realtor denver aurora co: Things Have Changed - 08/04/20 09:12 AM
  The soothsayer in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar issued his famous warning "Beware the Ides of March."  Who knew that in 2020, around the middle of March, the world, as we knew it, would force such dramatic changes on us from the Coronavirus.
In America, it has brought our economy to its knees as we sheltered in place for over four months.  During this time, changes have affected our lives and many of those changes could be permanent.
Previously, smaller homes were becoming the trend for not only efficiency but upkeep so owners would have more time to do things including travel.  Now, travel is … (0 comments)

realtor denver aurora co: Rethinking Home - 05/27/20 09:26 AM
  The last two months of the new normal stay at home has led many homeowners to rethink the way they live in their home.  It has now become an office for working at home; a school for children; a gym to stay in shape; and a place for recreation.
The repurposing has people evaluating whether their home still meets their needs or if some changes are necessary.  In some cases, adult children have moved back home, and, in others, there are parents who have moved in for the first time.
Staying at home and sheltering in place is necessary but how much … (2 comments)

realtor denver aurora co: Convenience at a Cost - 05/12/20 09:04 AM
  The convenience of selling your home without the hassle of getting it ready, putting it on the market, showings, open houses, negotiations and repairs comes at a cost ... a significant part of your equity. 
The companies, referred to as iBuyers, that buy homes from sellers are for-profit organizations.  They expect to make a profit from sellers who are willing to discount the proceeds they'll realize as an alternative to the conventional method of selling a home for people who need a quick sale.
The promotions for these companies generally state that you can receive a cash offer in a few … (3 comments)

realtor denver aurora co: It Starts Before the Statement is Sent - 05/04/20 11:28 AM
  The deadline for challenging your property tax assessment this year may be later than normal due to the stay at home orders but when you are notified, you'll want to be ready to decide whether you can save some money on property taxes this year.
There are two elements that determine the amount of property taxes you'll pay for the year: the assessment of value and the property tax rate.  Both determinations occur long before the property tax statement is sent.
Property owners are notified in writing what their assessed value is for the year.  It is estimated that most owners don't … (0 comments)

realtor denver aurora co: What Kind of Properties are These? - 02/25/20 05:06 PM
  It is the way the property is used that determines the type of property it is, not what it looks like.  Based on the intent of the owner, the property could be a principal residence, income property, investment property or dealer property.
A principal residence is a home that a person lives in.  There can be only one declared principal residence.  It is afforded certain benefits like deducting the interest and property taxes on a taxpayers' itemized deductions, up to limits.  Up to $250,000 of gain for a single taxpayer and up to $500,000 for a married couple filing jointly … (0 comments)

realtor denver aurora co: Instant Buyers Save Time But Cost Money - 02/17/20 05:43 PM
  There are a multitude of companies across the Internet, referred to as iBuyers, who are suggesting that sellers can save the hassle of putting their home on the market, showings, repairs, open houses and other things by accepting their instant offer to purchase.
The adage goes "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."  The price to be paid for the convenience of not having to deal with the hassle is a lower net sales price than you'd probably realize if you took a more conventional approach to selling your home.
These companies are not charities and … (0 comments)

realtor denver aurora co: Expectations - 01/28/20 08:03 PM
 Think of your REALTOR® as an invaluable part of the team who is going to help you meet your expectations.   Ideally, what every owner wants when they sell their home is to get the highest possible sales price in the shortest period with the least inconveniences.  They may not realize that's what they want but if you ask enough questions, they are the three most common expectations.
Even when REALTORS® put their home on the market, they have the same three expectations.
The challenge is that to achieve two of these may come at the expense of the third item.  The maximum price … (2 comments)

realtor denver aurora co: How to Take Care of your Washing Machine - 11/11/19 03:21 PM
Preventive Maintenance: How To Take Care of Your Washing Machine By WIN Home Inspection • October 9, 2019  

One of the most helpful modern conveniences is the washing machine. When it's working, there's nothing like having clean clothes at your convenience. But when it's not, it certainly makes life more difficult. There are a few easy maintenance tasks that help keep your washing machine in tip-top shape. With these tips, you'll have fewer service calls and a washing machine that lasts longer.
Wash Your Washer
This seems like something that would happen naturally. Isn't our washer there to wash clothes? So, … (4 comments)

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