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  Is now the right time to refi? Maybe, mortgages rates are around 5%, or so, for a 30 year fixed rate loan and less for a new adjustable, if you can find it.  (Wells Fargo seems to be doing them... today anyway.)  The best refi deals are for those who (1) have a loan limit below $600,000, or wha...
 The SLO County Planning Dept has been working diligently on the proposed sewer project. The final EIR was released in April. There are two possible sites with the least impact to the environment that are acceptable to the county.  The County Engineer in charge, John Waddell (788-2701, has said t...
Hi Everyone!  Summer is over heating the inland valleys, so cool fog is the main tourist attraction at the coast.  The tourists are shivering with delight beneath their Morro Bay sweatshirts. They're just happy to be out of the heat for a while. Hopefully they are spending a bit of their hard ear...
At long last!  On August 2, 2009 there will be a ground breaking ceremony for "Morro Bay Pups Dog Park."  It will be held at Del Mar Park, in North Morro Bay, at 11AM. The Morro Bay Pups group, after many years, a plethora of garage sales, fund raisers and extended negotiation with the city and ...
  The good: So far, the current 15% max tax rate for capital gains isn't scheduled to expire until the end of 2010, unless Congress changes it.  However, even better, if your income is low enough, you can pay as little as 0%.  That was done to help retired persons, emancipated minors and the self...
Hi Everyone! Spring has sprung. Summer is around the corner. The howling March winds arrived in April downing a few trees, but....we live in paradise, so who cares?  Glorious sun for a few more months, green hills fading to brown, wildflowers abound, no hoards of tourists (though we sure need the...
Upcoming Local Events Quilt and garden art Don't forget to go to two events over 4/25-26. One's the fabulous Seven Sister's Quilt Show at the Madonna Expo Center on both days. View 350+ pieces of art for only $7.00. On Sunday 4/46, noon-5PM, enjoy eight "Secret Gardens of the Central Coast" a hig...
Welcome to fall in Morro Bay!  A kaleidoscope of color from the brown hills, red, sun burned tourists bestowing green dollars upon the town, colorful tents sprouting in out campgrounds, colorful trollies carting folks around and, of course, gray skies (at least for part of the day.)  Since touri...
Did you know...that it costs around $14,000 for development fees and permits to build a new residence of about 1500 sqft in the city of Morro Bay?    However, you'll be given a credit for demolition of an existing home. If you're adding less than 500sqft to an existing residence, you won't have t...
  No, the question doesn't involve that U-turn in front of the post office, or the borrowing of your neighbor's cable TV signal.  It's much more obscure. The question is, is my bedroom really a bedroom, legally?  You're thinking, who cares, I sleep in it so it's my bedroom isn't it? Ask a Realtor...

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