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Welcome to my blog! Here you can learn about different mortgage tips and tricks as well as real estate information. Are you an investor, realtor or homebuyer? Let's talk about getting your credit score just right and getting your next deal closed weather it's your 12th investment property or your first home mortgage broker Mike can help you out. We offer creative lending solutions from coast to coast and many different loan programs you've probably never heard of. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you can find some value in my content as well as learn about some actionable steps you can take to improve your financial well-being. We offer creative mortgage solutions from coast to coast and I'd love to help you achieve your financial and home ownership goals right away.
We needed someone to tell us what was wrong with our HVACRecently we were planning on purchasing a home we were renting and we of course had a home inspection and they noted some of the major system components in our home were reaching their "functional age life expectancy".The inspector noted th...
What is a foreign national mortgage loan?Mortgage loans are available for foreign nationals to purchase US based real estate with certain lenders. There is a common misconception surrounding citizenship and real estate purchase eligibility so let's debunk those myths ASAP. When permanent US resid...
Recently I started a new Facebook business page for my Charlotte mortgage branch of my business. My new Facebook page is fresh and needing some love from the real estate community!!! Could you please head on over there and like it real quick? It would mean a lot and I promise in return I will not...
 30 year fixed rate mortgageThe 30-year fixed-rate mortgage has just hit another three-year low. Many experts believe that rates will continue to go down however late last year many experts believe that rates would continue to go up and in fact the FED confirm that but now we know that simply did...
This PSA will be short and sweet... the answer is YES!!!! When someone applies for a mortgage the credit bureaus will SELL their personal information to any loan agency willing to buy- resulting in a bunch of joker online lenders calling your client promising the world and then failing to deliver...
Time to re write the business plan... Yeah it might look Haggard but it's the million dollar plan and here's why! Why would you ever consider partnering with someone that doesn't add substantial value to your business? Sure the refinance market is booming right now but what is your best loan offi...
Renting or buying...the age old questionWith rents steadily on the rise and mortgage rates at nearly a 3 year low- which option makes more sense for your clients in todays market? In my opinion it really comes down to baseline affordability because many folks simply cannot just buy a home right n...
What are iBuyers and how do they impact my business?iBuyers are online disruptors that are changing the landscape of real estate transactions in 2019 and beyond. Some of the top players include Ribbo, Knock, Zillow cash offers and Opendoor and many others. Some of these companies can actually hel...
How do you generate new leads in today's HOT market?Many real estate and mortgage professionals ask themselves this question every day. Where will my next leads come from? Yet many ask themselves- how can I possibly service all of the leads that keep calling me?I highly recommend having multiple ...
 I definitely need to go through my database and see how my past clients are doing. What are some of your favorite follow up techniques when calling past clients?    Despite slowing economies across the globe, here in the states, economic data remains impressive. This morning, June Durable Orders...

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