repeatandreferralmarketing: 5 Tips on how to circle Back to a Stalled Conversation - 01/21/16 06:21 AM

This article originally appeared on Inman.
Are you familiar with this chain of events? A real estate prospect shows interest in listing his or her home. You diligently pursue the lead with phone calls, a home evaluation and coffee meetings. You do everything right, but in spite of your best efforts, the conversation stalls and fizzles out. What’s a real estate agent to do?
You don’t want to pester someone who isn’t ready to make a move, but you also don’t want to fall out of touch. This prospect is eventually going to list the home, and you want to be the real estate agent of choice.
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repeatandreferralmarketing: Why do Realtors not reach their goals? - 10/06/15 07:11 AM

Most real estate agents run around being and feeling busy but miss their goals because of two main reasons:
They do not keep tabs on their numbers. They do not stick close to their highest priority (and revenue generating) activities. Realtors, make this the year you far surpass your goals and expectations by identifying them and consistently tracking and analyzing your numbers.  It’s a little like working a mathematical equation backwards. How can real estate agents become successful you ask?
Get out a notebook or piece of paper. Now, start with your goal:  How much do you want to make this year?  Write … (5 comments)

repeatandreferralmarketing: Facebook Fridays - A Taste of Social Media Manna - 09/11/15 07:42 AM
We are very honored to have been featured in Facebook Fridays.
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Facebook is like that weed that you just cannot get rid of. Other Social media sites hit the Web with promise to dethrone the undisputed king of SM only to be quickly brushed aside. Will its reign end? Most likely someday but not in the immediate future which means it is a fantastic opportunity to generate more interest in our brand, gain more blogging leverage, reach more potential prospects, and … (0 comments)

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