue was most successful?  I am trying to schedule space at a local library, but am running into problems because I am a for-profit entity. 
Because of the changing real estate market that we are working in, what kind of information did you present to help your buyers over the hurdle of so much negative press everywhere they turn?
I am going to bring with me a mortgage broker and an … (7 comments)

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