denver homes for sale: How to Deal with a Hot Denver Property - Listen to your Realtor - 05/10/11 06:50 PM
How To Deal With A Hot Denver Property-Listen to your Realtor When you are looking for a house for sale you will be working very closely with your Realtor and may come into a hot Denver property. One of the most important things that you can do if this occurs is to stay in very close communication with your agent and listen to everything he has to say. In some cases, your agent will give advice that will get you that home you want and if not followed closely, you may actually lose out on the opportunity.                                                   A Realtor is a … (1 comments)

denver homes for sale: Sellers: How to Survive Your Home Inspection - 05/05/11 05:22 AM
Sellers: How to Survive your Home  InspectionSimply following the steps provided in this article will help you survive having a Home Inspection. Your Home Inspection is just one more stressful event to add to a likely growing list of events unfolding in the process of selling your home. What with moving, getting the list of needed repairs done, achieving and maintaining that “curb appeal”, the last thing you need is some stranger tromping through your home, looking in all those dark corners. Well, take a deep breath, pick up that last dust bunny under the chair, sit down a moment and … (0 comments)

denver homes for sale: The dog died..It's a Meth house - 05/04/11 11:08 AM
Do we, as Realtors, need to start checking county records to see if the house the buyers are in love with is on the Meth house list?
I got a call from the buyers friend who is searching for help with a Meth house issue.
Seems these buyers bought this house 2 years ago and within a few months after they moved in their dog died. They couldn’t figure out why. They continued to live there another year until they got a letter in the mail from the county that the house was used to manufacture and sell Meth.
They moved out right away … (6 comments)

denver homes for sale: Big House Little House - 04/24/11 09:28 AM
Houses seem to be getting smaller these days according to new home builders.I watched a program the other day that followed a family of 5 that moved from a huge house (house #1) to a 700 square foot house (houses #2) as an experiment.The 700 square foot house was the size of their kitchen in house #1. There was no T.V., internet, playstation and so on. Only one small bathroom, 2 bedrooms, a small but workable kitchen and one living room where everyone could gather.The family recognized that house #2 was much more intimate.  Instead of the family being in 5 … (2 comments)

denver homes for sale: Denver Real Estate-Get a Better Understanding of Real Estate Terms - 04/21/11 10:01 AM
                         Denver Real Estate - Get A Better Understanding Of Real Estate Terms It is important to understand the language used in real estate and what different terms mean, whether you are thinking of buying or selling a Denver property. The terms used in Real Estate are relatively easy for the most part, but there a few words you may not have heard before. Below are some commonly used terms and their definitions to help you better understand what your Realtor is talking about.                                                                                                                        **Multiple Listing Services ® This is a database that is shared amongst real estate agents that … (0 comments)

denver homes for sale: Colorado Mineral & Fossil Show - 04/21/11 09:35 AM
The annual Denver Mineral and Fossil Spring Show is set to start
April 22, 23, & 24 2011
Located at the Holiday Inn-Denver Central location                           4849 Bannock StDenverThere will be over 70 top quality mineral and fossil dealers to choose from:Minerals*fossils*Meteorites*Gems*Beads* and Decorator items.This event is usually attended by hundreds of people looking at the displays in the hotel lobby and in the parking lot.  Come early because parking will be lined up 2 blocks away.The admission is free and so is the parking.You will be able to buy wholesale and to the publicShow hours are Friday and Saturday … (0 comments)

denver homes for sale: Buying a Denver House with a Chimney - 04/20/11 11:18 AM
Buying A Denver House With A Chimney – What You Need To Know A Denver house with a wood burning fireplace and a chimney is almost a necessity for some people. A fireplace can help reduce the heating bill and can be very enjoyable. Many people like to relax in front of a warm fire in the comfort of their own living room, especially on cold winter nights. Keep in mind, however, that chimneys are not maintenance-free. They require regular cleaning because the wood and paper that you burn release chemicals and soot that can build up in the walls of … (0 comments)

denver homes for sale: Buying A House That Needs Demolition Work - 04/18/11 02:57 PM
Buying A House That Needs Demolition Work When you are looking around for the ideal Denver home you may come across houses that have a lot of appealing aspects to them but need to be renovated to suit your needs. If you find a home that requires some demolition work, this expense needs to be figured into your budget when calculating the overall cost of the home.If you are thinking about buying a house in Denver that needs some demolition work done you should really have a general idea of how much the project will cost and what you can do … (2 comments)

denver homes for sale: 2 Crucial Tips to Help You Sell Denver Land for a Larger Profit - 04/18/11 01:42 PM
2 Crucial Tips To Help You Sell Denver Land For A Larger Profit If you have a piece of Denver land that you would like to sell there are some things you can do to help make the sale quick and more profitable. This may take a lot of work but they are well worth the time invested. 1. Clear the land If you have a lot of broken branches on your piece of land and other debris, clear it out before putting your land up for sale. It is much the same as what you would do to sell a … (0 comments)

denver homes for sale: Successful Negotiating A Denver Home Sale - 04/14/11 05:45 PM
Successfully Negotiating A Denver Home Sale Some people believe that all it takes to get a super deal on a Denver home purchase is to run into a desperate seller that will take a low ball price. This rarely happens. A home sale involves two parties that are each looking out for their own best interests and negotiating for the best deal. Part of successfully negotiating a Denver home sale involves constraining yourself if you  are a seller talking to the buyer. Don't let them know how desperately you want the house to sell or display any other emotions that show … (0 comments)

denver homes for sale: Little Ducks Blowing in the Wind - 04/14/11 11:56 AM
These little guys are helpless against mother nature and the wind. They somehow recovered and I’m sure mommy duck got them all back in line. Makes you want to gather the little ducklings and line them back up. Looks like mom doesn't need help with the line up. … (1 comments)

denver homes for sale: Your Property and Home Improvements-Increasing Value - 04/13/11 06:17 PM
Your Property And Home Improvements - Increasing The Value Of Your Property If you want to increase the value of your property through home improvements there are a few things that you should learn about first. A lot of people think that the money they put into home improvements will return dollar for dollar when their house is put up for sale. This is not necessarily true, however, because some types of improvements will give you a better return on your investment than others. If you put $15,000 into in addition, you're not going to see that amount back when … (4 comments)

denver homes for sale: Watch Out for the Mold When buying a Home - 04/12/11 06:32 PM
The Problem With Mold In A Denver Real Estate Purchase When you have made up your mind about a Denver  Real Estate sale and are ready to go ahead and sign the papers, one of the things you need to check first in the house is mold. You may or may not have already done a visual inspection while you were walking around the house, but sometimes mold can be hidden and hard to see.
What I found while showing a bank owned property Upon entering in the house there was a strong odor and it was MOLD.  It had started … (2 comments)

denver homes for sale: First Time Denver Home Buyers Expectations - 04/12/11 05:52 AM
First Time Denver Home Buyers Expectations As a first time Denver home buyer you may not know exactly what to expect in house prices and types of homes. It may come as quite a shock to find out exactly what you can afford and what is out of your price range when you first start looking at the Denver homes available. A lot of first time Denver home buyers have a palace in mind when they can really only afford a small home. This is something that every agent must address at some point in his career, and it must be … (0 comments)

denver homes for sale: 13 things Your Burglar Won't Tell You - 04/11/11 09:09 AM
There are some really great tips here:
The best are near the end.
Common sense applied in a vigorous way.
I am particularly interested in the part about the wasp spray...

1. Of course I look familiar. I was here just last week cleaning your carpets, painting your shutters, or delivering your new refrigerator.2. Hey, thanks for letting me use the bathroom when I was working in your yard last week. While I was in there, I unlatched the back window to make my return a little easier.3. Love those flowers. That … (2 comments)

denver homes for sale: Dancing and Dementia - 04/09/11 09:01 AM
Studies have shown that dancing will help to hold Dementia at bay.Dancing will improve socialization and physical functioning,not to mention balance and gait in older folks.The better balance one has the less likely falls will occur.Studies have shown a strong link to decreased development of Dementia by looking at 500 people 75 years and older, by 76%.     Dancing uses the part of the brain that requires rewiring and continuous activity.In the study dancing was the only physical activity that was any help in warding of Dementia.  The activities studied included golfing, swimming, bicycling, walking, tennis and even housework.Crossword puzzles and reading … (2 comments)

denver homes for sale: Selling a Vacant Home in Denver - 04/07/11 07:40 AM
Selling A Vacant Home In Denver Sometimes there is no way to avoid selling a vacant home in Denver. If you have had a sudden job transfer or need to leave the area quickly for one reason or another, you may have to leave your house vacant while you are trying to sell it. This will leave you at a disadvantage, however, since a vacant house will usually sell 30% to 50% slower than a house that is occupied.                                              
Why occupied homes sell faster 1. When a house has furniture in it the buyer can imagine what the house would … (2 comments)

denver homes for sale: For Ladies Only.. - 04/05/11 04:29 AM
For Ladies Only.. Dress for Success
Springtime is here at last. It’s time to clean out the closet and get the Winter things into another closet for clarity on what to wear when in a hurry.But what to do with clothes that you have honestly not worn in a couple of years. I know you love that dress and it really does fit well. Not to mention the price you paid for it at an upscale store. Now you know you won’t wear it because the styles probably have changed by now.Think of donating it to places like “Dress for … (4 comments)

denver homes for sale: Tips to Get Tenants to Renew Their Denver Property Lease Every Year - 04/04/11 05:09 PM
Tips To Get Tenants To Renew Their Denver Property Lease Every Year Sometimes it seems impossible to find a good tenant to rent out your Denver property. Tenants are not staying for too long in one rental unit nowadays and you don’t want to spend a lot of money preparing your property for the next tenant. A lot of damage happens when tenants are moving in and out of a unit, which leads to the added cost of repairs. During the times when your property is vacant, you have to look for other sources of income to cover your mortgage repayments. … (2 comments)

denver homes for sale: The Importance of Working with a Realtor - 04/03/11 05:20 PM
The Importance of Working with a Realtor The importance of working with a professional Denver Realtor cannot be over emphasized. There is a process to be followed when purchasing a property and an agent will offer proper guidance and expertise throughout, one step at a time. The first thing that needs to occur is a financial analysis of your situation. The agent will take you through an analysis to determine the price range that you should target based on your resources. He will want to know if the bank has already pre-qualified you for a loan and what price range you … (2 comments)

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