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As Realtors it takes planning to hold the house open for 3-4 hours on a weekend. We don't just show up put up a few signs and call it good.  We advertise in newspapers and on the internet.  Blow up balloons, prepare comparable properties sheets, flyers and lender information to hand out.  Gather...
There is absolutely no better time to buy a home.  Your monthly payment could be lower than your rent payment.  Your monthly payment goes to YOUR benefit and not the landlord's benefit.  You are paying off the landlords' mortgage so why not pay off your mortgage instead? Owning your own piece of ...
The Federal Reserve has made some changes to the time that a gift card has before it expires.  Currently the time limit is one year.  The new rule is that the card cannot lose value until five years after date the card is paid for. Starting on Aug 22nd service fees, including the ones tacked on f...
Denver is never without something to see and do all year 'round. This Labor Day weekend is the ideal time to go to the Market Place to enjoy the concerts, sitting in the shade with a Latte or a hot dog while the waterfall flows with softness. You can spend the entire day at the Mile High Market P...
If you are new to the home buying experience this blog will be a great help to you. Having a trusted Realtor helping you through this daunting experience will be a great asset to you.  Ask your family or frinds to recommend one that did a great job for them."Wonderful experience" or "What a Night...
So much new technology for tech savvy buyers to find what they are looking for quick and easy. **For the iPhone you can point the phone at the front of the house and see all the properties for sale in the area. Not only that but they can also get the interior photos, square feet and price. Using ...
Unlocking Cell Phones May Become Legal So, there is as new Blackberry that I was thinking I would like.  Slide out keyboard, larger keys and bigger screen.  Since my carrier doesn't carry that model I thought I would have to do without it unless I change carriers.  That could be a thing of the pa...
Colorado College Football Schedule It's that time again with the fall coming and so is football season. Hopefully our college players will play well with few injuries.  Unlike the Broncos who have several injuries just in pre-season. Get the football parties scheduled, bring out the nachos and be...
I have had my Blackberry Curve for almost 4 years. One day the little scrolling ball quit rolling.  I take it into my carrier's store to get the ball replaced.  I brace myself each time I go into one of the stores because the 20 something guy asking to help me asks me what kind of phone do I have...
                                                                                                         The Taste of Colorado The Taste of Colorado is an event that comes around every year. It's like a celebration for the end of Summer.  It's a festival that brings in more that 500,000 people t...

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