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Happy Friday everybody!  Here’s the proof that we do make mistakes (a lot of ‘em for that matter). Not really much to say here…………we have a mortgage video blog that we put a lot of time and effort in to. Enjoy the laughs today as we pull the curtain back and show you how the sausage got made! Due...
  Condominium living in Chicago is fun, relaxed and exciting.  Condominium financing on Chicago properties can be clunky, cumbersome and very stressful if a buyer and/or realtor are not up to speed on what to look for when shopping.  In today’s installment Milly breaks down the four crucial item...
  It’s the 2nd installment of the NO BOZO Zone!  In today’s installment Milly lets mortgagecustomers of the Fox Cities (Wisconsin) and Chicago areas of what behaviors they should keep an eye peeled for when engaging with a  loan officer.  The goal of the NO BOZO Zone is to save home buyers and h...
Happy Belated Friday to all!  Milly just got done putting the final touches on our office’s twelve month vision and wanted to share with the world what our Fairway Mortgage banking office is thinking about.  To all of our clients thoughout Wisconsin and Illinois………here’s to you! We hope you enjo...
  Milly wanted us to make a video about the “street sense” first time home buyers need to have for the homes they shop for…………… here goes.  In today’s installment Milly informs potential home buyers about the three major things they need to keep in mind when house shopping to deter them from ...
A common question we hear from our first time home buyer clients is, “How much house could you approve me for?” or “How much does a house cost?”.  In today’s installment Milly breaks down the easiest way to “eye ball” house payments and what to look for when shopping homes vs. your budget.  It’s...
In today’s installment Milly talks about the on-going “buzz topic” with FHA loans and appraisals.  Chipping and peeling paint keeps a lot of home buyers and real estate agents on the side line under the impression that this issue is impossible to get worked out.  Potential home buyers in Wiscons...
In today’s installment, Milly lets everyone know the five major things most client’s bank statements will bring about during the mortgage process.  Whenever a borrower has to provide their bank statements to a mortgage pro for the purposes of the asset piece or qualification stipulations…….keep ...
There are still a lot of low lifes, scumbags and wanna be professionals out there in the mortgage and real estate industry.  In today’s installment, Milly tells us the story of Brianna, a home buyer prospect who was taken to the cleaners by a real estate agent and “loan officer”.  Mortgage and r...
The “under 30″ crowd seems to be doing a lot of sitting in their apartments thinking they’re stuck renting.  We have identified the three (well four once you let Milly get a hold of this) main reasons renters of the Fox Cities think they cannot buy a home today: Credit, Most Gen Y’s think they e...

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