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Right now is a great time to remodel you home. There are some really good deals out there on building products and appliances. It makes more sense to remodel now and enjoy the home improvements that your made before you sell your home. Then when the real estate market comes back around and you w...
Way to Go ! ! ! Just this week I reached 150K points on Active Rain and I wanted to thank my great friend and fellow Rainmaker, Jean Terry for introducing me to Active Rain. She practically had to make me sign up. I told her, "I don't have time to do that!" She told me that if I tried it, then I ...
Let's celebrate with Sandy on reaching her 150K points on AR Tonight, I have reached another milestone in my evolution here on Active Rain. Heather Chavez reached her 100K mark last week and this week Sandy Childs has reached 150,000 points. So, hey Heather I doing the Snoopy dance with you! I ha...
We went up to the mountain house last week end and it was just beautiful up there. Fontana Lake is just almost full. I have never seem the lake this full. This area has been in a drought situation for over 3 years now and the lake has been very low for the past 3 years. It is just beautiful when...


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