marketing: 7 affordable marketing strategies you need - 01/14/16 01:12 AM
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Whew. Where did the time go? The new year is here, and it is time for a fresh start to all of your real estate marketing initiatives. There is no doubt you want this year to be even better than last year. Kick off 2016 with a good start so you can generate more referrals and repeat clients.
Luckily, it can be done. With a systematic and strategic approach and some out-of-the-box ideas, you can jumpstart your marketing success.
Here are 7 affordable marketing strategies you need to succeed in 2016:
1. Pick five of your best clients to reach … (33 comments)

marketing: Break the real estate marketing mold - 11/23/15 02:11 AM
We are sharing a blog post that was originally published by our sister company IXACT Contact.
Dr. Seuss once said, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”  And this heartwarming advice certainly applies to real estate agents!  In a sea of REALTORS® all working to get the next listing, catching your prospect’s eye can be a challenge.  Let’s explore some tried and true methods for standing out from the crowd as a Realtor and getting more attention from prospects.
You know that there are other real estate professionals working in your city or town, and that’s ok!  Every person has a different … (4 comments)

marketing: The Way You Present Your Home For Sale Could Justify A Price Reduction - 11/20/15 06:03 AM
Presentation in everything you do from your marketing material to the way a home shows can make a huge difference. Use the right material and see the gains, use the wrong material and you will not be successful!
Trust us with your marketing material and you will get more referrals, sales, and leads today! Here are testimonials from successful realtors who are using The Referral Marketing System:
Contact us and get the first month free:
When listing your home for sale, it's important to understand that price is determined by your local market. The most you will receive for your house is the price that … (2 comments)

marketing: The Best Direct Mail Newsletter Content Topics - 11/02/15 03:33 AM
We are very happy to announce that this week's blog post was originally published by INMAN, see original post by clicking here.
Realtors you may be wondering, why send direct mail to past clients? They’ve already done business with me, I’m sure they’ll do business with me again. Right?
Not necessarily. Sending direct mail newsletters to past clients is a great way to ensure you stay top of mind. If a person gets a piece of direct mail with your name on it, they’ll be instantly reminded of the exceptional service you provided them and will be more likely to think of you when they need … (1 comments)

marketing: Does it ever make sense to try to hang onto a listing when the seller wants out? - 10/27/15 06:54 AM
This is a great post and had to re-blog.
Today, Karen Fiddler wrote a great post about what some sellers in her community had to do to get out of a listing agreement.  And this probably happens more often than we like to think about.
In this case, the previous listing agent had done something clearly bad and wrong, but his broker backed him up.  The seller was angry and wanted out of the listing agreement prior to the expiration date, and the broker clung to the agreement for dear life, refusing to sign a release until the local Board got … (4 comments)

marketing: 4 Benefits of The Referral Marketing System - 10/12/15 01:53 AM
You a real estate agent evaluating your marketing options and wonder to yourself, 'Why should I sign-up for The Referral Marketing System versus all the options offered in this crowded marketplace?'
To help you with your decision making process, we have compiled a two part blog series outlining the 8 benefits of The Referral Marketing System. Here is Part One outlining 4 benefits of The Referral Marketing System:
1. It’s a system that will maximize your productivity and positively contribute to your bottom line.
If you look at what successful real estate agents have in common you will notice it all comes down to one thing: they … (2 comments)

marketing: 5 website elements Realtors need to succeed - 10/05/15 08:34 AM

This week we are sharing a blog post that was originally published by our sister company IXACT Contact.
A real estate agent’s website says a lot. It can either be helpful to its audience of prospects, or not. It can either contribute to an agent’s goals of building an online brand and generating leads, or not.  The best REALTOR® websites have the boxes checked in both of these categories.
Now the question is, what do the best Realtor websites look like? What components do they have that set them apart? And most importantly, how do you get the best real estate website that … (4 comments)

marketing: How to Recognize Your Referral Clients - 08/10/15 08:28 AM
Too often real estate agents get a referral from a client, friend, colleague or fellow agent and don’t take the time to stop and thank them properly for sending the business. You can’t take referrals for granted.
A little gratitude goes a long way in this world. When you receive a referral, immediately let your client, friend or colleague know that you appreciate their consideration and trust. Assure them that not only are you grateful for the lead, but also that you will do everything in your power to take incredible care of that referral and deliver the highest level of service and professionalism.
Here How … (0 comments)

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