leads: Realtors here is how to qualify Website Leads Easily - 11/16/15 04:21 AM
Real estate agents, you have a website, which hopefully generates potential leads for you. However, not all these leads are of high quality. In fact, a significant portion may only have a casual interest in buying or selling a home – “tire kickers” as automotive salespeople often say. You do not want to waste time following up on poor quality leads.
So what is the solution? 
Add qualifying questions to your website response form. This form is the online information that website visitors provide when they sign up for your free report.
For example, let us say you offer a free guide on your website … (4 comments)

leads: New Realtors® Generate More Referrals, Leads, and Sales - 09/22/15 09:02 AM

Are you new to real estate?
If you've just started out in the real estate business, you've probably already discovered that those first few months can be financially challenging.
Many new real estate agents forget that they’re going into business for themselves; and they don’t realize that they need building tools, resources, and proven business practices to help guide them to a successful career.
If you are like most most new real estate agents then you will find it hard to:
manage expenses when you haven’t earned any commission income yet; develop a business with a limited budget and limited resources; and get started on … (0 comments)

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