referralmarketingsystem: Do not visualize achieving a goal - 01/25/16 12:30 AM

Real Estate Agents, chances are you have come across dozens of books, seminars, and training programs on how to set and achieve goals. So you have probably heard something like this:
You must visualize the experience of having achieved your goal. Imagine the good feelings associated with that achievement. Get excited. The more clearly you can “see” yourself crossing the finish line, the more likely you are to do so.
This is, perhaps, the most common advice given in the field of goal setting.
But is this true?
The answer might surprise you. It’s not.
In a study conducted at the University of California, a group of students … (0 comments)

referralmarketingsystem: 5 Tips on how to circle Back to a Stalled Conversation - 01/21/16 06:21 AM

This article originally appeared on Inman.
Are you familiar with this chain of events? A real estate prospect shows interest in listing his or her home. You diligently pursue the lead with phone calls, a home evaluation and coffee meetings. You do everything right, but in spite of your best efforts, the conversation stalls and fizzles out. What’s a real estate agent to do?
You don’t want to pester someone who isn’t ready to make a move, but you also don’t want to fall out of touch. This prospect is eventually going to list the home, and you want to be the real estate agent of choice.
Once … (1 comments)

referralmarketingsystem: How REALTORS® Can Manage Their Time During the Holidays - 12/18/15 02:14 AM
This is a great post. 
As a REALTOR®, do you ever feel like you’re jogging on a treadmill with no chance to catch your breath? If we’re right, that’s probably how you feel during the spring and summer, but not so much during the winter. This time of year, you may be struggling to continue generating leads.
With that in mind, it’s important to make some adjustments to your time management strategies between summer and winter. You need to make some changes if you want business to pick up during the holidays. Use these tips as a guide to better manage … (2 comments)

referralmarketingsystem: “House on coroner” - Eye-popping MLS Bloopers! - 12/14/15 03:07 AM
These bloopers are too funny. 
We offer the Referral Marketing System, which includes: direct mail, email newsletters, website, and the best real estate CRM that will help you manage your entire real estate business.
Contact us today to find out more and get the first month free:
Oh, yes, it’s blooper day, and I found some eye-popping gaffes on the MLS this week! I think I finally figured out why we consistently see such errors – agents are letting their pets write their listing remarks. On the other hand, I suspect that my dog can spell better than some of these culprits, so I may … (4 comments)

referralmarketingsystem: How to deal with an upset Client or Prospect - 12/13/15 11:15 PM
A new client thinks you are not doing enough to sell his home...
A prospect is irate because you have not returned a phone call fast enough...
A past client is offended because you have not been in touch with her for a while.
No matter how carefully you manage your prospect and client relationships, there are bound to be times when someone gets upset. It happens.
How do you deal with an upset Client or Prospect?
It is very important that you not allow yourself to get drawn in emotionally and become upset. Two angry people rarely accomplish much. Instead, use the following tips to … (14 comments)

referralmarketingsystem: 6 real estate blogs you should follow - 12/01/15 01:40 AM
The following post was originally published by our sister company, IXACT Contact.
The real estate industry is constantly changing, now add to that the fact that the marketing industry is also varying day-to-day. So how can you stay on top of all of the changes so your real estate marketing can be as effective as possible?
We have compiled a list of 6 real estate blogs you should be following for the latest industry news, tips and trends. Many of these blogs have an eNewsletter signup so you can get their latest posts emailed directly to you. If you want to stay on top of … (12 comments)

referralmarketingsystem: Grow your real estate business with Referral Marketing - 11/30/15 03:35 AM
According to a 2014 report from the National Association of Realtors, the typical REALTOR® earned 21% of their business from repeat clients and customers, and 21% through referrals from past clients and customers.
That’s almost half of their business generated through referrals and repeat clients. This is why it is so important to take advantage of referral marketing
Start by narrowing your marketing focus from a mass audience to a highly targeted one – your past clients – you will immediately realize a number of benefits. Here is why you should grow your real estate business with Referral Marketing:
1. Higher productivity
The more targeted your … (7 comments)

referralmarketingsystem: Break the real estate marketing mold - 11/23/15 02:11 AM
We are sharing a blog post that was originally published by our sister company IXACT Contact.
Dr. Seuss once said, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”  And this heartwarming advice certainly applies to real estate agents!  In a sea of REALTORS® all working to get the next listing, catching your prospect’s eye can be a challenge.  Let’s explore some tried and true methods for standing out from the crowd as a Realtor and getting more attention from prospects.
You know that there are other real estate professionals working in your city or town, and that’s ok!  Every person has a different … (4 comments)

referralmarketingsystem: The Way You Present Your Home For Sale Could Justify A Price Reduction - 11/20/15 06:03 AM
Presentation in everything you do from your marketing material to the way a home shows can make a huge difference. Use the right material and see the gains, use the wrong material and you will not be successful!
Trust us with your marketing material and you will get more referrals, sales, and leads today! Here are testimonials from successful realtors who are using The Referral Marketing System:
Contact us and get the first month free:
When listing your home for sale, it's important to understand that price is determined by your local market. The most you will receive for your house is the price that … (2 comments)

referralmarketingsystem: Why is it hard to stand out? How REALTORS Can Break the Mold - 11/20/15 04:03 AM
Real estate agents are you looking to break the mold? 
If you are looking for a fresh new approach to your marketing strategy contact us today to find out more about The Referral Marketing System, and get the first month for free:
Dr. Seuss once said, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”  And this heartwarming advice certainly applies to real estate agents!  In a sea of REALTORS all working to get the next listing, catching your prospect’s eye can be a challenge.  Let’s explore some tried and true methods for standing out from the crowd as a Realtor and … (0 comments)

referralmarketingsystem: Realtors here is why you should continue to blog - 11/18/15 01:12 AM
Today’s post was inspired by a question posed by a realtor on Active Rain, is Blogging Dead?
Here are some reasons as to why your blogs are not getting as many views as they used to and how to overcome these issues:
Issue: Competition. More and more real estate agents are blogging today, therefore there is increased and unprecedented competition in real estate blogging.Solution: Realtors, you have to blog even more and provide more relevant and informational content in order for your posts to rank higher. If you want help with writing your blog, The Referral Marketing System offers blog posts your prospects would be interested in reading, thus making … (7 comments)

referralmarketingsystem: Realtors here is how to qualify Website Leads Easily - 11/16/15 04:21 AM
Real estate agents, you have a website, which hopefully generates potential leads for you. However, not all these leads are of high quality. In fact, a significant portion may only have a casual interest in buying or selling a home – “tire kickers” as automotive salespeople often say. You do not want to waste time following up on poor quality leads.
So what is the solution? 
Add qualifying questions to your website response form. This form is the online information that website visitors provide when they sign up for your free report.
For example, let us say you offer a free guide on your website … (4 comments)

referralmarketingsystem: How Realtors Build Loyalty with Social Media Marketing - 11/15/15 11:54 PM
Many people, including potential prospects and past clients, like to read real estate news and in fact they will look for this information on various websites, and social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
But are they finding you there? Or are they finding some other REALTOR®?
On these sites, you need great content to attract prospects, and motivate them to learn more about you. If your competitor is showing up in front of your audience with great content, but you are not, there is a chance your competitor will be chosen over you. If you want to build loyalty … (1 comments)

referralmarketingsystem: 6 Tips to help you become a successful real estate agent - 11/12/15 02:45 AM

You may be starting out your real estate career as a Rookie Realtor or you may have been a real estate agent for a few years, but have yet to figure out what it takes to succeed in the competitive real estate industry.
For that reason, we have compiled 6 tips to help you become a successful real estate agent:
 1. Write down your goals.
Creating goals and writing them down is essential to your success, not just in real estate but also in everything you do in life.
In fact, it has been statistically proven in over 100 studies that: “people who explicitly … (5 comments)

referralmarketingsystem: Realtors avoid a common time management mistake - 11/08/15 11:32 PM
Most books on time management teach us to focus only on activities that are important or urgent. This is the so-called “ABC priority approach” where you focus on the ‘A’ priorities first, then the ‘B’s, and finally the ‘C’s.
The ‘C’ list often includes little things, such as making a file folder to hold new client paperwork, or calling to book a follow-up dental appointment. You know – the activities that can wait until later.
The problem is, “later” never comes. And all your little tasks begin to pile up. Fast.
It’s very difficult to focus on the important things you … (3 comments)

referralmarketingsystem: The Best Direct Mail Newsletter Content Topics - 11/02/15 03:33 AM
We are very happy to announce that this week's blog post was originally published by INMAN, see original post by clicking here.
Realtors you may be wondering, why send direct mail to past clients? They’ve already done business with me, I’m sure they’ll do business with me again. Right?
Not necessarily. Sending direct mail newsletters to past clients is a great way to ensure you stay top of mind. If a person gets a piece of direct mail with your name on it, they’ll be instantly reminded of the exceptional service you provided them and will be more likely to think of you when they need … (1 comments)

referralmarketingsystem: 5 benefits of The Referral Marketing System - 10/20/15 08:45 AM
In last week’s blog post we wrote about the benefits of The Referral Marketing System. If you are still unsure as to why you should start your Free* trial today, we have compiled an additional 5 reasons to help you better understand why signing-up to The Referral Marketing System is the best business decision you will make:
1. Includes the best Real Estate CRM
A key differentiating benefit of The Referral Marketing System is that it includes the best real estate specific CRM, IXACT Contact, which allows you to easily and quickly get organized and tailor your message to your past clients and … (0 comments)

referralmarketingsystem: 4 Benefits of The Referral Marketing System - 10/12/15 01:53 AM
You a real estate agent evaluating your marketing options and wonder to yourself, 'Why should I sign-up for The Referral Marketing System versus all the options offered in this crowded marketplace?'
To help you with your decision making process, we have compiled a two part blog series outlining the 8 benefits of The Referral Marketing System. Here is Part One outlining 4 benefits of The Referral Marketing System:
1. It’s a system that will maximize your productivity and positively contribute to your bottom line.
If you look at what successful real estate agents have in common you will notice it all comes down to one thing: they … (2 comments)

referralmarketingsystem: Why do Realtors not reach their goals? - 10/06/15 07:11 AM

Most real estate agents run around being and feeling busy but miss their goals because of two main reasons:
They do not keep tabs on their numbers. They do not stick close to their highest priority (and revenue generating) activities. Realtors, make this the year you far surpass your goals and expectations by identifying them and consistently tracking and analyzing your numbers.  It’s a little like working a mathematical equation backwards. How can real estate agents become successful you ask?
Get out a notebook or piece of paper. Now, start with your goal:  How much do you want to make this year?  Write … (5 comments)

referralmarketingsystem: Ask an Ambassador: How Do I Avoid Rookie First Blog Post Mistakes? - 10/01/15 07:47 AM
Very helpful blogging tips for realtors or anyone who is new to blogging. Please share in the comments any other helpful first tip blogger tips you may have.
Also, if you are new to real estate or know someone who is Contact Us today to find out more about our Rookie Realtor Offer, which is free for 6 months and includes a free website as well. 
Part of what I do as an Ambassador is to check out the newbie bloggers here on ActiveRain, looking for possibilities for a weekly post that I write each Sunday.  Some of the first posts are just terrific.  Others, … (5 comments)

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