pets: A Wonderful Pet - 09/20/09 01:48 PM

Have you ever been fortunate enough to have a black lab. We have and his name was Zach. Zach was a black lab and he was a character. You never knew what he would do. He was always entertaining. Once when we were watching TV he went into the kitchen pantry and got an onion and started to eat it. We quickly took it away from him, as onions are poison to dogs. He also liked tomatoes. … (5 comments)

pets: Toby Cat, Toby Cat, Where Are You? - 04/09/09 04:18 PM
We have just gotten home from a vacation to Orlando, Florida and we cannot find our Tody Cat. We have gone on vacation before, one of our neighbor's always feeds and looks after Toby Cat when we are gone. But this time he is no where to be found. We have been looking for him.
Wonder if the neighbor has better food?

pets: Toby Cat Has Moved - 03/25/09 02:40 PM
Last week Toby Cat would not sit anywhere but in my recliner. This week he has returned to the couch. We thought that we were going to have to buy him his own recliner. He would get in the recliner beside of me and just push me out.
We moved his favorite blanket to the couch and he has made the couch his bed. So Tody Cat has moved and I finally have my recliner back.

pets: Meet Mountain Kitty - 03/25/09 02:31 PM
Meet Mountain Kitty. His name is Sylvester, and of course he is a Tom Cat. He is definitely a house cat, his paws have never touched the ground.
Sylvester belongs to our cousin, who lives in the house beside of our mountain house. Sylvester loves people food, in fact, he doesn't know that he is not people. He loves Costco chicken and turkey.
When you go to visit, Sylvester will sit on your lap and enjoy all the attention you have to share with him. Sylvester says hello to Active Rain.
 He also invites you for a visit, as long as, … (7 comments)

pets: Tody Cat is a Couch Cat - 03/02/09 02:29 PM
Toby Cat has a new blanket and he has decided that he will be a couch cat instead of King of the recliner. I am glad, because he was in my recliner. He is such a large cat and he wants to lay in the middle. He also likes to lay in the middle of the bed. He truly wants to be the king whereever he is laying.

pets: Toby Cat Needs A Recipe! - 02/24/09 12:52 PM

Toby Cat would like to know if any one has a recipe for mouse or mole flavored kitty food or kitty treats. He just does not understand why we humans can not understand what kitty want in the flavors of their kitty food. He also would like to have the recipe for dry not wet food, as that is what he likes. Please let him know if you have any ideas!

pets: I Want Control Of the Recliner and a Kitty Door! - 02/15/09 02:10 AM

I don't understand why the buttons on the remote control are so small. I would prefer that they be larger with pictures. I would also like to have a kitty door on the back door. My owners are afraid that I will bring a live mouse, bird or something else yummy and playful into the house - so no kitty door for me. I'm going back to sleep and when it's my idea we will talk again, after all I am a cat and it has to be my idea!

pets: Toby Cat , Tody Cat - 02/14/09 05:15 PM
My wife called me yesterday - frantic. One of our neighbors had called her to say that a large black cat was in the road and had been run over. The wife was at Costco and needed to go back to her office. She checked out at Costco and went directly home. I waited on pins and needles, worried to death about Toby Cat. Finally, after what seemed like hours, the phone rang and Toby Cat was home - safe and sound. We don't know who lost their kitty, but our heart goes out to them! Toby will not stay in … (2 comments)

pets: King Of the Recliner - 02/10/09 11:38 AM
Hi, my name is Toby Cat and I am the King of the Recliner! I like Nine Lives and mice. I also like to take long walks and always want to sleep in the bed on a cold winter's night. I like the middle of the bed and all of the cover. You will be seeing more of me, stay tuned!



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