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How does ten pounds of cubed steak and gravy sound to you? I soaked it in buttermilk then pan fried it, then made the gravy. Part of our family is here with us from Pennsylvania and they requested cubed steak and gravy instead of the traditional turkey and dressing meal. There will be ten of us f...
We have a house full of family! The kids a playing hide and seek in the bedroom, some of them are playing games at the table in the breakfast room and some are crashed in the den infront of the TV. We are all going to church in the morning, then having our Christmas meal, then our Christmas prese...
Peanut Butter Cookies  Ingredients: 1 cup sugar 1 egg 1 cup peanut butter 1 teaspoon vanilla   Mix all ingredients together, and roll into a ball. Pinch off small portions of mixture and roll into small balls. Place the small balls onto a cookie sheet. Use a fork to press the cross on top of the ...
We went to a cool holiday party tonight with some of our friends. We had a good time talking to people we have not seen in a while and meeting new people. The food was really good. They had a firepit outside and we stood around the fire and talked and laughed. It was a great night.
What are your favorite Christmas TV programs and movies? Some of our friends have movies that they watch together every year as a family tradition. Do any of you have similar traditions. Some of our family members still enjoy watching Rudolph and Frosty. My wife still loves Charlie Brown. For me,...
It was over seventy degrees today in Spartanburg, South Carolina, in the middle of December. It felt like a balmy spring day in the middle of April instead of December. It has rained for so many days that the weather today was more than welcomed. We have really needed the rain, since we were in a...
It's really amazing how important having the right size box is this time of the year. Sometimes I think that we should only buy presents that come with boxes. Don't you just love the ones that are odd shaped and you have run out of boxes. We had several boxes that were purchased flat and you just...
We just finished the gift buying and wrapping routine for another year! The wrapping is not a fun thing to do. Making sure that you get the right tags on the right gifts - the wife wanting everything color coded with just the right papers - it can be tough! I am very glad that the wrapping is fin...
When you call a contractor or other trade professional to your home to repair something, how do you know if the repair is really fixed? First of all, if it is really fixed, then the problem should have gone away. The symptoms should disappear. If you continue to have the same problem then it is n...
Thunderstorms and Christmas decorations, who would imagine the two of these together, it just can not be right. It is hard to believe that we could have a tornedo watch today and thunder storms tonight after we have put up all the Christmas decorations. Our weather has really changed over the pas...


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