realtor: The Best Value in a Center City Philadelphia Condo - 11/24/08 01:27 AM
Seems hardly a day goes by that I am not asked for my two cents in the general arena that is Center City Condos. As a professed uni-blab, big-brained know-it-all in this field, I have to confess that I eat, live, breathe, think, and dream downtown Philly condos for a good portion of each day. I was once asked what I believed would be the best long-term "hold" in terms of condominiums, and have come to the conclusion that the answer lies on the northwest corner of 13th and Spruce Streets.
The Lenox was converted from apartments to condominiums in 2005-2006 … (0 comments)

realtor: Someone in this transaction is a nut bag - 05/02/08 09:04 AM
What is it about a real estate transaction that causes somewhat sane, rational carbon based life form to think and act like a bag of nails?
My advice for each of the following parties involved in a real estate transaction:
1) BUYERS: It is a law in almost all 50 states that you MUST experience cold feet within the first ten days of executing an agreement of sale. Expect it. But also remember that you also agonized about that pair of shoes, or that suit you bought, that was also kinda' expensive. So relax, everything will be fine.
2) SELLERS: No, the buyers cannot be locked up in … (5 comments)

realtor: Burn a bridge, and kiss away a commission - 04/21/08 09:51 AM
     Having been a realtor here in downtown Philadelphia for the past 18 years, I know my way around. There seems to be very little I don't know about Center City Philadelphia real estate. And don't even try to match wits with me when it comes to the market, contracts, traffic patterns of buyers, etc. I know it all.
     I try to keep my overwhelming arrogence to myself. I don't want to come off as anything more than perhaps a bit impatient/self-important with other realtors. I don't fight with other realtors, I don't cuss them out, I try to keep disagreements … (1 comments)

realtor: I hope your condominiums special assement is sky-high - 02/09/08 07:42 AM
Yeah, I know....I am the unpopular one.
I am the smart-a** who sits in the back row of the condo board meetings heckling board members while a martini is spillin' out of my right hand. I am the one who always votes for higher condo fees and special assessments. And I don't care if you don't like me.
I want the common areas attended to frequently. I want light bulbs in the stairtower changed, the carpet in the hallway swept, and the windows cleaned with resonable frequency. I want my doorman to be tidy and responsive...not some slug who can't at least … (4 comments)

realtor: Member- Jillion Dollar Club - 12/30/07 01:13 AM
I have been around the Philadelphia real estate market for a long time. Since 1989 to be exact. I have heard, and seen all kinds of things. And I either cringe or laugh when I hear some of the absolute bull that comes out of the mouths of some of my contemporaries.
I was once told by a peer that he had the ability to either make or break a certain sale. He had the power to "make" his buyers buy what he suggested. To which I replied, "Really?".... In all my 19 years experience I have never been able to exercise … (9 comments)

realtor: I am a Philadelphia Realtor Snob - 10/02/07 12:40 PM
          I am a Philadelphia Realtor Snob
I, Mark Wade, a Prudential Fox and Roach Realtor here in Center City Philadelphia am a real estate snob.
I haven't really hidden that fact over the years as well. I kinda' think that I'm pretty groovy, actually.  I have lived here in condos in Philly for just over twenty years, and I have been a Society Hill realtor for over eighteen years (I say that because my office is physically in the Society Hill area section of town). I have never owned a lawnmower, a driveway, or a weed whacker. Sneering at those who do own such items has become a favorite pastime of … (1 comments)

realtor: Because your offer sucks, that's why.... - 09/16/07 07:29 AM
As a fairly strong listing agent in the downtown Philadelphia real estate market, I am often times presented with multiple offers, at the same time, on the same listings. And more often than not, the agent associated with the losing offer on such bidding wars asks why their buyer lost the condo or loft they were seeking. And the answer is generally the same:
1) You brought me a pre-approval from someone neither my seller, nor I  have ever heard of. It was a copy of a fax, off what looked like a newspaper ad. It had no phone number, or company name.
2) … (6 comments)

realtor: I Just adore a Penthouse View - Rittenhouse Square Luxury Penthouses - 08/25/07 01:48 AM
I am a huge fan of Rittenhouse Square. No big surprise there. A lot of Philadelphia condo buyers feel the same way. Rittenhouse Square in one of four public squares here in downtown (Center City) Philadelphia.
Located (west of Borad Street) between Walnut and Spruce streets, 18th and 19th streets, the square has a variety of high rise condominium buildings, a few rental buildings, and one or two office buildings. The latest addition to the square,currently being constructed is "10 Rittenhouse"....or Ten Rittenhouse.
There are no loft buildings on the square, and the existing inventory of homes include a wide variety of … (0 comments)

realtor: I hope the Center City Condo I sell you smells like dog pee- honest! - 08/17/07 04:10 PM
I Hope the Center City Condo I Sell You Smells Like Dog Pee
And has dirty orange shag carpeting.  And faded purple painted walls.  I really do.
I have been preaching this mantra for some eighteen years now here in Center City Philadelphia.  And it has worked!  Our little group of seven REALTORS® ( at Prudential Fox and Roach REALTORS® sell over 160 Philadelphia condos and Philadelphia townhouses a year to very happy owners.
One distinction that we can brag about is the fairly sizeable profits a lot of our buyers make when they call us a number of years … (20 comments)

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