real estate agents realtor: 7 affordable marketing strategies you need - 01/14/16 01:12 AM
This post was originally published on Inman.
Whew. Where did the time go? The new year is here, and it is time for a fresh start to all of your real estate marketing initiatives. There is no doubt you want this year to be even better than last year. Kick off 2016 with a good start so you can generate more referrals and repeat clients.
Luckily, it can be done. With a systematic and strategic approach and some out-of-the-box ideas, you can jumpstart your marketing success.
Here are 7 affordable marketing strategies you need to succeed in 2016:
1. Pick five of your best clients to reach … (33 comments)

real estate agents realtor: “House on coroner” - Eye-popping MLS Bloopers! - 12/14/15 03:07 AM
These bloopers are too funny. 
We offer the Referral Marketing System, which includes: direct mail, email newsletters, website, and the best real estate CRM that will help you manage your entire real estate business.
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Oh, yes, it’s blooper day, and I found some eye-popping gaffes on the MLS this week! I think I finally figured out why we consistently see such errors – agents are letting their pets write their listing remarks. On the other hand, I suspect that my dog can spell better than some of these culprits, so I may … (4 comments)

real estate agents realtor: How to qualify past clients for Referral Marketing - 12/07/15 10:51 PM
It is natural to want to include every client you have ever worked with in your Referral Marketing database, but this is not a good idea.
There are some clients who – for whatever reason – will never use your services again nor refer business to you. So why waste time and money marketing to them? Instead, the only names that should be in your database are those who are, or could potentially become, loyal to you.
How do you qualify past clients for Referral Marketing? Its easy, just ask yourself a few simple questions:
“Did the previous transaction come to a … (2 comments)

real estate agents realtor: 6 real estate blogs you should follow - 12/01/15 01:40 AM
The following post was originally published by our sister company, IXACT Contact.
The real estate industry is constantly changing, now add to that the fact that the marketing industry is also varying day-to-day. So how can you stay on top of all of the changes so your real estate marketing can be as effective as possible?
We have compiled a list of 6 real estate blogs you should be following for the latest industry news, tips and trends. Many of these blogs have an eNewsletter signup so you can get their latest posts emailed directly to you. If you want to stay on top of … (12 comments)

real estate agents realtor: Real Estate Tips for success by a top performing agent - 11/04/15 06:11 AM
In an effort to help real estate agents achieve the highest level of professional success, we interviewed top performing agent, Bill Parnaby, and asked him to share with us his marketing tips.
Here is the interview:
Please tell us a little bit about yourself, including your years of real estate experience, your education background, and where you practice real estate.
Education: Undergrad in Biology and Physical Education from Wilfred Laurier University.
Experience: Over 25 years in real estate.
Practice: In the town of Caledon, just North of Toronto. 
What were your challenges before turning to Morris Real Estate Marketing Group?
I have been with Morris Real Estate Marketing Group … (0 comments)

real estate agents realtor: The Best Direct Mail Newsletter Content Topics - 11/02/15 03:33 AM
We are very happy to announce that this week's blog post was originally published by INMAN, see original post by clicking here.
Realtors you may be wondering, why send direct mail to past clients? They’ve already done business with me, I’m sure they’ll do business with me again. Right?
Not necessarily. Sending direct mail newsletters to past clients is a great way to ensure you stay top of mind. If a person gets a piece of direct mail with your name on it, they’ll be instantly reminded of the exceptional service you provided them and will be more likely to think of you when they need … (1 comments)

real estate agents realtor: Does it ever make sense to try to hang onto a listing when the seller wants out? - 10/27/15 06:54 AM
This is a great post and had to re-blog.
Today, Karen Fiddler wrote a great post about what some sellers in her community had to do to get out of a listing agreement.  And this probably happens more often than we like to think about.
In this case, the previous listing agent had done something clearly bad and wrong, but his broker backed him up.  The seller was angry and wanted out of the listing agreement prior to the expiration date, and the broker clung to the agreement for dear life, refusing to sign a release until the local Board got … (4 comments)

real estate agents realtor: Drive Traffic to your real estate Facebook Page - 10/21/15 07:03 AM
I just posted a blog post on How to Drive traffic to your real estate Facebook page and I thought to share it with everyone on this group: 

real estate agents realtor: Social Media Tip 2 - Using Viral Content Buzz to get more shares - 10/21/15 04:17 AM
Social Media can seem daunting but this is a very simple tip: simply put share content from other blogs so they will share yours!
Now who would like to guest blog on our Morris Real Estate Marketing Blog? 
If you are interested sessage me on Active Rain. 
Here is my 2nd post for Bob Stewart's Crowdsourcing on social media.  This is not for's just to help the community.
I originally learned about Viral Content Buzz from Bill Gassett.  It is VERY simple to use, fast and it's FREE.  I had this on my "to do" list for at least 6 months, … (0 comments)

real estate agents realtor: The Psychology of the Low-Ball Offer in 2015 - 10/19/15 06:30 AM
This post offers some great advice on what not to do when you make an offer. Great tips for home buyers. 
Low-ball offers are nothing new in real estate.  Buyers and sellers have probably done this dance since the dawn of time. 
As a buyer in 2015, you need to be aware of some things that you are communicating to the seller with your low-ball offer:
1.  I'm a first time buyer and I don't know what I'm doing.
2.  I wanted to buy a house in 2009 but I didn't have any money then.  I'm hoping that you are … (2 comments)

real estate agents realtor: Five Must-Have Items Every Good Listing Agent Should Carry - 10/16/15 06:49 AM
Five Must-Have Items Every Good Listing Agent Should Carry.
The other day I was reminded why carrying around certain items that stay tucked away neatly in the back of my crossover is such a great idea. I thought I would take an inventory and see what five items back there I truly needed on a constant basis. 
1) A steel mallet. Yes, I hammer my own signs in the ground and if you do to you know how handy the mighty mallet truly is. Plus, if the office printer isn't working properly, you can always use the mallet to threaten said infuriating electronic … (3 comments)

real estate agents realtor: Why do Realtors not reach their goals? - 10/06/15 07:11 AM

Most real estate agents run around being and feeling busy but miss their goals because of two main reasons:
They do not keep tabs on their numbers. They do not stick close to their highest priority (and revenue generating) activities. Realtors, make this the year you far surpass your goals and expectations by identifying them and consistently tracking and analyzing your numbers.  It’s a little like working a mathematical equation backwards. How can real estate agents become successful you ask?
Get out a notebook or piece of paper. Now, start with your goal:  How much do you want to make this year?  Write … (5 comments)

real estate agents realtor: Learn A Real Estate Lesson From A NYC Diamond Merchant - 10/01/15 07:38 AM
Can a home appraisal shine like a diamond? 
Our Repeat and Referral Marketing System can certainly help you shine a diamond! 
Contact us today and ask how you can get the first month free along with a free website: 
If there is one practice that confounds both homebuyers and sellers alike it's the fact that the majority of real estate transactions close at the mercy of an appraisal conducted for a purpose that most consumers do not consider.
Understanding these differences will save you money when it comes to buying or selling a home, and it will help you appreciate the need and value … (0 comments)

real estate agents realtor: Networking Increases Business - 09/28/15 06:41 AM
Networking Works! Share your #1 networking tip.
Anyone who follows my blog knows one of my favorite things to do is to get out and Network.  I go to as many Business After Hour events as I possibly can, and try to get to as many community events as possible as well.  I have found in my 40 plus years in sales that nothing takes the place of what use to be referred to as getting out and "Pressing The Flesh".  Today "Pressing The Flesh" has been replaced by a much more politically correct word "Networking", and I am a firm believer Networking … (0 comments)

real estate agents realtor: Owner Requests to Disclose that Owners Smoke - 09/23/15 06:35 AM
You are listing a home and your client smokes inside the house, would you disclose this fact in the listing? Why or why not?
"Owner Requests to Disclose that Owners Smoke"
This is a rare occurrence in our MLS listings, as far as I can recall. I just saw it.
And with no intended offense to those of you who smoke, smoking is, for many buyers, the kiss (or is it smell?) goodbye for a house sale.
We don't see it often disclosed in the MLS. And that's too bad, since it might save some buyers the trouble … (0 comments)

real estate agents realtor: Why Do Homeowners Over Value Their Homes - 09/18/15 06:34 AM
Home values are local and looking at national averages or reading information online does not necessarily help consumers price their homes correctly.
Calling a local real estate agent and asking for a Comparative Market Analysis would be far more helpful than trying to guess what the price of a house should be. 
Why Do Homeowners Over Value Their Homes
I would have to answer that question this way. Mostly because Brokers and news sources all broadcast that home values are close to the all time high. Who can blame homeowners, no one has said that lots of homes in specific locations went up in value … (0 comments)

real estate agents realtor: Okay I Will Accept Your Text…. But, there are Basic Requirements. - 09/17/15 05:14 AM
Have you ever received an anonymous text from someone? Have you ever send a text but never received a response?
In this blog post some basic text rules are outlined and we couldn't agree more with them. Share with us any other rules you would like to add. 
Okay I Will Accept Your Text…. But, there are Basic Requirements.
One of my most frustrating issues in dealing with rentals is the amount of people who have opted to take a huge step back in communications to the old telegraph machine.
Instead of picking up the modern telephone, or answering the phone in … (2 comments)

real estate agents realtor: Myths About Real Estate Agents - True or False? - 09/16/15 02:23 AM
Myths and truths about real estate agents. Great post.
There is no doubt that the experiences of family and friends impact our decisions greatly. We value the opinions of those we love the most... and when they have a bad experience, it's easy to draw assumptions about the culprit, whether actual or misconstrued.
Real Estate Agents aren't above this. In some circles, we have a bad rap.  But if you take the time to read this post, you'll learn quite the contrary about Real Estate Agents, our commitment to valued relationships and our field of expertise. Let's debunk the Top Real Estate Agent Myths.
1. Real Estate … (1 comments)

real estate agents realtor: Mistakes to Avoid with Your Hot Prospects - 09/11/15 07:48 AM

Do you know how to communicate with your hot prospects? This blog post offers some fantastic tips on what to do right and what to avoid. 
Keep in-touch with your hot prospects and clients with The Referral Marketing System. Its easy and we do all the work for you. Contact us today and we will show you how!
This post was originally published here: 
In the midst of your prospecting phone calls, marketing efforts, and referral seeking, what you’re really hoping for is to connect with more motivated buyers and sellers, or what we call hot prospects.  While it’s good to be aware … (3 comments)

real estate agents realtor: Facebook Fridays - A Taste of Social Media Manna - 09/11/15 07:42 AM
We are very honored to have been featured in Facebook Fridays.
Please like our Facebook page found here: and share your page with us, so we can Like your page in return.

Facebook is like that weed that you just cannot get rid of. Other Social media sites hit the Web with promise to dethrone the undisputed king of SM only to be quickly brushed aside. Will its reign end? Most likely someday but not in the immediate future which means it is a fantastic opportunity to generate more interest in our brand, gain more blogging leverage, reach more potential prospects, and … (0 comments)

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